Doom Lord Chapter 1701

Doom Lord Chapter 1701

"Then which category do I belong to?" Shi Qingzhuang seemed to have gotten interested as she asked.

"Deploy formation!" she shouted.

It was a strange feeling. Chen Hetian was used to bullying other people, but nowĄ­ he was the one being bulliedĄ­.

In this moment, Bai Xiaochun didn't even know what fear was. All he knew was that Hou Xiaomei's life was on the line. In fact, he had already decided that, if he had to, he would call upon his apprentice, and even summon the gravekeeper if necessary, to stop Ghostmother!

Even before Qing Shui had studied all the information in his sea of consciousness, he was rudely awakened by Qing Bei. "Shui gege, it's so boring, say something."

The tower in the middle, which was the peak of the fifth mountain, was the tallest and grandest.?

And thus, Bai Xiaochun visited all the familiar places he remembered in the Spirit Stream Sect. As he recounted his past experiences and activities, everyone seemed to sink with him into their memories.

"Yigang, come back!" Yan Haoran held back the young man.

After the announcement rang out, no one tried to jump at one another's throat. Qing Shui restrained his momentum and stood there firmly.

"How could that happen with you around?" Wuma Clan's old man laughed.

"Regarding the pill, it belongs to Lesser Marsh Peak. However, Lesser Marsh Peak shall prepare the materials necessary, and personally craft the bloodstreak battlerobe for Nighcrypt!!"

"Impossible!" Miao Lin'er's face fell as she tried to fall back. However, before she could, Bai Xiaochun bashed into her like a wild animal. An old saying talked about tender, protective feelings for the fairer sex, but there was none of that in his actions. He unleashed devastating force that caused blood to spray out of her mouth. Her cultivation base was instantly thrown into chaos, and many of her bones shattered. Her nascent soul was on the verge of flying out into the open. Before she could even consider fleeing, Bai Xiaochun reached out and grabbed her arm, sending cultivation base power inside of her to seal her.

For every 10 additional?patreons, regardless of amount pledged, there shall be one bonus chapter generated.

The Poison Mountain Stockade lost another two consecutive rounds. However, when someone went up once again, it was actually Gu Song. He smiled and said to the young man on the arena, "Gu Song. Please give me your guidance!"

"Huh?" Bai Xiaochun blinked thoughtfully.

However, in some cases, there would be a few missions that could be taken by more than one adventurer. Of course, those who could finish the mission the earliest would be able to receive the reward first. Others who failed to finish the mission early would naturally get nothing. Most importantly, the mission must state all the conditions clearly beforehand, so that adventurers would be given the time to consider before making their decision.

"Longevity Fruit? Is it easy to find?"

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