Man Huang Feng Bao Chapter 319

Man Huang Feng Bao Chapter 319

Within the imperial palace, Xiao Tian escorted Jian Chen into a room to rest. Jian Chen lay powerlessly on the bed and the rest of the individuals from the Qinhuang Kingdom stood on the other side with a grave expression.

Bai Yushuang looked at Jian Chen with furrowed eyes, "Xiangtian, just what reason did you come back? The Hua Yun Sect isn't someone our Changyang clan can go against, just what trouble are you trying to give us?"

The caravan quickly advanced on the road. Since the people were afraid of reinforcements from the Boundless Bandits chasing them, their current speed was many times faster than their previous traveling pace. Despite this, it was still only slightly faster than the average person running at their peak speed. After all, the carriages contained many goods, so speeding up further was impossible, even if they wanted to. The current speed had already nearly flipped the carriages multiple times whenever they had passed through uneven parts of the road.

Clenching his fist tightly, Jian Chen grew even more furious at the man. He had never thought that this would happen to him. The Imprint of Death he had on him was just nearly removed before this sudden development. This newest event had only meant that his plans would be further delayed by a long length of time.


"This man's attitude is really something, it just doesn't match his age! Looks like he really isn't scared that Nan Bei Chao will kill him with just a single slap!"

"Wu Cong, I don't want to be the Martial Saint Dynasty's enemy, but you better not challenge me, because I don't care if you're a prince."

Just as Rosco was about to open his mouth to explain once more to Fang Hui, a strong gale suddenly flew out from Jian Chen's room, causing dirt to fly everywhereÿincluding the food on the table.

"Saint Ruler, taste my Heaven Tier Battle Skill." The bandit boss roared and surging Saint Force flowed out from his body, all of it entering the Saint Weapon in his right hand. He began to use the Heaven Tier Battle Skill.

Jian Chen laughed at Senior An's words and replied, "Is it considered stealing if they tried first?"

Everyone were shocked by what the saw. Yu Zi Han had a confused expression on his face as he watched. He knew that today, the Black Sect was going to lose Jiang Chen. It would be an immeasurable loss.

As the two ran farther and farther away, Shi Xiangran could only watch from afar while being pelted with arrows. They eventually disappeared from sight.

"We thank the patriarch for his kindness. We will definitely find out who the infiltrator was." The guards spoke as they received amnesty and kowtowed to show their gratitude.

Luo Jian wasn't slow to react however, as soon as he hit the floor, he rolled sideways away from Changyang Hu, causing the Saint Force enhanced fist to miss.

At this sight, Jian Chen knew that the girl wouldn't be able to last any longer. Throwing away his hesitation and biting his lips, he made his decision. With his Light Wind Sword, he flew into the encirclement and blocked the sword of the black robed man.

Jian Chen's body was as tall and straight as a mountain, immovable in his spot. His eyes flashed coldly as if they seemed to be able to pierce through one's soul. He slowly swept his gaze across the dozen students lying on the ground and said, "I can let you guys go, but you have to answer this, who injured my older brother?"


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