Reincarnated into the Marvel Cinematic Universe Chapter 1825

Reincarnated into the Marvel Cinematic Universe Chapter 1825

Some of the people were vigorous, they tightly clenched onto their weapons as their faces turned extremely red.

Jian Chen's hands swiped at the sky causing all of the fire elements in the world to gather at unbelievable speeds. In an instant, three blades made of fire materialized in midair and shot toward the three.

"Brother, once we've settled everything here, are you interested in going to the Divine Continent with me? The world there is much more exciting than the world here."

The Green Hellish Python screamed out in pain. Its body was ripped into two pieces from where it was struck, and a meter of its body had been completely ripped into pieces.

"Damn it, I completely forgot about him!"

Yunzhong He said loudly. He attacked again with his feather fan, knocking Shan Ying back. He spat out some blood and said, "You old fool, enough playing with you! Heavenly Crane Cry!"

Just as Jian Chen dodged to the side, the shining dark green poisonous hook flew over his head, and then ruthlessly pierced the scorpion's own back.

"Most of these people have good items they want to sell in the auction, and they need to register themselves in advance. Also, some are just like you; they have no interest in the trade fair outside, so they just come here to rest until the auction begins."

With a heavy expression, Jian Chen stood up. This was the final step as well as the most crucial one because the anti-venom substance would only gather within his body if the gall bladder of the snake was present. If there was no gall bladder, then the substance would dissipate uselessly. Before he could digest the snake's gall bladder, he would need to assimilate the anti venom within his blood stream.

"Screw you! Everyone from the Black Sect is a scumbag! This time Li Wu Shuang will be the number one, Little Devil King definitely can't beat him! Just wait and see!"

Jiang Chen said.

"Yes, this is the area, let's go!" Jian Chen answered. Then crossing over through the Space Gate, he went from the Qinhuang Kingdom to Lore City faster than the blink of an eye.

With the others unwilling to do it, one reluctant person took the body and left the inn with the group.

If it was any other strong magical beast that Jian Chen couldn't defeat, he would still be able to run away. But the moment he recognized the Silver Striped Golden Snake, he had already given up all such notions He was fast; even if he just relied on his Saint's strength, he could surpass the speed of a wind attribute practitioner. However, Jian Chen was sure that his speed was incomparable to the snake's; he wouldn't even be qualified to carry the shoes for the snake if it owned any.

Guo Shan furrowed his brows. He had tried his best to gather all herbs during the last few days, and in order to let Jiang Chen concoct the Profound Six Solar Pill, he had taken out all his fortune. But still, there was one last herb he didn't have, the Violet Ying Orchid, which was a main ingredient in the Profound Six Solar Pill that couldn't be replaced.

The young man asked. His name was Fan Kun, one of the strongest inner circle disciples. With a cultivation base at the peak of the Heavenly Core realm, he's second only to Guan Yi Yun.

Unable to laugh nor cry, You Yue stared at Jian Chen, "Xiao Bai!? That name is far too simple. It doesn't show how strong the cub is at all. It sounds even worse than mine!"

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