A Mutes Journey : The Red String of Fate Chapter 826

A Mutes Journey : The Red String of Fate Chapter 826

"Get lost!"

"Heavens! What is happening inside his body? Why is there such a mystical scene? Those shadow dragons look like real dragons!"

The space once again began to tremble as a result of their powerful attacks. Countless cracks appeared in the air, while the Spatial Energy leaking out from the King Weapons here wreaked havoc in the entire place. The place quickly became a chaotic battlefield.

Within the room, Jiang Chen had completely absorbed the golden egg. He was in the middle of breaking through to the Late Heavenly Core realm. He shouted with a deep voice and retrieved a huge amount of Mortal Restoration Pills from his storage ring, then he just ate it all like it was something worthless.

Jiang Chen immediately made the arrangement for this mission. For now, he had no solution to fix the dimensional crack, and he also didn't want to do it now. With Big Yellow and Nangong Wentian here, they should be able to kill all Dimensional Creatures emerging from the crack.

Jiang Chen started flying towards Palace Black. What happened to Yan Chen Yu and Han Yan had made him disappointed in Daoist Black. However, Daoist Black was the Sect Chief after all, and it was rare for him to actively get involved in conflicts between disciples. And Jiang Chen was also satisfied with Daoist Black's reaction today.

A muscular man jumped up onto the first fighting stage and shouted out arrogantly. He was from the Burning Sky Pavilion, and he was a Late Mortal Core warrior. His face was filled with arrogance, but the next second, when he saw who his opponent was, the arrogance disappeared from his face, and his imposing aura immediately disappeared. It felt like his bitter face was about to drop to the floor.

Nodding, Jian Chen stared straight at Yun Li, "Yun Li, do you have anything to say for yourself?"


With an explosive sound, Mao Fang completely unleashed his aura of a Late Divine Core warrior. A dazzling palm appeared, it crashed toward the Flood Dragon like a mountain with its violent energy.

"Customer, what would you like to order?" A cordial waiter welcomed Jian Chen with a smile as Jian Chen sat down in his seat.

Aside from the big amount of restoration pills, there were dozens of precious herbs in the storage rings as well, and each of them were at least 100 years old. Not only this, Jiang Chen even found a golden colored booklet. Jiang Chen took it out and saw some words written on its cover, Great Devastation Combat Skill.

Nangong Wentian was greatly shocked as well.

When the two Heaven Saint Masters finally stabilized themselves, they both instantly spat out a mouthful of blood. With a terrified gasp, they looked down at the Saint Weapon in their hands.

"Magma's Heart?"

"The fuck? The Palace Chief is such an amazing man!"

"Sister!" Qin Xiao immediately leapt off his magical beast, arriving before the young lady with a few leaps and bounds. He held onto the young lady's shoulder, clearly moved, and said, "Sister, brother and father have come to save you. Now that the boss and all the experts of the Flood Dragon Bandits are dead, you are safe, sister. You don't need to marry the bandit boss's son anymore."

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