illicit relationship Chapter 594

illicit relationship Chapter 594

"It's a good thing that our Tianhua Sect chose not to provoke Jian Chen. For the sake of a single Class 5 Monster Core, it would not be worth it to make such an expert our enemy." Qing Yun thought to himself.

Afterward, the competition prepared to move forward. The tournament would not end until the King of Mercenaries was found. Only the top eight contestants would be able to compete as well as Tianmu Ling and Jue who had both made the ninth and tenth spots.

"Let's not focus on that for now. The treasure should be behind this stone door, let's open it up."

"Ruler Armaments left behind by a Ninth Heavenly Layer are considerably strong if it can have such an effect like this." Nubis spoke out honestly.

"Although the Jiang family has eliminated the Mu Rong family and are now in charge of the city, there is an even greater threat waiting for them now."

Jiang Chen rushed through the entrance, entering the Island of Ice's boundary. But, in an instant, a tremendous pressure pushed him down from above. Jiang Chen couldn't control his body at all, and just like all the other warriors, he was knocked down onto the ground, creating a huge crater where he landed. None of the warriors were spared from this fate, all of them were thrown downwards by the tremendous force, and no one could fly like they used to do.

"Junior disciple Jiang, these men are here to kill us all."

Equally grim, Jian Chen nodded his head, "I've already locked down on the information. If the time comes for this to leak out, then I will have the Qinhuang Kingdom step in."

"Haha, being able to meet brother Jiu in this shitty place, fate must have brought us together."

From behind, the Godkiller Ants had already detected Jian Chen's presence and began to give chase. The entire swarm began to migrate toward him in a continuous manner that would raise the hairs of anyone that heard it. In the air, fist sized winged ants traveled faster than their grounded counterparts and led the chase after Jian Chen at a speed that was far faster than what Jian Chen was traveling at.

The fat old man was angry as well.

Leaving the sports grounds, Jian Chen immediately headed towards the dining hall. After getting his food, he saw out of the corner of his eye one of the competitors of the competition; it was the suntanned student. He was currently eating by himself in a corner of the room. The student was wearing simple clothing with a few patches over it. Although the male looked to be around 16 years old, Jian Chen could see a firm expression on his slightly immature face. His stature and build did not fit his age at all; he was already reaching a height of 1.8 meters, almost as tall as Jian Chen's brother, Changyang Hu, and his girth was larger by a circle too.

With his arm having suffered from such a huge attack, Changyang Hu could no longer maintain the Saint Weapon in his hand, and the great axe disappeared from his hand.

Looking at a patch of grass, Jian Chen started to feel for the world energy. As the energy began to fly around his body, Jian Chen felt a slight breeze.

"If I had a servant like you then I wouldn't be able to sleep well."

Ziying and Qingsuo both answered without hesitation and moved in coordination. From Jian Chen's hand came two glows of light, separating to form a male in violet robes and a female in azure robes. The male was handsome and the female was beautiful in a way that made them both seem like a pair of Immortals married to each other.


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