The Story of a Protoss Chapter 1729

The Story of a Protoss Chapter 1729

Big Yellow asked.

Jiang Chen only said these 4 words, £¶leave everything to me'.His attitude was similar to that of a serene king, his face as calm as still water, yet full of confidence.

After that!

The originally bloodsoaked third brother fell to the ground slowly as more blood came pouring out of the thumb-sized hole in his throat.

Suddenly feeling the fierce gale from Luo Jian's kick, Jian Chen's eyes revealed a look of amazement. According to the books he had read earlier this type of attack was an example of a Saint with a wind attribute.

A middle aged man with a bearded face started teasing Jiang Chen.The rest of the men started laughing as well.In their eyes, Jiang Chen was only a 15-16 year old brat from some rich family.A young rich brat like him was usually just a useless scumbag.

With a thought in his mind, Jiang Chen released the Ice Demon King's head, keeping the rest of its body inside the storage ring. This was because the Ice Demon King was over 30 meters tall, so if he let his entire body out, it would poke a huge hole in the roof.

"Wenyang, what's going on? My dad only asked me to come back as soon as possible, but he didn't mention anything else?"

"Sire, who are you, and why have you crossed paths with my Yangji Sect?" The third uncle spoke with a dark expression.

After the three of them had left, all the people had already determined the top 3 winners, because the only people left in line were people who were not well-known in Kargath Academy. Their powers were all only primary or mid Saint levels, and there was, naturally, no way they could compare to the other three.

Jian Chen turned his gaze to Senior An and Yun Zheng. Although he hadn't known the two for long, the two of them had traveled with Jian Chen for a long road so Jian Chen couldn't mistreat them.

Another roar of the Golden Fur Tiger King came from behind. This time, when Jian Chen took a look behind him, he could see the large body of the tiger come within 20 meters of him.

After wasting some time dealing with the crowd, Jian Chen gave a small smile and a few words before leaving with Hu Xiaotian away from the inn.

"Naturally!" Spoke the Heavenly Enchantress without taking a second to think while simultaneously giving no face.

Jiang Chen shrugged. Yu Zi Han was a talented man, a genius from the inner circle of the Black Sect, and it was rare for him to find someone at his level who could be his match. He could easily defeat a Blood Devil leader, and since the final battle with the Blood Devils was approaching, with the help of Yu Zi Han, the safety of the people in Redsun Town would be guaranteed.

Staggering back up, the woman's eyes were flowing with tears as she stared hatefully at the head of the Yun family. Clenching her teeth, she angrily replied, "You don't deserve to be called my father! You are a murderer, the murderer of my mother! Don't think I don't know what you did with my mother. I will take revenge for her!"

"Senior disciple Wang, why did you slap me?"

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