Renascence: War of the Zodiacs Chapter 231

Renascence: War of the Zodiacs Chapter 231

"What?! Six Pirate Lords of the Chaotic Ocean!"

At this, everyone's face blanched before a blunt elder spoke, "Impossible! The treasury is where the root of our kingdom's finances lie, if it is robbed, then our kingdom would££"

"Big Yellow, go inside and check on the situation."

Jiang Chen handled the situation with a calm expression. Just showing himself and stopping the conflict could be considered a great help from Master Blissful. Furthermore, the grievance between himself, the Myriad Sword Sect and the Shangguan Clan was not something Master Blissful could solve. After all, the strength and resources of both superpowers was not something the Blissful Island could compare with.

After the Fudo Seal destroyed the shield, its power wasn't reduced at all, and it kept pushing further into the genius. The genius from the Invincible Sect felt as if a gigantic mountain was crushing into him, and he couldn't hold up against it even with all his strength. He let out a miserable shriek, as one of his arms was twisted and broken by the seal. His forehead was bathed in sweat.

Therefore, although Jiang Chen had stood at the highest peak, his life wasn't considered complete. In this life, he wanted to change that. He wanted relatives, he wanted a wife, and he wanted some good brothers. In this life, he didn't want to be lonely.

Jian Chen immediately composed himself. According to his knowledge, he knew that this little bump on the road wasn't too hard to overcome. "Ai, a step is a step. If I don't have anymore monster cores, then I'll go out and hunt for more. It's not like the energy will always be taken away from me like this in the future." With this thought in mind, Jian Chen took out a batch of monster cores from within his space belt, and continued to cultivate once more.

Letting out a breath of air, Jian Chen slowly calmed himself down and connected with the sword spirits.


Seeing Changyang Ke's gentle smile, Jian Chen let a hint of playfulness appear within his eyes. Holding both of his palms in a clueless manner, he asked, "Third Brother, you have a weapon in your hands, don't tell me you want me to fight against you barehanded?"

Guan Yiyun asked.

The mighty Green Sanctuary Sect was a respected sect in the Qian Province, but it was fooled by a young man. If they couldn't do something about it and bring back their reputation, the Green Sanctuary Sect would become a laughing stock in the Qian Province.

Jian Chen stopped his movements as he turned his head to look at the third brother, "Who said you could leave?" With a slash of his sword, a burst of Sword Qi flew at the man.

"Chief, what young master Jiang said is correct, there's no point for us to rush now. If we strike right now, with Lord Blood Moon in his full form, there is no way we could defeat him."

"No, I can tell that this is no battle skill." Katafei spoke.

Jiang Zhenhai shouted from afar, expressing his excitement of seeing Jiang Chen. Although he had met Jiang Chen before this when they were fighting with the Dimensional Creature, their time was limited, and he didn't even have the chance to talk to him.

In the course of history, there had been plenty of people that disregarded this law and broke it. But each and every single one of these lawbreakers had been killed without mercy, even the Heaven Saint Masters. Coincidentally, there had never been a case of murder that happened within the city.

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