The Journey Of A Savior Chapter 1360

The Journey Of A Savior Chapter 1360

The five people were completely shocked. The strength of the old woman had greatly exceeded what they had believed. Originally, they believed that if they worked together, they could triumph over the old woman, but not only did they fail to defeat her, they could not even touch the woman. Instead, the outcome was that they were all heavily injured.

At this moment, the cub that had been sleeping around Jian Chen's chest finally awoke. Opening its bright eyes, it began to look around the room before jumping onto Jian Chen's shoulder, using its furry head to rub Jian Chen's cheek.

Taking the letter from the maid, the king immediately cut short his conversation with the prime minister of the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom and read it.

"Boss, this is all your fault! Why did you ask us to strip them off everything they got? If you hadn't done that, perhaps we would still have our clothes now!"

Wu Jiu's face was covered with indifference. He believed that with Han Yan and the others' abilities, they would have already found a hiding place where no one would be able to find them. These people searching for them in the Martial Palace were simply just wasting their time.

"What is he doing now?"

Evasively, Jian Chen shook his head when he saw the impatient look on Qin Xiao's face, "I estimate that there'll be some time before then. I've still a trip to Mercenary City and the surrounding area. When I come back from then, I'll be able to bring you over to the mercenary group I've made to take a look."

With this, everyone was shocked to hear that the Xia clan hadn't taken a single step at all in this matter. They hadn't even said a single word relating to how three hundred men died, instead, they resigned themselves to wallow in silence.

"The peerless miracle that our captain has given us has opened my eyes to the world." Mo Tian couldn't help but emotionally remake. His eyes were brimming with tears as he spoke; seeing Jian Chen's strength seemed to have given Mo Tian a glimpse of the glorious tomorrow of the Flame Mercenaries. Having such a strong captain lead the mercenaries would make it extremely hard for the group not to grow.

As a peak Divine Core warrior, Zhao Chongyang didn't take the Early Divine Core Jiang Chen seriously. In an instant, a bright light was unleashed by him. The bright light turned into a big shiny hand which thrust toward the True Dragon Palm.

Only Big Yellow was still able to remain silent without expressing any opinion. He knew about Yan Chenyu and Jiang Chen's relationship very well, and he believed that Yan Chenyu would rather die than marry someone who wasn't Jiang Chen. Not only that, Yan Chenyu wasn't the same na?ve girl that she once was when he had just left her home. After having gone through all those life and death experiences, she had completely transformed. Therefore, she must have some plan in mind.

"Haha, an apology? Are you nuts? So now you're afraid and want to apologize. If you knew this was coming, then you shouldn't have killed any men from the Green Sanctuary Sect! The score will have to be repaid with your life, I'll have your blood spilled today to protect the honor of the Green Sanctuary Sect!"

"Nothing is guaranteed just yet. Right now the secret of this place is already leaked. Haven't you seen the never ending stream of people coming here? Just wait for the five experts to all assemble, then they'll be able to enter."Chapter 310: Gathering of the Five Experts (One)

"Of course, just plant them separately in different places within the herb plantation. The Flaming Angel and the Glory Lotus are top tier herbs with great vitality, and you don't need to help their growth; they will grow by themselves.

The twin tigers simultaneously leapt up into the air. Their target was the big yellow dog in front of them. Their huge bodies had caused the air surrounding them to explode; they were pretty strong.

Jiang Chen said.

Chen Feng stuck his chest out as his glared maliciously at Jian Chen, and coldly said, "Changyang Xiang Tian, although I am no match for you, Kargath Academy is not someplace you can rampage around. If you really have the guts, then follow me outside. Otherwise, prepare to stay in this library for the rest of your life." After dropping these words, Chen Feng directly walked out of the library. However, the words he had said had already attracted the attentions of all the students within the library. Immediately, many people began to shift their attentions to Jian Chen with complicated expressions of envy, respect, and jealousy.

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