Medical Sovereign Chapter 745

Medical Sovereign Chapter 745

"This mountain range looks really quiet, I don't think there is anyone here. If we keep searching like this, it'll be no different from looking for a needle in the ocean."

All the men from the four major powers were extremely angry. In the Liang Province, no one could kill those from the four major powers and remain alive.

"Three million." Just then, another offer was given.

"What happened to Little Yu? Why did the disease strike with so much strength this time?"

In an imposing manner, Fan Kun stared at Jiang Chen with a razor sharp vision and intense killing intent. Today was his best chance to kill Jiang Chen, and he could blame it all on some crimes.

Nangong Wentian continued. As the Nangong family only had a history of one hundred years, he could still remember it all with ease.

Not only Jiang Chen, even Big Yellow who was fighting alongside them was the same. This had completely stunned Yu Tian Long. This man and dog were an eye-opener for all of them.Sponsored by: Quadwarrior, Eric, Pontus and Mathias! Thank you very much!

His words brought great joy to Jiang Chen, and he couldn't help but sigh out in relief. As expected, Ling Yi had no intentions of killing him straightaway, but instead wanted to throw him into the Freezing Hell Jail and torture him until finding out what legacy he had found. This fit exactly as Jiang Chen had planned.

In any case, Big Yellow had long ago gotten used to Jiang Chen's abnormal ability. He was back to normal after a brief moment of depression.

Yu Zi Han nodded his head, turned around and flew back down. Before he reached the ground, he unleashed a huge golden palm towards the main group of Blood Devils.

Jiang Chen was startled and asked, "Are we not going to the Yan family directly?"


As Lin Bai spoke, he lead Jian Chen to a counter. On the old wooden chair behind the counter sat a grey-haired elderly man in white, long robes. The old man's eyes were currently tightly closed and he was asleep. His snores were thunderous, and on the chest on the elderly man there was an azure badge. The same color as Lin Bai's.

Jiang Chen said with a teasing expression.

Standing up from his throne, Jian Chen looked to Ming Dong and then the rest. In the months they had been apart, You Yue and Bi Lian both were the most fatigued-looking of the group. The past several days of managing the mercenaries must have taken a considerable amount of energy from them.

The person behind them was very cautious, using the tall grass to conceal his movements, he quickly followed closeby. In a few seconds, he was within 20 meters without being noticed yet.

The moment the elder looked inside the Space Belt, his eyes suddenly froze along with his face as he looked at the contents with shock and disbelief. "This££this is££this is the body of a Class 5 Magical Beast!"Chapter 168: Yullian

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