Hearing Jian Chen, Mu Yun turned his head around and smiled at him, "Don't worry. If they want to take my battle skill, they'll find out that it won't be that easy to do."

The people in the crowd looked at the gate, trembling. They couldn't help but feel somewhat scared when looking at it.

The headmaster's gaze swept across the two middle aged men and waved his hand as he said, "Don't mind me, please continue reading your books."

Jiang Chen's eyes lit up. Without hesitation, he immediately swallowed the blood essence.

"Correct. 5000 years ago, he became a Saint Ruler!" Jian Chen repeated. This abnormal reaction from the ancestor caused Jian Chen to feel hopeful once again.

The two Seventh Grade Devil Kings quickly arrived not far from Jiang Chen and Tyrant. While violently roaring, they unleashed attacks toward Jiang Chen and Tyrant at the same time. A vast amount of devilish energy instantly spread out and weaved into a gigantic web made entirely from devilish energy, shrouding toward them.

"Han Yan, we have already fought four times before, and there has never been a clear winner. Let's take today's Qi Province competition as an opportunity to find out who the real number one is!"

Not delaying any further, Jiang Chen destroyed the Demon King's head with one punch. Then, he took out a bright demon soul from the destroyed skull.

The trio were glad to be forgiven, but they dared not sit together with Jiang Chen and Tan Lang. Therefore, they found themselves a table next to them.

"Everyone be careful, this person's Radiant Artes are much more powerful than other Class 6 Radiant Saint Masters." A Fifth Cycle Heaven Saint Master called out to alert his companions, before he used his full strength. As the great Radiant Saint Force constantly surged into his Saint Weapon, it also began to glow greatly, before he swung it at Jian Chen.

With a loud booming sound, the massive amounts of energy he had gotten from absorbing the incredible amounts of herbs exploded forth from Jiang Chen's body. The formidable energy swept across the battlefield repeatedly like several gigantic ocean waves, wave after waves, each higher than the previous one.

"Howlite? What is that?" Jian Chen thought in confusion. Shortly afterward, a strange sensation could suddenly be felt in Jian Chen's head, causing him to turn toward one of the corners of the treasury.


That night, Jian Chen and the rest of the high ranking members of the Lanming clan dined on fine delicacies. Right now the Lanming clan was enthusiastically talking to their new guest while at the same time in a closed off area, another group of high ranking members were talking secretly.

Jiang Chen nodded his head. It was as he had estimated.

Everyone was screaming. The famous Li Wu Shuang was going to die like this? That's too pitiful. Besides, Jiang Chen really has the guts to kill Li Wu Shuang, he's just insane! By doing this, he has started walking the road of no return.

Eldest Mang immediately attacked. He was the strongest man in the group. He unleashed a huge phantom hand which slapped toward Big Yellow. At the same time, all the other weirdoes unleashed their attacks as well. It looked like they trying to kill Big Yellow with one combined attack.


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