Dungeon Core Online Chapter 2194

Dungeon Core Online Chapter 2194

At the same time, Jian Chen had already already fashioned the tree to become a long spear that flew forward to stab into the ball of energy from the wolf.

"I have to accept this task no matter what, this is a test and a training opportunity given to me by the Sect Chief himself. There is only one year left before the fight between me and Nan Bei Chao, and you have told me this before, the Sect Chief has placed his hopes on me. That's why he won't give me a task that could get me killed, but at the same time, he wishes I can become stronger within a shorter period of time. The task regarding me killing this Blood Devil is actually a perfect opportunity for me to train."

Even Yan Zhan Yun couldn't help but praise Jiang Chen.

Facing this Heavenly Yellow Finger, Yan Yang's lips curved, and he had a mocking smile. He had given up on defending because he knew that with his abilities, there would be no way for him to defend himself against the Heavenly Yellow Finger even if he was holding a low rank combat weapon.

Along the way, Yan Chen Yu asked.

"Yes, senior."

At this, everyone from the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom blanched for a moment before the prime minister spoke, "Then do you plan to completely imprison everyone here, or do you wish to kill us all?"

Afterwards, more and more people started paying the entrance fee. Although the Manor Master increasing the price was somewhat shady, the majority of the people didn't really mind that much, as it was just an Earth Restoration Pill. Those who genuinely came here to get some rare and unique treasures were all rich and wealthy men, even those who felt pain regarding the price also paid and stepped onto the island. After all, they had traveled far to get here, and no one wanted to return empty handed.

Suddenly, a loud shout cried out, causing the group of guards to immediately fall back with their eyes still staring at Jian Chen vigilantly.

Suddenly, a loud piercing sound rang out. The cry was so loud, it was heard by everyone in the sports field and everybody immediately became quiet. In an instant, the whole field became absolutely silent..

Yan Zhen Yun and the rest came straight into the room and saw Jiang Chen casually sitting on a chair.

"They are going to war! Tonight, only death will cease the war! The Lee family and Yan family have both sent out their men at the same time; I'm guessing they will fight their war in the middle of the square!"

Jiang Ru Long tightly clenched his fist that was hidden underneath his long sleeve.He was boiling with anger.There was no way he wouldn't get mad££All his hard work, all his efforts were now gone.

Luo Yun looked at the weirdly positioned youth without batting an eye, as if this wasn't a strange occurrence. That was because this weird position was actually the Luo Clan's method of cultivation.

About ten thousand meters high in the sky above the Qinhuang Kingdom, the faint image of a person could be seen surrounded by a sea of clouds. With those clouds in the way, neither of the four Imperial Protectors had seen or sensed his existence.

Tie Ta shot a dissatisfied glance at Liang Xiaole, and murmured in a quiet voice, "Last night you were crying so loudly; now you've forgotten about it all so quickly. I hope that when we encounter more magical beasts later, you won't start wailing again."

Observing the delicate and sincere face of Qiu Ye, Ming Dong let out a mischievous laugh, "So you're Qiu Ye. How pretty! It's no wonder that the men from the Xiao family are so willing to come here multiple times to wed you to their young master or something."

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