Mei Gongqing Chapter 1237

Mei Gongqing Chapter 1237

"It smells really good. Sister, isn't Qing Shui bad. He wants to feed us till we are fat. I really want to eat, but I am scared that I will get fat." Huoyun Liu-li said dejectedly to Canghai Mingyue.

Qing Shui's thingy almost exploded out of his pants upon hearing those words. The gentle voice which was filled with hints of desire was so comfortable to hear. So many twists and turns, "My spring days are finally coming soon!" Qing Shui hurriedly carried Shi Qingzhuang as he excitedly mounted the horse.

They all glimmered with a bright silver light. In addition, there was an intense Spiritual Qi fluctuation. This Spiritual Qi alone allowed Qing Shui to tell that these were strong items. They were at least of the same grade as the Big Dipper Sword in Qing Shui's hands.

Although Qing Shui did not know jade, he knew that any grade of jade that 50 taels of silver would purchase, would certainly not be any good stuff. It may even be the lowest grade of jade.

The more he ate, the more kindly Big Fatty Zhang and the others looked at him. In the end, they slapped their stomachs and laughed heartily, and they all truly seemed like partners in crime.


"Brother Wang, is this the person from the Greencloud Continent? So young?" said a tall, robust and powerful man.

"Uncle, go for it... Ye Yan shouted out loudly in tears.

561 [Kill, Divine Connection Realm of the Tiger Form, Xing Hai Country of the Central Continent]

"At the moment, none of you have to actually do anything. Justˇ­ tell me everything you know about your clan. What secrets are there? What resources exist? Has anyone new shown up recently? All you have to do is secretly pass word to me about these matters.


And that was the perfect explanation for why Chen Manyao, who was normally a quiet and docile girl, would suddenly act so brashly after Bai Hao came to Arch-Emperor City.

"Kingdom!!" Without any hesitation, he slapped his hands together, a sound which was accompanied by the roar of a beast from another world. Heaven and earth trembled from the sound of it, a sound that even the powerful Celestial was shocked to hear.

There was a flock of vicious vultures that followed the giant ghost battleship for several days before begrudgingly letting it go.

"Then, do you still want to try this? You must know that the better a medicine is, the greater its efficacy. If it cannot interact properly to cure an illness, and the body is not able to reduce the effects, it will be extremely damaging for the body. It may even be life-threatening." Qing Shui told her the truth, which Yuan Su should have already known. It was just that once a person stubbornly believed in something, it was difficult for them to change. Just like in his previous life, there were people who had impotency issues. Even though they knew that some drugs were unsafe, just like drinking poison to quench one's thirst, they would still buy those expensive drugs.

With a relationship like that, it was easy to cooperate when the going was good. But when adversity struckˇ­ they could easily split apart!

Then, he utilized his Throat Crushing Grasp, Mountain Shaking Bash, Live Forever Lamp, and other divine abilities and magical techniques that didn't draw too deeply on his cultivation base.

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