Divine Beast Ascension Chapter 2426

Divine Beast Ascension Chapter 2426

Day after day, the Flame Mercenaries swelled up in size. As if travelling to see a famous landmarks, a multitude of Earth Saint Masters came forward to join the Flame Mercenaries. There were even three Heaven Saint Masters that came for that same reason. In a short burst of time, the Flame Mercenaries increased in numbers and power once more.

"Aside from Guo Lei, who else bullied you all?"

Soon, led by Jiang Zhenhai, the group entered the Jiang family's main hall. Although there were many of them, the Jiang family's main hall was huge, it still had plenty of empty space after having been occupied by so many people.

"If I had known about this day earlier, then I would have chased down that cliff to make sure you really died." Kaizer spoke with clenched teeth.

Shi Xiangran, Jiede Wukang and Dugu Feng all struck out at the same time toward Jian Chen, much to his shock. The thing that made Jian Chen extremely serious was that all three of them had barriers and so it would be incredibly hard for him to injure them. Furthermore, the three of them had a Ruler Armament each. If he was hit by one, then it would do an incredible amount of damage that he wouldn't be able to endure and could even die from. Even if he were to be injured, Shi Xiangran and the other two would never let him go or even let him out of the cave.

But when Jian Chen's eyes fell upon the scroll, he couldn't help but rub his eye in stupefied shock.

"Big Yellow, that's enough."

The two men had a bad feeling about this. The Jiang Chen and Big Yellow duo was well known by everyone, and this dog was known to be a fierce and brutal existence. Since he had suddenly appeared here, he must obviously be up to something bad.


"Damn it, let's kill them all!"

There were no further obstructions for either of the two as they walked to the room of Jian Chen's mother, Bi Yuntian. Quickly, Jian Chen walked to her door. The guards and maids stationed there bowed down in a hurry, "We pay our respects to the fourth master!"

As if he had no care in the world, Jian Chen laughed, "No worries, while in Mercenary City they wouldn't dare make a move. Next up is the finals to the competition, so we'll be in the city for quite some time. Even when we leave, I have a way to evade their eyes and ears."

"What? The Sect Chief from a big sect in the Qian Province came all the way to the Black Sect personally? When did Jiang Chen go to the Qian Province to cause trouble?"

"Sir, I always used to say there are no geniuses in this world££I was wrong."

The Mid Heavenly Core leader shouted out in disbelief, he could finally react from the shock. He never expected that this young man whom he looked down upon could have such a ferocious approach and kill two leaders in an instant, making them suffer a great loss.


"Those powers who offended Jiang Chen have to come out and show appreciation so that Jiang Chen might forgive them. If he's still angry at them, none of those powers have the ability to defend themselves against him. Of course, with Jiang Chen's current status, he most likely won't lower himself to assault those small powers."

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