The VIP Chapter 430

The VIP Chapter 430

His eyes stared at everyone in the room.All of them had a strange feeling that with just one look from Jiang Chen, they had to obey his orders, and this was really strange.

After having known Jiang Chen for so long, everyone here knew his true character. He was a man who treated his enemies cruelly and mercilessly, but on the other side, he was a man who cherished his family and friends. He always prioritized them.

Jiang Chen saw their panicked and nervous expression, and he couldn't help but furrow his brows once again. He had guessed they would feel happy and want to celebrate with him after he had accomplished the mission. Even if their expressions weren't happy, they shouldn't have such panicked and nervous expression either. Jiang Chen didn't see Yan Chen Yu amongst them either.

The attacks launched by both parties collided with each other. The Spatial Power and the incredibly powerful punch clashed, instantly causing the space of that particular area to start twisting. Shockwaves from the collision spread throughout the entire scene, and the sky above the collision nearly had shift in shape. The heavens were trembling, and black smoke was curling up from the center of the impact.

Before waiting for Jian Chen to stabilize himself, the dozen Zhou clan members rushed at him with powerful Saint Force erupting from their Saint Weapons ready to slash at Jian Chen. Zhou Yun himself dashed behind Jian Chen and with his long spear acting almost as if it was a serpent, striking toward him.Chapter 217: Destruction of the Zhou Clan

After saying that, Jiang Chen walked straight to the Teleport Formation on the Black Altar. The Teleport Formation looked really old, and if not for the mystical symbols, it might already have lost all use.

Lee Shan Yue said. This was a great chance for him. With the current strength and spirits of the Lee family, if they went to war with the Yan family, they wouldn't have any advantages. But if this Demon Lord could help them, then it would be a completely different story.

Yuan energy was violently vibrating outside Jiang Chen's body. After breaking through to the Mid Divine Core realm, Jiang Chen's confidence reached the peak. With his current combat strength, it would be impossible for him to find any match under the Combat Soul realm, and if he met Nanbei Chao again, he believed he could beat him to death.


"What a strange battle skill." Jian Chen praised with some astonishment. The Cloud Piercer that the third elder had used was nothing more than a diversion--the first body had been a mirror image that would move as he pleased while his actual body used some sort of strange method to hide himself. It had been a silent and strategic course of action that allowed the elder to traverse to behind Jian Chen to attempt at a fatal strike. If not for the presence that Jian Chen had spread out, then the third elder would have most likely delivered a fatal blow onto him.

Seeing that only a month had passed by, Jian Chen let out a small victorious smile as he spoke, "I've finally gotten rid of the Imprint of Death. Who would have known that this small interlude would have taken three months? Any longer and two years would go by before little fatty and I met again. I can't put it off anymore and head out right away."

"Fragrant Sky city?I heard something big happened there.The Lee family's young lord was killed by someone there, and yesterday the men from the Lee family passed through Crowded Sky city in a hurry."

"Absolutely not. Although Shangguan Chong is a Combat Soul warrior, he doesn't have too much authority in the Shangguan Clan; there is definitely a limit to how much he can bid. If the price exceeds his limit, he would have to stop. Furthermore, Shangguan Chong also fears I'll continue outbidding him, as that would push the price of the item to an insane amount. That would do no good for him at all."

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Big Yellow let out a pleased laughter.

Several of the soldiers felt shocked and looked to Jian Chen in a whole new light.

"Waaaaah££.. Master, where did you go? You have to come back to find Little Spirit. Little Spirit wants to see you so much!" The darkness of the night had continued to convey the grieved crying sounds of the young woman for some distance before finally waning off into silence.

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