healing heart Chapter 2697

healing heart Chapter 2697

Although no one had personally seen what the experts from the Four Great Kingdoms had done inside the mountain, even those without a brain could guess what events had transpired. This result was something the mercenaries and merchants had a hard time accepting, and so as a result, the Boundless Bandit's reputation skyrocketed. To some mercenaries and merchants, the Boundless Bandits had become a mythical figure that was feared by quite a few of the neighboring kingdoms.

In Shangguan Yilei's mind, what Jiang Chen did was a joke. Progressing further along the cultivation path was no easy task, and trying to do so during a battle was just stupid. The gap between the Divine Core realm and Combat Soul realm was not small, and furthermore, no one could absorb herbs straightaway like that. Usually, all herbs had to be concocted into pills before a warrior could absorb them, and only in pill form could the warrior absorb the herb essence. Devouring a herb like Jiang Chen did would just make most of the medicinal strength go to waste.

"Grand elder, how is it? Is this tiger cub really££." The second elder asked.

"If you say so, then I'll be heading back." Without another word, Ming Dong returned to his room without bothering Jian Chen any longer.

"Just carry on eating. We'll immediately leave once you're finished."

When Jian Chen saw the empty spot on his palm, his face immediately went blank as he cried out, "Where's the stone?!" Right now was the exact moment that Jian Chen had realized the Multicolored Stone was nowhere to be found.

Jiang Chen said.

The earth-attributed Saint Force was the most defensive attribute out of the six and was sometimes referred to being the Supreme Defense. With Hu Ba being a Fifth Cycle Heaven Saint Master, his defensive strength would be incredibly stronger after it wrapped his entire body. It was more than enough to block several strikes from a Heaven Saint Master without breaking, and with Hu Ba using a supplementary Earth Tier Battle Skill, the Armor of the Earth God, his defense was even stronger.

Hearing the red-haired man cry out for help, the other two men turned pale in the face. Their mouths still dripping with blood, they immediately joined in on the fight so that they could fight three on one against Xiao Tian.

Guan Yiyun said.

Those who stood outside Mount Tianyuan all had mixed emotions. No one had expected the battle would turn out like this. The allies had suddenly become enemies, and now, the situation had become much messier.

Although the Ten Thousand Immunity wasn't immune to all the poisons that existed, it was enough to make Jian Chen excited. After all, the Silver Striped Golden Snake's poison had widespread fame on the Tian Yuan Continent. There were just a handful of poisons more potent than the Silver Striped Golden Snake's. Moreover, such poisons were extremely uncommon, and were as rare to see as the Silver Striped Golden Snake itself.

The sound of the waves became more and more violent, as if something massive was going to happen in the ocean. With the continuous rolling of the ocean waves, the ocean's temperature was constantly dropping.

Big Yellow urged them.

"Jian Chen, don't tell me you've made a breakthrough into the Saint Ruler realm in the few months you were away?"

With the Light Wind Sword finally clean, Jian Chen returned to where Changyang Hu was. After seeing his bloody brother, the icy stare on Jian Chen's face softened as he said with concern, "Big brother, let's go back now."

Jiang Chen unleashed his energy. With a cruel decision, a golden light immediately appeared in his palm. In the next second, he pointed towards the old man with his finger, then he unleashed four huge golden fingers which forcefully pierced towards the old man.

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