Fire Lord Sofie Chapter 2137

Fire Lord Sofie Chapter 2137

"It's not too late."

Fan Zhongtang burst into laughter. With a sway of his body, he arrived next to Nanbei Chao. Then, he bowed towards Nanbei Chao with utmost respect.

A dull £¦bam' sound was heard from between Jiang Chen and Li Gai, and within a split second later, Li Gai's body was sent flying back with a miserable shriek. While uncontrollably flying back, blood kept pouring out from his mouth.

"I do! Great swordsman, please let me go, I'll give up anything on me in exchange!" Jacob pleaded with him almost in tears.

Early in the morning, a figure flew out from the Green Sanctuary Sect with extreme speed. In just a few breaths time, he arrived at Misty Mountain's outer perimeter. The man was the Green Sanctuary Sect's Sect Chief, Qing Styx.

Hearing this, Changyang Hu shook his head absentmindedly. Looking at Jian Chen with joy and surprise, he replied, "I'm fine, just fine. It's only a small wound. Don't forget, your older brother has the earth attributed Saint Force, which improves my defenses by a lot." Changyang Hu paused for a bit and then asked, "That's right, fourth brother, how did you come across the 3rd region; I remember that before we entered the forest, your strength was still before the Saint level? Also, how did you become so amazing, for you to even defeat Luo Jian?" Changyang Hu asked curiously.

Commander Duo Li revealed a cordial smile as he gave a salute to Jian Chen. "Fellow brother, this is the lord of Wake City." He pointed to the middle aged man next to him.

Seeing that, Jian Chen smiled. The tiger was a Winged Tiger God and the intelligence it possessed was extremely rare in magical beasts, as it possessed self-consciousness. At this moment, it possessed the intelligence similar to an eleven-year-old child despite being only Class 5.

"I do! Great swordsman, please let me go, I'll give up anything on me in exchange!" Jacob pleaded with him almost in tears.

Jiang Chen said with a grin on his face. This was a daylight robbery!

After thinking about the consequences of this, he glared at Jian Chen with a stare that could kill since this was an utter disgrace to him.

A fearsome glint entered Jian Chen's eyes as he took in this information. "If someone else knows the answer, what use is there for you?" He spoke. With a single burst of Sword Qi, he stabbed it straight into the last man's head.


Despite Jian Chen utilizing the art of Chinese boxing, these mercenaries were still powerless to respond. Within a few breaths, they had fallen to the ground with bloody noses and swollen faces.

Right at this moment, the space within the secret chamber wobbled, and a figure was revealed in front of the old man. It was the Imperial Emperor.


By this point the energy from the battle skill had died down. Jian Chen's fire arrows were no longer an undetected presence and immediately flared up on everyone's radar. A single elder took notice and cried out, "Be careful everyone!" Before bringing up his Saint Weapon to defend himself.

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