Godking Ascending the Heavens Chapter 2401

Godking Ascending the Heavens Chapter 2401

Nangong Wentian felt speechless.

At this moment, even the girl sitting across from Jian Chen had furrowed her brows, and she looked at Ka Di Liang in annoyance, her face also carrying hints of anger. The sudden loud noise by her ear had scared her while she was peacefully absorbed in reading her book.

But, reality was cruel. When death truly struck, none would be able to resist.

The monster had a milky white body, and it was completely made from hard ice. Its 3 meter tall body was constantly emitting freezing white fog. The monster had a pair of arms and legs, and on its back there was a long big tail. The tail was made entirely of solid ice as well.

Many disciple were surprised when they heard the voice. This was the first time something like this had happened within the Black Sect. Normally, assigning tasks to a disciple was done in secret, it would never be done openly like this.

"This Kai clan is quite complicated if even Liu Zheng was killed by them. It would appear the mission given to us by the sect leader will be quite difficult to accomplish."

Big Yellow who was standing aside had a face filled with astonishment.

Even the man that Jian Chen had grabbed hold of had been stunned into silence. Without another outburst, his face had turned pale and his entire body began to tremble fiercely. Jian Chen's entire killing aura had covered the place, but it had affected him the most. With the aura, the man felt himself unable to breathe and slowly suffocating to death.

After the exchange, the two grand elders knew just how terrifying this Origin energy Jian Chen was. The other grand elder immediately knew that Jian Chen wasn't going to stop attacking and quickly shouted several words, "Changyang Xiangtian, stay your hand!"

Followed by a soft vibration, Jiang Chen spat a fireball out from his mouth. The fireball immediately exploded and turned into a sea of flames which engulfed all of the herbs.

Everyone's expressions turned pale while looking at the blood between Mu Rong Hao's legs.Even Zhou Bei Zhen and the rest of the Jiang family felt cold in their hearts.

If it wasn't a precious pill, then the Misty Rain Tower would definitely not sell this item for their grand finale.

"Everyone be careful, someone's attacking££" Someone was fast to respond, but before he could even finish his sentence, the Light Wind Sword blurred momentarily before stabbing into his throat.Chapter 140: The Tianxiong Clan's Retreat

"The difference between the Gesun Kingdom and the four allied kingdoms is far too much. Even if they were to convene all the soldiers and employ mercenaries, their fighting power wouldn't exceed three million. The four allied kingdoms have well over triple that amount if they wanted to. Furthermore, the Gesun Kingdom doesn't have half the amount of experts the other side has, this time, the Gesun Kingdom will fall."

Situ Qing's face grew rigid. "I didn't think that Jian Chen would have such a mountainous support behind him. He has not only the grand elder of Mercenary City as a patron, but an ancient beast of extremely strong strength. Ai, killing him will be even harder now."

Soon after, Jian Chen's group followed the direction the enchantment in the sky pointed to in order to exit the 1st region, and they finally exited the forest. Outside stood the vice headmaster, Chang Bai En, wearing a white changpao, his back straight. Behind him stood a few teachers with indifferent expressions. Further behind them was a large group of nearly 1000 Kargath Academy students. They were split into two groups: the group on the right had many more times people than the other group. Among them, some people were wearing academy uniforms that were dirty, but had very few tears. On the whole, they seemed to be in excellent and undamaged conditions.

"Captain, while the Gathering of the Mercenaries is indeed a bi-centurial event, the chances of dying are extremely high. I've heard the rate of survival is only ten percent." Charcas tried to explain.

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