Just Another Reincarnation Story Chapter 1917

Just Another Reincarnation Story Chapter 1917

"I should be the one thanking you. I must be on my way now. Remember, if you have any troubles, come find me. I might be able to help with your problems." The old woman reminded Qing Shui about what she had said earlier. Because of that, he was certain that she was genuinely a powerful woman masked beneath the illusion of a Xiantian.

Qing Shui was stunned by her question but shook his head to her reply. He wasn't prepared for her question but didn't want to brush her off without giving a definite answer. In such circumstance, one would require much practice to be able to draw a woman to such an extent, even without emotions or personal feelingsˇ­ˇ­.

Of course, Bai Xiaochun had no desire at all to go to Arch-Emperor City. The place seemed far too dangerous. That was especially true considering that he wasn't sure if Chen Manyao knew who he was. If she did, then he could be sending himself right to his own grave.

Qing Shui unceasingly circulated 95 cycles once again. Now, each time he breakthrough to a new cycle, he would feel that his powers were raised significantly. It was an overall improvement, especially to his strength, speed, and defence.

The unconscious Bai Xiaochun struggled to open his eyes, but all he could see was vaguely flickering flames. And yetˇ­ he was still able to detect a raging blood qi that was very similar to his own!

Suddenly, Qing Shui dashed forth at rapid speed. His current speed had already exceeded supersonic speed and it would only take him a moment to cross 1,000 meters. What was between Qing Shui and the Long-armed Vicious Monkey King was a horizontal stretch of mountains.

"It's Nightdevil!!"

Their faces were only an inch apart from each other.

Du Lingfei was currently looking coldly at Feng Chen, and doing nothing to conceal her anger and murderous aura.

The sounds of the cracking and mending of the tiny fractures in his bones were unpleasant, but they were melodious to Qing Shui as it meant that his body's capability had grown again.?

Soon, he had a small cup full, which he carefully took back to his immortal's cave and then began to absorb.

"It has changed. It has all changedˇ­.." Qing Shui looked at the Hell Inferno's description, which had an additional ˇ®the legendary Black Phoenix's battle technique' description appended at the end of it.

The mountain range occupied by the Blood Stream Division was the one closest to the Blood Ancestor, which would ensure that the cultivators there were able to practice their techniques with the least interference possible. Another new rule was instituted; in order to become a blood master of one of their eight mountain peaks, a cultivator had to reach Core Formation first!

"Old man, can that Ancient Great Formation be used at any time? Will I be able to come back after I have gone over?" Qing Shui thought about it. He wasn't sure if he could come and go as he wished.

"Damn straight. The sun is already this high in the sky and he's still not done yet. He's indeed long-winded."

Among the five devas of the Starry Sky Dao Polarity Sect, there were two with the surname Li. However, they didn't come from the same clan!?[1]

Another half a month went by.

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