Nine Realms: A Random Encounter With Fate Chapter 1091

Nine Realms: A Random Encounter With Fate Chapter 1091

To apologize, Jian Chen gave a small smile, "You Yue, Lian'er, the past few days must have been hard on you. Perhaps I shouldn't have thrown such a burdensome task to you two. I can tell that you two are far more exhausted than when I last saw you two."

Hearing this, the other maids immediately became as pale as a sheet. "I didn't think that the honored Imperial Protector would actually come out. It's all over, we didn't greet him at all. This isn't respectful to the Imperial Protector at all! In the case that the honored Imperial Protector is offended, that'll be a capital offense for all of us."

"This place should be an isolated space, and it doesn't look big. We just need to find another exit, then we'll be able to leave this place."

The fuck!

First, without Big Yellow, there was no way Jiang Chen could have found the hidden Blood Talisman within Inferno City. Without the Blood Talisman, he couldn't have handled the powerful Earth Devil. Secondly, without Big Yellow, Jiang Chen wouldn't have been able to leave the Poisonous Miasma Space. The Spiraling Defense Mechanism Big Yellow mad was extraordinary, and it was the key that allowed Jiang Chen and Wu Jiu to escape from the Poisonous Miasma Space.

When mentioning the strength of the Green Sanctuary Sect, a scared expression emerged on the man's face.

The thunder interweaved, and the surrounding air shook from the tremendous force. Shangguan Yilei had proven himself to be a genius of the younger generation, and his combat strength was many times stronger than that of ordinary Early Combat Soul warriors. All three Flood Dragons unleashed by Jiang Chen were instantly destroyed by his Thundercloud Storm.

Jiang Chen let out a cold snort. A ruthless smile appeared on his face.

However, when Huang Tianba thought about it again, he remembered how Jian Chen was outstanding in every aspect and could not be judged on a normal standard. As a result, he was relieved of the previous thought. He only stared at Jian Chen with a complicated expression, and used a voice only he could hear to mumble, "Looks like the publicly recognized number one expert of Tian Yun Continent will appear again soon. Brother Jian Chen has such unbelievable accomplishments even though he is still in his twenties. Other than the city lord of Mercenary City, Mo Tianyun, perhaps there is no one else in the Tian Yun Continent that can be compared to him.

Before Jiang Chen started counting, all the men sliced off their own arm. After that, they handed all their belongings over to Jiang Chen in a respectful manner, including the combat weapon in their hands.

Following behind the middle aged magical beast rider was a group of about 50 people Each member stood in a clean formation with a serious expression, and they looked like soldiers who were well trained .

"Wu Yun, let's see you try and escape from us this time!"

After the seventeenth and eighteenth box, Jian Chen threw open the lid only to discover that there were several thousand Class 3 Monster Cores inside.

"Stop right there!"

"Stay your hand!"

The man was instantly enraged as he unleashed his Combat King aura. It looked like he was about to attack Jiang Chen.

Bi Yuntian harbored a very deep hatred for the one that had killed her younger sister. Without listening to anyone, she wanted Jian Chen to bring her to the Blue Wind Kingdom, so she take revenge. Unable to compromise, Jian Chen could only look helplessly from the side before agreeing to take her to the Blue Wind Kingdom.

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