Nightmare System Chapter 433

Nightmare System Chapter 433

At that moment, an azure and violet flash of light could be seen flying at an extremely fast pace, blocking the man from escaping.Chapter 459: One After Another

The trip back to Wake City was rather slow because of their injuries. The rest of the morning passed by, Jian Chen and the rest finally arrived at Wake City.

One of the honorable guests of the Yu family murmured.

"Is brother Jiang Chen here?"

"I finally found someone, I finally found someone! I beg of you, please don't leave me behind. I'm afraid, really really afraid. The magical beasts want to eat me££" The person's voice was fairly frantic and was full of panic; however, her voice was still gentle somehow.

Chen Shuang's eyes became red. He couldn't accept what had just happened. He was a genius and a disciple of the Heavenly Sword Sect. He was a Mid Mortal Core warrior, so how could he be defeated by a young Qi Hai warrior in this remote place?

Recalling the bet between himself and Jiang Chen, Mu Rong Ying felt like killing himself.Without the bet he would just lose his own reputation, but now, he had just caused the entire Mu Rong family's reputation to suffer even more than it already had.

By now, even Jian Chen had an impatient look on his face. But for the sake of the tiger cub's meal, he could only continue to wait.

Jiang Chen took out a golden talisman and put it into Yan Chenyu's palm. Although everyone's attention was focused on the Qi Province's Black Sect; on Jiang Chen, while the Fragrant Sky City was safe for now, Jiang Chen still made Yan Chenyu stay behind, just in case, as she now had the ability to face pretty much any situation by herself.

Jiang Zhen Hai tidied up his clothes and walked towards the main entrance, the rest of the men took a deep breath and followed behind. This was a critical moment, and if they couldn't solve it properly, they would all die today.

"Speak then, seeing you decline to such a state, I could answer a few of your questions." Jian Chen replied.

"Uncle Zhou, I am feeling pretty good right now, I'm ready to concoct one more time££The explosion just now gave me some insights, I feel like I can easily make pills with 100%effectiveness now."

Just like what the old monk had said, Jiang Chen was currently digesting what he was given this time. Currently, the energy inside his body was in a mess. The lightning energy accumulated in his body from the Heavenly Tribulation, the brand new energy brought by the evolution of the Dragon Transformation skill, the energy that came from the Nine Solar Lightning-Dragon Pills, it would take some time for Jiang Chen to completely digest all these energies.

"Damn it, I'm going to rip you apart, I'll won't let you leave the Jian Province alive today!"

If any mercenary were to come into the Magical Beast Mountain Range, they were there just to capture Jian Chen and bring him back to the Tianxiong clan for the bounty, and these 10 mercenaries in front of him were no different. If it weren't for the fact that Jian Chen was stronger than them, these mercenaries wouldn't have been so unwilling to fight him at first.

"Jian Chen, if you come across such a person or group in the Magical Beast Mountain Range in the future, please be careful. The Magical Beast Mountain Range is a common place for people to be killed over their items; there are even some people who are mercenaries, but their actions place them on the same level as a bandit." Kendall warned Jian Chen with a serious and grave face.

Jiang Chen turned to Big Yellow and said. In this group, Big Yellow was the most iconic symbol. If he still looked the same, anyone would be able to instantly recognize them.

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