Mystic Pharaoh God Chapter 2477

Mystic Pharaoh God Chapter 2477

"It's over. It looks like the Asura Palace is going to suffer huge losses today. The approach of these six Pirate Lords are far more vicious than most others. Since they're able to dominate the Chaotic Ocean, it simply means that they are all elites amongst those of the same level. Although these disciples of the Asura Palace are all geniuses, there is no way for them to fight these pirates equally, let alone the fact that there are two Second Grade Combat/Demon Kings among their enemy."

The Light Wind Sword met no resistance as the stabbed bandit didn't react at all. It pierced deeply through his throat, and with a fluid motion, Jian Chen pulled it out and stabbed the third bandit as well.

Jiang Chen turned around and asked.

Han Yan shrugged too. Everyone had their own secrets, and if Jiang Chen isn't willing to tell him his secrets, then he won't ask again.

Seeing the ten Imperial Advisors gather around Jian Chen like the stars around the moon, Changyang Ba displayed a look of utmost pride in his eyes. Laughing merrily, he spoke, "Xiang'er, I didn't think that you would return this quickly. We only returned two hours ago ourselves."

Jian Chen remained silent for a very long time. A feeling of despair slowly bloomed in his heart.

Currently, it was just like when he fought the Third Emperor and the others. Jiang Chen had fallen into a unique state. Under the Old Emperor's pressure, the Dragon Transformation skill had started circulating at high speed, and it was approaching the brink of evolution. With such stimulation, new Dragon Marks had started forming in Jiang Chen's body, and with every new Dragon Mark formed, Jiang Chen's combat strength would increase even further. Conversely, the Old Emperor was constantly using up his energy, and if the situation kept going like this, Jiang Chen would naturally have no need to fear the Old Emperor.

"Haha, you want the sword? Come with me!"

Now, they could only hope that the Skynet Formation set up by Shangguan Yiqing could really kill Jiang Chen.

Nangong Wenyang quickly voiced out. Jiang Chen had saved his life, so he had to stand out and speak for him. Furthermore, Jiang Chen was a man with true abilities, not someone who possessed an unearned reputation.

As a result, the Earth Saint Masters were all injured one after another by Saiya. Blood flew out of their mouths, each one of the men who had been fighting with him on equal ground before were quickly defeated.

Swoosh Swoosh££

The youth cried out the words £¦Profound Steps' as he moved through the ground quickly as if he was gliding with a great amount of agility and nimbleness. Seeing a rabbit, he quickly stabbed at it with his sword with such an inconceivable speed, anyone that saw him would be astounded.

"Prepare the crossbows!"

Upon hearing that Jian Chen was the one in the eighth booth that stole the Class 5 Monster Core, Kaizer's eyes grew even darker. With clenched teeth, he spat, "So even now you refuse to stand down from my Harido Clan. Hmph, yet another sin to add onto your unforgivable crimes." Turning to the head of the Heiming clan, Kaizer cupped his hands together, "My apologies, but this is a matter that my Harido clan must take care of. I hope that you will turn this matter over to me. Rest assured, my Harido clan will definitely take vengeance for your clan."

Jiang Chen subtly cried out a name. He raised the axe in his hands high up into the air; streams of natural Yuan energy turned into whirlpools and gathered around the Axe of Thunder, making it shine brightly in a golden light. A vast force spread across and locked down onto the old white-bearded man in an instant.

Obviously, his fame was spread out by those outer circle disciples who had participated in the Qi Province competition. The Black Sect was only so big, and a big event such as the Qi Province competition, it wouldn't take more than an hour before even the lowest ranked disciple knew the result.

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