Sword Saint System Chapter 1291

Sword Saint System Chapter 1291

At that moment, every single member of the Flame Mercenaries looked at Jian Chen. Many of them had secretly approving of this manner and had been moved by his words as well. Many of the mercenaries had been under Duo Kang's group previously, so while on the surface there had been some ups and downs between the group and Duo Kang, they were still best friends until the ends of their time. They were brothers between brothers, otherwise, they would not have followed him into the Flame Mercenaries. With Duo Kang injured, they couldn't help but feel indignation within their hearts, but with the enemy being so strong, they weren't able to do anything. Thus all of their hopes to fight back had been placed on Jian Chen's shoulders.

When she stood back up onto her feet, her face was exuberantly pale and her hair had been frazzled from the wind. Such a disheveled figure like the one she had now was completely different than from the graceful figure she had back then.

Chang Wuji and Khafir were speechless and utterly dazed by this response. They could have sworn that they misheard something; these five Imperial Advisors from the Qinhuang Kingdom were here to assist them? Furthermore, they were ordered to by an Imperial Protector?

As for the man who was qualified to sit side by side with Shangguan Yiqing, clearly, it would be Xuan Yuzi from the Myriad Sword Sect. Xuan Yuzi was wearing pure white clothes, he had a handsome face, and unique white hair. A huge sword was placed on his left-hand side, and he held a glass of wine with the other hand, causing him to look like a Deity of Wine and Sword.

In midair, the lady stood on top of the back of the flying magical beast and glared down at the rapidly shrinking figure of Jian Chen. In her eyes was a look of anger that would never dissipate.

"I don't believe junior disciple Guan is aware of this, but the reason why brother Jiang came to Inferno Hell is to look for the Earth Devil. Since all the conflicts in the outer perimeter have come to a conclusion, I think brother Jiang is going to venture into the deepest parts of Inferno Hell in search for the Earth Devil?"

In the headquarters of the Radiant Saint Union, an old man sat on a cushion in the highest tower. A layer of Radiant Saint Force completely enveloped his body.

"Jiang Chen, you have to understand, in front of me, you're nothing but an ant. With my elite status, standing here and talking to you so much is already a big honor for you! If I want to kill you, then I need no reason at all!"

Tie Ta's face had reddened when Ming Dong had addressed him, but instead of saying anything back to him, Tie Ta had instead chosen to remain quiet.

"What kind of monster is this?"

"Captain Chen Yunlong has died££"

Nangong Wentian raised the gigantic ruler high up into the air and forcefully swung it forward, unleashing a huge energy beam that looked like a gigantic blue dragon made entirely from stars. In the blink of an eye, it had absorbed all the natural Yuan energy in the surrounding area.

Suddenly, even his body froze up too as he spotted the terrifying image of a black robed person flying at him from the side.

"Jiang Chen, how dare you interrupt the match?! You're courting death!"

That was because a Space Gate simply couldn't be set up this quickly.

The youth and the shopkeeper had troubled looks on their faces. Each one knew that there would be no way for the Yangji Sect to take this lying down. In the case that a fight were to break out, their shop would be the one taking damage.

Not only did the five elderly men know about the Bloodsword Sect, they also knew just how powerful the Bloodsword Sect was. It scared the five of them very much.

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