She Transmigrated, and he Reincarnated Chapter 1783

She Transmigrated, and he Reincarnated Chapter 1783

"Alright, I'll be taking my leave now. Jiang Chen, be careful in this Chaotic Ocean. That monk is a frightening guy, and if you can, don't provoke him."

When the old man saw the red Demon Soul, he immediately started laughing in excitement. For normal people, this Demon Soul was just an ordinary Demon Soul, but for the demon hawk species, this was a priceless treasure. What the old man cared about was not the level of the Demon Soul, but the bloodline within. The Blood Winged Hawk was a king amongst the demon hawk. The bloodline was incredibly precious. Normal humans and Demon Beasts couldn't absorb the bloodline, but this old man could.

Now that he was surrounded by the stones, Qian Yun had no other choice but to use his Saint Weapon to try and block Jian Chen's strike.

"Brother Jiang, we're at Greenlotus Mountain in the Western Region. This is my master, Great Master Ran Feng. It's my master who woke your soul using the Lotus Sutra, that's why you could recover in such a short amount of time."

"Third elder, then what should we do now?" The fourth elder spoke. The third elder had been the smarter one of the two and so he wanted to see just what new plan could be made.

"Come, attack me."

Jiang Chen leapt forward and disappeared into the tunnel. Big Yellow followed closely behind him and disappeared into the tunnel at the same time.

Although it was the Myriad Sword Sect who started the conflict today, it was in fact Han Yan who attacked first. According to the rules, Jiang Chen and Han Yan would have to face serious consequences. But, the beautiful mermaid had only given them a warning. Clearly, she was siding with Jiang Chen and Han Yan.

Jian Chen's body rolled through the air until he landed 3 meters away on the ground. His eyes stared at the campfire and then at the small beast right next to it.

Right at the same moment, another powerful energy shot up into the sky. However, this energy immediately transformed into a golden beam that was shaking in the dark sky, and it was much stronger than those light beams produced by Han Yan and Big Yellow.

Jiang Chen shrugged his shoulder casually and spoke like he didn't care about anything. There were only two low rank combat weapons in the Lee family. There were originally three, but one had been taken by Jiang Chen when he killed Lee Chang Hao. One of the two was with Lee Shan Yue, so even those Mortal Core elders didn't have one. When Lee Chang Ming broke through to the Mortal Core realm, Lee Shan Yue had rewarded the last one to him.

"Where did he come from? I think he's with Jiang Chen££ Now, no one can save Shangguan Wei anymore."

Translated by Ares

"I was a strong person in my previous life, so I won't be a weakling in this life. My past life is gone, let bygones be bygones. Since I now occupy this body, from now on I am you, the new Jiang Chen. Your family will be my family, your enemy will be my enemy. The path towards the future, we shall walk it together!"

Hearing this, a sudden explosion of killing intent burst from Jian Chen's body. A fierce glare started to grow brighter and brighter almost as if he was a bloodthirsty tiger whose stare could cause any person to shiver in fear. The temperature within the immediate area instantly dropped several degrees. Some of the weaker people around them began to feel as if they were submerged within ice-cold water and they began to shiver.

Half a moment later, Duo Li let out a mouthful of air to try and calm himself, but he could not help but think, "To think that in two years worth of time since the captain of the Flame Mercenaries left, he was able to pull in an Earth Saint Master. With one of those overseeing the group, there would be no faction capable of going against them in Wake City. It would appear that with my strength alone, I will not be able to rescue the lord."


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