White Snake Chapter 2588

White Snake Chapter 2588


Big Yellow said.

Chapter 422 ΓΏ (Title hidden)

At that moment, the youth had realized something was amiss behind him. Turning violently, he grew startled as he saw just how young Jian Chen was, but what shocked him even more was just how silent he was sneaking up behind him as if he wasn't there in the first place.

Jiang Chen sighed inwardly. He was told by Guo Shan that the Inferno Hell had suddenly appeared one hundred years ago, and it was all because he had swung his sword towards the heavens, damaging all dimensional spaces in Saint Origin in the process, which caused all these strange dimension and beings to appear.

Jiang Chen threw out his hand and made a grabbing gesture. Immediately, an orb of blood that looked like a crystal burst out from the Flood Dragon's mouth and fell onto his palm. After losing its blood essence, the Flood Dragon became sluggish, and its gigantic body began swaying back and forth. It looked like it could fall down from the sky at any time.

Tiangang Yi couldn't help but ask.

Li Tianyang and the Great Elder both furrowed their brows. They had no idea what Jiang Chen and Xiao Nanfeng were talking about. However, they could tell that Xiao Nanfeng must have done something unethical in the past. However, Xiao Nanfeng was after all the number one genius of the Asura Palace; the key disciple they were cultivating for the future. As for this Jiang Chen, he wouldn't be able to escape even if given a pair of wings. Li Tianyang decided to capture him and bring him back for research, and see if he could make Jiang Chen his secondary self. That would be the best case scenario.

"Bring Tan Lang here."

"Brother Jiang, you better find a way out of here quickly. This place is not a good place. I'm a cripple now, and even if you saved me from here, I would still be a cripple. Don't involve yourself in this. I know you're capable, and since you have a way to come here, you'll definitely have a way to leave as well. I don't want to get you in trouble. You saved my life in the Southern Continent, and it is now time for me to pay my life back to you."

"Let me repeat myself, leave those three girls behind."

Without hesitating, Jiang Chen flew into the sky once again. With great speed, he once again blocked Ye Wuyou's path, saying, "Want to step onto that desolate island? Not possible unless you defeat me first!"

"F*ck, who's that, are they trying to die?"

When Han Yan and Nangong Wentian returned, they both immediately went to cultivation. As for Jiang Chen, the day after he returned, he brought Yan Chenyu to the Island of Ice.Chapter 482 - Ice Sculpture of the Fairy Maiden

Listening to the three aunts talk about her son, Bi Yuntian smiled so much that she was no longer able to keep her mouth closed. She took great pride in her son's outstanding talent and also because of her son, her status rose greatly within the Changyang clan. Even the elders of the Changyang clan would treat Bi Yuntian with a respectful tone.

Two bright fists covered in Yuan power slammed into each other, sounding like two metal plates slamming into each other as the air around them exploded.

A miserable cry could be heard from the void. A leg covered in blood was brought out by the Fudo Seal, but Tu Ran was nowhere to be found. As a man from a devil power, Tu Ran possessed excellent abilities when it came to escape. However, although he managed to escape death, he had lost one of his legs to the monk. So, he was basically crippled.

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