I transmigrated as a Zombie? Chapter 1959

I transmigrated as a Zombie? Chapter 1959

"My old pal Bai is exactly right. The Hall of Steel Veins slaughters enemies without count, and yet you sneak around trying to exterminate sects!? Who could possibly stand for such a thing!? Although Brother Bai hasn't yet been made an elder by the demigod patriarch, considering that he was a major general, and is a member of the Hall of Steel Veins, then that puts him under my protection!


The first soul cultivator suddenly found himself wearing a suit of shimmering armor. At the same time, the armor caused a misty fog to start building up around Bai Xiaochun. Almost as soon as he was in place, Bai Xiaochun could feel intense pressure weighing down on him.

"Terrestrial... terrestrial necromancer...?"

Among the Spirit Stream Sect disciples, Ghostfang was the first to leap into action, followed by Shangguan Tianyou and the other Chosen.

Nine Palace Steps!

"Where is Qing Shui? Everyone has seen it, he dedicated thousand of times more hard work than a normal person. It can almost be said that he has done something even billions of people can't accomplish. He wants to let everyone go to an even bigger and wider place to start anew.

One after another, he took his terrifying army of corpse troopers to the clans and shook them down. He cleaned them out, down to the grass on the ground. Anything of value was taken, even building decorations. A storehouse of grain attacked by starving rats wouldn't have ended up as empty.

"Everyone look, Qing Shui, isn't he supposed to be dead?"

This time, he picked a different route. Every place he stopped, he would breathe in deeply two times, then flee to another location, where he would do the same thing.

Qing Shui leaned forward slightly, touching Canghai Mingyue's nose with his.

"Hmph," he muttered. "I can't help but feel that my residence is still a bit too small." Another day went by. Around evening, Bai Xiaochun went for another stroll, and when he came back, his eyes immediately began to shine.

Song Que sped along at top speed, radiating killing intent, completely confident that his aunt would take the lead in presiding over justice. She would either kill Nightcrypt or force him to submit to Song Que.



Yu He's expression was cold, not saying a word. She knew that Qing Shui wouldn't let them off, therefore she had no plans to make a move. These people really didn't think much about the two of them.

"Why don't you rest up a bit, Bai Hao?" he said. "The truth is that we aren't very busy here in Devil Penitentiary. The squad doesn't really know much about you now, but there will be plenty of time later for you all to get to know each other." With that, he left. As far as he was concerned, the situation wasn't very complicated. When dealing with a fiendish killer that you couldn't get rid of, the best thing was to try to get along with him, but not get too close. One just had to be careful not to treat him too coldly.

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