Tale of a Knight Chapter 737

Tale of a Knight Chapter 737

Quickly, Jian Chen and Qin Ji both arrived in front of the Space Gate where the king of the Qinhuang Kingdom was waiting for him along with five other elders.

"Speak then, seeing you decline to such a state, I could answer a few of your questions." Jian Chen replied.

Daoist Black glanced at Qing Styx and a few others. He was not familiar with these people.

Looking away slowly, Jian Chen tried not to think about the matter any longer lest he attract the suspicion of the soldiers guarding the steel boxes.

"Kaka, go to hell!"

Jiang Chen said.

Yan Chen Yu had retracted all of her coldness, and she was now walking besides Jiang Chen. From an outside perspective, she looked just like a normal person, which meant that she now had perfect control over her Nine Yin Meridians. She could unleash the chilliness whenever she wanted.

The disciple asked again.

After saying that, Jiang Chen's bones and muscles began twisting. In just a few breaths of time, he transformed back into his original look.

Who would have ever thought that Mu Rong Zhan would be defeated like this!

Just as the group of mercenaries walked under the tree Jian Chen was hiding in, he suddenly jumped down from his perch. Landing gently on the ground, he suddenly sped toward the group with the Light Wind Sword in his hand as he stabbed forward with a tremendous amount of Sword Qi flowing from his blade.

At the same time, another two bursts of energies made themselves known from the palace. The sudden occurrence of both led to the space around the palace to freeze up. With so many Saint Rulers gathered here, their auras were already clashing against one another with such pressure that everyone down below found it hard to breathe. Their hearts were trying their best to keep beating, but their lungs seemed refuse to work, not letting them breathe.

"Dad, Uncle Zhou, why are all of you gathered here?"

The Demon King became Jiang Chen's first target. He unleashed his True Dragon Palm and grabbed the Demon King's head. Under normal circumstances, it would be really difficult for Jiang Chen to take control of a Fourth Grade Demon King. However, as all the Demon Kings here had been locked up for a pretty long time, they had lost most of their combat strength. Thus, this Fourth Grade Combat King was no match for Jiang Chen.

Both tribulation bolts failed to make this heaven-defying existence perish. This immediately angered the Heavenly Tribulation. Without any delay, the third tribulation bolt appeared; an even larger Thunder Dragon was formed.

Jian Chen wasn't adept in close combat fighting with his own body, but Jian Chen didn't worry about any threats because the powerful Chaotic Force had been joined with the Chaotic Body.

"This one feels quite accomplished with the amount of praise from senior. I am not as outstanding as senior says, in comparison, this one is nothing and not worth so much praise." Jian Chen cupped his hands together. Although there was a smile on his face, he was neither servile nor overbearing.

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