Martial Peak Chapter 365

Martial Peak Chapter 365


Based on the skills he had developed, he had long since come to understand that spirit enhancement was broken up into different realms. The ability to create rainbows or feather spirits was one realm, but just as Bai Qi had said, there was clearly a higher realm.

This was no ordinary stream of blood qi. Close examination would reveal that it was laced with a golden color. As soon as it appeared, an indescribable aura erupted out.

With this wonderful balance of mentality, the talisman succeeded in his hand!

As he walked along the green limestone paths in the sect, he gazed around at the beautiful buildings and courtyards, and began to feel prouder than ever.

Patriarch Starry River was filled with indescribable anxiety and frustration. He immediately began to resort to any means necessary, even those that caused dangerous backlashes, to try to escape. Aware that he wasn't a match for Bai Xiaochun, he knew that his only chance was to start attacking the bystanders in the hopes of distracting him.

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Medicinal herbs which were 1000-year old would only take Qing Shui 5 years to obtain, but to other people, even Martial Saint level cultivators, it would take them their whole life.

"What's going on with the minotaur monsters?!?!"

Fourth pellet!

Qing Shui didn't say anything but when Sun Yan was holding that Heart of the Black Gem, he could sense that Sun Yan had purified and absorbed the spiritual energy. He had done so without batting an eye, causing that Heart of the Black Gem to become a rock without any value.

Bai Xiaochun let out a miserable shriek, and quickly latched his arms around a tree that bordered the trial by fire.

Although this corner of the room looked ordinary in every way, when his divine sense touched it, he could sense the lingering fluctuations of some magical technique.

"Huh?" He looked down at himself, and then at the desert around him. "What's going onˇ­?"

Qing Shui's words provoked a wave of good-natured laughter!

He proceeded through the swamp with the utmost caution, and as a result, didn't encounter any risks to his life. Before long, half a month had gone by.

After he got back to the Ye Residence, he quickly went to clean himself up. He was tired from the fight, and from cleaning all the blood from his body, so he went straight to his room and rested. Everyone knew how exhausted he was, so nobody disturbed him during his sleep.

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