The Third Prince Chapter 1885

The Third Prince Chapter 1885

Seeing Tie Ta, Jian Chen felt shocked as well. After many years without seeing each other, Tie Ta had already grown even bulkier than before. Small words aside, his body was practically a miniature mountain in size. Even at the height of 1.8 meters, Jian Chen could only reach Tie Ta's chest who seemed as if he was already reaching a height of 2.5 meters.

"Crafty, really crafty! Buddy, you're the kind of all evil-minded men in the world, this is so wicked! Those three old dog were cheated by you, but it's so exciting! I don't think it'll take long before everyone in the Green Sanctuary Sect start crying for help!"

The collision instantly ripped apart a few layers of the space in an instant. The fierce, aggressive Second Grade Combat King couldn't withstand Jiang Chen's attack, and was forced back dozens of meters before he could stabilize his body.

"Damn, this dog is big! Looks like we'll be able to have a big feast tonight!"

Hearing that, the patriarch of the Lanming clan turned to look at the cross-legged Jian Chen on the carriage as if to quickly measure him up. Then, he cupped his hands together, "I thank little brother for his assistance. My Lanming clan will be sure to reward you."

Suddenly, a huge roar sounded out from within the woods in front of them. After that, a heat wave emerged from it. Jiang Chen looked towards the source of this and saw two tigers with small dots all over their body. The two tigers suddenly leapt out.

"There's a fight going on, but what's strange is that the offender hasn't yet fallen to the punishment from the barrier. Why can't any energy be felt now when it was always prevalent in the cases before?" A middle-aged man spoke in confusion in the middle of a room.

"Although the Jiang family has eliminated the Mu Rong family and are now in charge of the city, there is an even greater threat waiting for them now."

Jian Chen looked past the elder and at the gold and red imperial palace without answering his question.

There's no one in the courtyard, and the door to the house was closed.

Jiang Chen shouted out coldly.

He took a look around himself, with so many strong people that could easily capture him releasing such a strong amount of Qi, he began to laugh, "Since everyone has figured it out, I don't need to hide it anymore. You are correct, the Class 5 Monster Cores are on my body. But I only have these 2 monster cores; how does everyone here plan to share the monster cores with so many people?"

Fan Kun cupped his fist and greeted Guo Shan. He looked polite, but at the same time, he didn't show much fear either.

"Don't get too excited, this was only a small exchange! Ling Ao is the representative of the outer circle disciples from the Burning Sky Pavilion, he must have some even stronger abilities up his sleeve! It's still too early to tell who the last one standing will be! But since Jiang Chen was able to win their first exchange, this proves that he has a demonic talent! After all, he is only an Early Mortal Core warrior, if he was at the peak of the Late Mortal Core realm like Ling Ao, I believe Ling Ao wouldn't even be able to withstand a single attack from him!"

Fan Zhong Tang appeared, he stood in front of his grandson to protect him from Guo Shan.

Nangong Yunzheng looked at Nangong Yunfan and said.

The golden warship forcefully blasted out from the other side of space. It descended to the sky above the Demon King Palace mountain range, dispersing the thick demonic energy that blanketed the place and let the warm sunlight shine onto this mountain range for the first time in a very long time.

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