My Second Life is a Heroic Power Fantasy Chapter 2725

My Second Life is a Heroic Power Fantasy Chapter 2725

Jiang Chen pointed his finger at Nanbei Chao, showing his ultimate domineering attitude. He was like a real king overlooking all mortals.

"One million eight hundred thousand££."

Casually leaning back on his chair, Jian Chen tilted his head down as he began to think. Right now his mind was constantly thinking about just what type of trouble he could come across as a result of this.

Tian Zhou's face turned ugly as he stared at Qin Jue, "What rubbish! Qin Jue, you've must of hit your head, you, Qin Xiao and fourth brother were clearly ambushed by Jian Chen, what other person is there?"

Right now he had two major injuries on hi body. Although they would not kill him, they still required a hasty healing. If he remained here, he would fall prey to another one of Jian Chen's strange tricks and end up dead.

The next morning, Jian Chen woke up and looked outside to see the early morning scenery. Taking in a fresh breath of morning air, he sighed, "I haven't slept in months, so I nearly forgot how good sleeping was. Now that I have slept again, it really was very comfortable!"

Above the skies, Jiang Chen spread his blood wings widely and blocked the way of the four Blood Devil leaders.


The group knew that this situation held more to it than they had thought. It wasn't something they could even imagine, so they decided not to ask for now.

"Let's attack, don't give him any chance to recover!"

Jian Chen's face became embarrassed. If the elder had requested it earlier, then he would have been able to take out the Multicolored Stone, but the Multicolored Stone was now within his dantian and held by the Sword Spirits, meaning there was no way he could take it out.


"Young brat, how dare you offend me?! I won't let you walk out from the Silver Moon Restaurant today!"

The four men replied at the same time. After that, they turned into four trails of light and flew in four different directions. They were all Peak Divine Core warriors, and with their extraordinary talent, as long as they didn't bump into any Combat Soul Dimensional Creatures, none of those foul creatures would be a match for them. Each of them would be able to fight alone without any problems, that's the reason why Jiang Chen wanted them to split up.

"An significant blade of grass dare make the young lord of the Xia clan wait? Hmph, how audacious!"

"This is a Space Gate!" Jian Chen spoke with shock. He didn't think that within this poisonous mountain range, there would be a Space Gate.

Humming, Zhou Tong said, "The man today looks very different compared to the Wu Yun of two years ago. However, that Wu Yun had a mysterious technique that could change his face. If it weren't for the fact someone managed to douse him in a powder two years ago, we would have been completely fooled by his disguise. I can only guess that today's person is the very same Wu Yun as before."

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