Regalia Chapter 1495

Regalia Chapter 1495

With that thought, a few of the guardians began to panic before apologizing, "The second miss' lesson is just. This is the fault of our guardians, when we return we will receive our punishment in the punishment hall."

Just as the sword and Guan Dao collided, Jian Chen's face suddenly changed. He immediately paled as he felt an intense churning sensation in his stomach, and he immediately retreated.Chapter 76: Using Tai Ji Against the Enemy

The seven hesitated for a while before one of them finally spoke, "The honored Imperial Protector speaks correctly. We seven all belong to a different sect or clan."

Jiang Chen thought to himself.He had kept quite a number of Mortal Restoration pills for himself, there were even a few dozen with 100%effectivenessÿenough for him to break through to the Qi Hai level.

"Wentian, what are you laughing at?"

Rum Guinness shook her head, "There is none. The king of the Gilligan clan used his own energy to strike at me with the dark energy. Not only is it strong, but it has permeated my entire body and has destroyed any chance of me living. Even if the dark energy was purified, with my current injuries, I would not have much longer to live."

By now, each one of the Heaven Saint Masters from the Hidden Dragon Kingdom were on guard since these five newcomers were all complete strangers. They didn't know a single one of them, meaning that they were not from around here.Chapter 407: Strong Assisting Army (Three)

"I apologize, but it isn't an Emperor Weapon, it's just a broken piece of a King Weapon, and I have already smelted it into my Natal Weapon."

A deep voice came sounded out from one of the private rooms on the second floor.

Reacting to Jian Chen's words at last, the shop owner wiped away her tears and spoke to Jian Chen skeptically, "My lord, do you know of my Kendall? He is my husband and father to my Sans."

After wiping the cold sweat off his forehead, the warrior started cursing at Shangguan Ying. He was nearly frightened to death just now, and if Shangguan Ying released his anger over losing his grandson on this warrior, being killed by a single slap is not a fun way to die.

Changyang Hu grabbed the iron sword while settling into a stance. The sword was not light at all, and was of a fairly long size. The silver white sword sparkled in the light in all 4 directions, and aside from the color, there were few differences between Ka Di Yun's sword and Changyang Hu's sword.Chapter 22: Battling Ka Di Yun

"Big Yellow, what did you discover?"

"So it was Changyang Xiang Tian! How££how could this be possible, with his strength, how could he bring about such an effect like this?" Bai En cried out in shock as he watched what was inconceivable to him.

After leaving Lore City, Jian Chen continued to the area where the Eastern Deity Swords were garrisoned on the outskirts of Lore City. Upon seeing the three generals, Jian Chen spoke a few words to them before leaving the camp on his mount.

Nangong Wentian was shocked.

"Where did he come from? I think he's with Jiang Chen££ Now, no one can save Shangguan Wei anymore."

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