Harvest Dungeon Chapter 2107

Harvest Dungeon Chapter 2107

Nangong Wentian landed back onto the fighting stage. With one hand holding the gigantic ruler and the other hand holding the silver spear, he walked step by step toward Nangong Wenyen. Finally, he pressed the razor sharp tip of the silver spear against Nangong Wenyen's forehead.

In a flash, ten days had passed by with Jian Chen spending most of his time researching the Illusionary Flash. If he could understand the fragments of the profound mysteries of the world within his mind, then his comprehension of the Illusionary Flash would multiply several times over. He had already mastered the basics, allowing his speed to be double that of when he was in the Gathering of the Mercenaries. By now, Jian Chen was almost comparable in speed to a Sixth Cycle wind attributed Earth Saint Master. At the very least, he could survive against a Heaven Saint Master.

"Shangguan Hui, don't be so excited, I believe you are nervous regarding the reappearance of the Island of Ice. It's still uncertain who will get the most out of this trip!"

On the other side, half an hour after having consumed the Resurrection Pills, Guan Yiyun and the other five men awakened. They opened their eyes, and although they felt pain all over their bodies, they had completely regained their consciousness.

Newborn calves weren't afraid of tigers; all youngsters liked adventuring! Therefore, this young man became the first one to walk one of the paths. He directly stepped onto the middle path with vigorous steps.

"They're people of the Huang family. They've come for revenge."

"You better not involve yourself with this! This is the resentment between us, the Asura Palace and the Heavenhawk Island Master! I suggest you stay out of this, because this will bring you nothing good!"

Jiang Chen spoke with a voice like a great bell while portraying an incredibly imposing manner. His words had been heard by everyone in Redsun Town, and they made everyone become excited. Since Jiang Chen was here, these Blood Devils would definitely die.

Big Yellow said.

Jiang Chen's intentions were clear. Those who had tortured or killed disciples and elders of the Black Sect would have to face their deaths, and those who didn't do anything, they would still have to be crippled.

Aside from Jian Chen, Dugu Feng and Huang Luan, everyone else did not know of Ming Dong's strength. Qin Xiao and Qin Jue had both believed that Ming Dong was the same Great Saint Master they had known a year ago.

Kendall took in a deep breath of air as he stared at Jian Chen. Seeing how Jian Chen seemed to have complete faith in himself, Kendall bit his lips and finally made a decision. "Then how about this, we'll believe in what he says this time. Jian Chen, if you truly do believe yourself, then I'll let you lead the group for a while. Whatever we do will be up to you to guide us, does anyone have any problems?" Kendall said to everyone else.

The commotion in the area caused all of the guards within the palace to come running along with the experts to this part. But whenever someone arrived and saw the ten experts floating up above them, each one of them grew extremely pale in the face.

The middle aged man looked to be around 40 years old and wore a cyan colored robe. However, to Jian Chen's sharp eyes, this robe was made of coarse material and so was categorized as a cheap cloth. With his short black hair, there was nothing about him that stood outÿeven his good natured smile wasn't a fake one.

"Brother Jiang Chen has saved us all today, we're unable to repay this huge kindness."

Nangong Wentian explained, in Nangong City, the Nangong family was the true emperor, no one could disobey their rules.Chapter 393 ÿ Nangong Yunfan

"Haha, all of you from the Heavenly Sword Sect are scumbags, look at your pathetic faces! I'm sure you will all share last place!"

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