The Rise of a Noble Chapter 2486

The Rise of a Noble Chapter 2486

Not only was this gigantic ruler a powerful weapon, it could also absorb energy from the stars. Nangong Wentian would nearly every night use the energy of the stars to temper his Combat Weapon, as well as his strength, providing himself with a great benefit.

"Don't worry, this fool is just at the 1st level Qi Jing realm, fighting him is like beating a dead dog.Just wait and witness how he will hang the casket in front of the Mayor's mansion."

The other Heaven Saint Masters hadn't tarried either, immediately taking out their Saint Weapons, they swung them about to protect themselves. But the swarm of debris was far too much for them and so several pieces had managed to make their way through their defenses and penetrate into their bodies.

"Brother Jiu, when someone tries to rob me, and even kill me, what do you think I should do?"

The moment after the young lord spoke, one of the guards hurriedly spoke out, "Young lord, while we were guiding the second miss' chariot, these two men came up to obstruct our path. Even more so, they had the courage to injure one of our guardians and underestimate our clan!"

Big Yellow Dog kept thinking about those storage rings in Jiang Chen's hand, he long wanted to know what kind of treasures were containing in them.

Jiang Chen threw out his guess.

After that, the geniuses from the Peerless Sword Faction and Heavenly Devil Palace left as well. All of them looked dejected and gloomy, and they had lost their arrogant and overbearing attitudes.

Jiang Chen didn't hide his aura or anything, he just flew openly in the sky, that's why he had attracted the attention of very many people. Among these people, quite a lot of them had been robbed by Jiang Chen, and all of them were shocked to see Jiang Chen. They immediately turned toward Inferno City, because they knew that Inferno City was going to become chaotic because of Jiang Chen's return.

Gaethyr's heartbeat began to quicken as he stared at the bead that was flashing green, his hands already tightly clenched. Lin Bai and Jamie were the same as him.

Jiang Chen said.

Jiang Chen smiled.

With every strike of the battle axe, a loud explosion like sound would follow. The Blood Devil leader kept blocking the attacks with his devil weapon, but, under Jiang Chen's suppressing attacks, the devil weapon kept being forced back, and his hand was tearing apart. With each one of Jiang Chen's strikes, the Blood Devil leader would spit out a mouthful of blood.

As a Class 2 City, Phoenix City was relatively huge, being bigger than Wake City by a large degree. As soon as Jian Chen had entered the city he walked to the closest stable and bought himself a nice looking horse to ride to the center of the city.

The exact moment the middle aged man came into view, everyone's eyes focused in on him. The entire area descended into a strange silence. But soon after, the observing mercenaries all began to comment to each other.

Mu Rong Zhan strengthened his spirit and started laughing in his mind. This young man was filled with youthful vigor and did not know when to stop.

Twenty minutes later, Jiang Chen lightly shouted out as he retracted his Soul Energy and flames.A milky white pill could be seen spinning in front of him.

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