KICK OFF Chapter 2084

KICK OFF Chapter 2084

"Honored Imperial Protector, are you going to be leaving?" Xiao Tian spoke with a slightly hesitant voice.

Tan Lang was greatly shocked as well. He knew Jiang Chen was capable of killed a First Grade Demon King, but he never knew he actually possessed the ability to kill a Second Grade Demon King. This could no longer just be described as terrifying; Jiang Chen was simply an abnormal monster amongst all other monsters.

Also, because of the Tiger Restoration Pill's energy, the red Dragon Mark within his Dantian had fully condensed, making it look pure red.

Shangguan Chong roared out. With a sway of his body, he started rushing toward the Perfect-Ranked Combat Weapon and tried to grab it. None of the other Combat Soul warriors showed any hesitation, they all moved at the same time and tried grabbing the weapon. All of them knew very well how valuable a Perfect-Ranked Combat Weapon was, an ordinary Combat Soul warrior owning a Perfect-Ranked Combat Weapon was very rare.

The king's Class 3 Golden Lion mount slowly moved forward to meet with the king of the Andreas Kingdom.

"The people of the Martial Saint Dynasty would already have known even if we didn't do that. Look over there!"

Yan Zhan Yun said with extreme excitement, as if he had finally seen hope.


Jian Chen understood that the saint bead the elder referred to was the bead in his hands. Shortly afterwards, without any hesitation, he became to forcefully pour Radiant Saint Force from the world into the bead with a thought.

The Crown Prince coldly harrumphed.

Nanbei Chao's energy kept rising like a raging tsunami. He once again punched out with the Trinity Fist. The gigantic mountain like fist flew toward Jiang Chen once again.

Not a single person made a sound as Jian Chen muttered to himself. Then, he turned around to the king behind him, "Your Majesty, if you could make the negotiations with him."

"Slay them all, make them die in the most painful ways!"

With a refreshing voice, Jiang Chen agreed once again.

The elder waved his hammer and smashed it against the Light Wind Sword.

Especially for the people of the Martial Saint Dynasty who had yesterday surrendered to Jiang Chen. All of them felt extremely lucky, because the Martial Saint Dynasty was completely finished. It looked like they had all made a wise decision when they surrendered.

"Jiang Chen, I hate myself for not listening to your advice..."

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