Within A Grey Twilight Chapter 441

Within A Grey Twilight Chapter 441

Kabolds' face grew even more excited for a moment before turning serious. "It doesn't matter whether or not if we can sell it for a higher price, if we can capture it for sure, then in our future, we won't ever need to come back to the Magical Beast Mountain Range and hunt for money. Right now, the only problem is that the parents of this cub are somewhere, if we were to come across them somehow, then we would definitely not make it out alive. After all a Class 5 Magical Beast is far beyond our capabilities." Kabolds' gaze became more concentrated as he surveyed his surroundings before saying, "The most important question is, how are we are going to transport the cub?"Chapter 119: Fighting Over the Cub

All the men kept expressing their regret, scared that Jiang Chen and Big Yellow wouldn't even give them a chance to surrender.

"Honored Five Imperial Advisors, if living here for the past few days has not been to your liking, or if there is something not satisfactory, then please speak up and we will definitely strive to improve." Changyang Ba spoke with a laugh. Although his own son was the Imperial Protector of the Qinhuang Kingdom ¨• making the five Imperial Advisors his subordinates ¨• Changyang Ba did not wish to treat them impolitely. After all, they were still Heaven Saint Masters in the end.

"Damn it, I admit defeat!"

Jian Chen chuckled as he let out a huge breath of air in relief. At this, his plan was completed. Walking to where the four men were sitting twenty meters away, he smiled, "Fellow soldiers, how are you feeling right about now?"

"Hahaha, brother Jian Chen does not need to be polite. Without your help, I definitely would not have been able to kill Jin Feng and Jin Tian so easily. This is something brother Jian Chen deserves." Huang Tianba paused and clasped his hands at Jian Chen, "Brother Jian Chen, the two Saint Rulers of the Hongfu Clan are dead, but there are still remaining forces deeply hidden. I must hurry back to Huang Family to make arrangements, to properly uproot them to prevent future problems. I'll be leaving first."

When all ferocious and brutal souls met with the golden lights that was being unleashed from Jiang Chen's body, they all let out heart-wrenching screams. Their expressions became fearful, as if they were looking at their natural predator.

"How is it, Shangguan Ying? I told you, there is no way you can kill me today, oh, and since you're already here, don't even think about leaving."

Yan Chenyu exclaimed. The Black Ice Talisman had only touched her palm, she hadn't tried to control it, but it just went straight into her body.


After spending some time thinking, the Imperial Emperor finally made up his mind.

Jiang Chen snorted. His ambitions laid in the Divine Continent, not this small Qi Province. Even the entire Eastern Continent was of no concern to him. In his mind, the Eastern Continent was only a stepping stone for him. Those who got in his way would definitely suffer a miserable ending.

Jiang Chen shouted, then dashed forward. At the same time, he took out the Heavenly Saint Sword which was now fully covered with a layer of fiery red flames. Impacted by this flame, all devilish energy began backing off.

In regards to this information, Jian Chen was truly shocked. Huang Luan and Dugu Feng were both from major clans with a Saint Ruler ancestor as an overseer and were both in high positions in the clans so they knew enough about these matters. While Ming Dong was born in a small village, because of the unfathomably strong Saint Ruler in the midair shrine and Ming Dong's relationship with him, he was able to learn many secrets that made him as knowledgeable as Huang Luan and Dugu Feng.

The two palms collided against each other with a muffled explosion as the shockwave flew out in all directions. Jian Chen was sent flying backwards violently, crashing through various bushes before finally slumping to the ground.

Jiang Chen was too fast. Finally, when the crowd realized what was going on, three men had already died underneath his sword. The Skynet Formation was solely controlled by Shangguan Yiqing, and he could actually give these warriors a boost in their strength so that they could defend themselves from Jiang Chen. However, Shangguan Yiqing hadn't expected Jiang Chen to do this, so he was too late to stop him.

At that moment, the still pale Mu Zhaye walked up to Xiao Han. Seeing the slackened face of surprise, Mu Zhaye sighed with some blame to his voice, "You've offended a person¨•someone you cannot afford to offend. Even imperial advisor Pu Ta wasn't his opponent; it seems that even your grandfather would not be able to win against him. This won't do, I must report this situation to your grandfather."

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