The Magus Era Chapter 2027

The Magus Era Chapter 2027

"Very good, we'll be staying in the Heavenly Falls Tower. Once you receive any news about this dog, just send someone to inform us."

"So ferocious! Senior disciple Jiang is indeed the mightiest man!"

The Light Wind sword in Jian Chen's hand slashed through air, making a faint, air-splitting sound as it was thrust toward Tianxiong Lie.

From the very beginning, Ming Dong had hid his strength so that no one that looked at him would know that he was an Earth Saint Master. Now that he had begun to fight, the strength that he was hiding had finally been revealed. This reveal had been world-shaking to everyone who had initially thought him to be a mere Great Saint Master, and many of them still couldn't quite believe it when they looked again at how young he was.

"Fourth master, you've returned so quickly!" As soon as Jian Chen descended down into the villa, the two elders Feng and Yun flew up to receive him as if they were all good friends.

Jiang Chen felt surprised, he didn't expect the Inferno Hell had such a huge attraction that even a Combat Soul warrior was here, the more Tian Yishan explained, the greater interest he had to this Inferno City.

Afterward, Jian Chen slowed down his pace. From what he knew of his position on the map, there was another Second Class City a hundred kilometers away.

After hearing his sister speak, the tension on the young lord's face began to ease up before immediately coming back with a fiercer glow in his eyes. "It doesn't matter who's in the wrong, but you blocked the path of my second sister! This isn't something I'll let off so lightly, let me fight with you, if you can beat me then this matter will be resolved."

"Big Yellow!"

After thinking it out, Jian Chen slowly opened his eyes and got off the bed. Tonight, he would not be cultivating his body on top of his bed as usual, but instead he would stand in the central point of his room with his eyes closed.

In that moment, Bi Dao had already secretly made the decision. In the future, he would spend all his efforts in raising his strength!

The Divine Core warrior responded quickly, he immediately shouted out.

"We're almost there."

The pack of wolves had come quickly, but they had also left quickly. In the blink of an eye, not a single trace could be seen of the Blue Wolves, except for the blood of the hundreds of dead that left a single path on the ground.

Elder Liu said.

"Oh!" Hearing this answer, Jian Chen's eyes went back to the white stone once more. When he heard that the stall owner had picked up this item at the Magical Beast Mountain Range, it wasn't of any surprise to him, after all, there was always an opportunity anywhere for anyone. Even a farmer could stumble upon gold or another precious mineral while digging his farm.


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