Dragon Master Chapter 313

Dragon Master Chapter 313


Jiang Chen asked.

Han Yan teased.

Jiang Chen slowly walked over to the bed. A sudden pain struck his heart. He reached out his hand and gently stroked Yan Chenyu's face.

Due to the fact that Nubis spent the majority of his life in Cross Mountains without leaving, the delicacies of mankind were an unknown to him. Unable to help himself, each part of the refreshments were gobbled up by him while commenting happily on the taste.

"We can't go there right now, let's just wait for Little Chen."

With a bow, Qing Shaofan sucked in a deep breath and tidied up his own clothes before striding into the Qin Heaven Palace.

Big Yellow kept spitting fireballs out from his mouth, setting another courtyard on fire. Big Yellow controlled his fire precisely, and although the fire was raging, it never sparked a single fire to another courtyard.

"You're courting death!"

Hearing that, everyone could only secretly sigh in sadness. Earth Saint Masters were incredibly rare in Wake City, and even in the continent, they were considered experts of the higher order. To these people, they truly wished to pay their respects to them in order to make friends with them and hopefully gain their assistance in any matter.

"We've offended so many people, we will face a lot of trouble if we remain here."


The mountain Bi Hai and Jian Chen were standing on began to quake before ultimately collapsing on itself, leaving both persons to fly into the skies.

The two beheaded bodies fell from the sky with blood gushing out from their necks along with the listless two heads Jian Chen had just blasted.

By now, even Jian Chen knew that the tiger cub was hungry. Hurriedly taking out a milk bottle to feed the cub. he knew that it had been at least two days since the cub had eaten. If it had been a human infant, it would have long since cried out in hunger.

"What are you guys trying to do?!"

Jiang Chen said.

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