Re: Killing The Heavens Chapter 725

Re: Killing The Heavens Chapter 725

In the previous breakthrough, the Heavenly Thunder Slash had reached the state of Peak Obscure Realm. However, if he wanted to attain another breakthrough, the conditions would be even harsher.

The entire tide of battle had been reversed in the shortest of moments. The shield continued to advance, and more cultivators were returning to its safety, but too many of the five legions' forces had been separated, making it difficult for them to extricate themselves from danger.

The nine drops of medicinal liquid turned out to be even more powerful than he had imagined. After absorbing all of them, he found that he had achieved significant progress. He was now very close to the late Celestial Realm, and almost didn't feel like he was in the mid Celestial Realm anymore.

In three months, Qing Shui's abilities greatly improved. Possibly because of what happened to Mingyue Gelou, Qing Shui became less easily amused and quieter, which worried everyone in Qing Family.

"What are you guys doing...?" Coughing dryly, he continued, "It's for the sake of the mission! Besides, I'm really awesome at concocting medicine...."

The storage house was located near the entrance to the Hundred Medical Garden. Pushing open the two heavy steel doors, Qing Shui stepped inside and discovered that the ventilation in the storage room was very good due to the many small windows embedded on the roof.

Qing Shui was surprised by her words, but he shook his head and said: "I do not care for the others. But I cannot forgive Feng Clan because they have troubled my friend."

That old turtle that guarded the water crystal palace back then had an aged voice. It was a voice that was transmitted through his consciousness. However, the voice he heard from the Five-Headed Demonic Spider now was that of a four or five year old girlĄ­...

At this point, Hou Yunqing leaned over to Bai Xiaochun and quietly said, "Goddess Lingfei came to Eastwood City with nothing. I remember her often gazing back in the direction of the Spirit Stream Sect, thinking about something. Who would have ever thought that she would do so well for herself? None of the past emissaries ever accomplished what she has. She kept the peace between the clans, bringing about a harmony the likes of which has never been seen before.

"His spiritual seas are just a hair away from reaching full crystallization.... If I used everything in my repertoire, I could probably fight him. But considering how limited I am right now... I'm no match for him!" Without the slightest hesitation, Bai Xiaochun began to flee.

"Miss, my name is Pan Long. I'm pleased to be able to meet you. I feel that fate has brought us together and I was wondering if I can have the honor of inviting you to the Pan Residence so that I can be a host?" The youth used a soft and gentle voice as he spoke to Wu-Shuang.

Qing Shui gradually grew to like this sort of feeling - the feeling of self creation. To possess a great confidence in the unknown expectations. It was to the level of obsession.

It was a roar of complete excitement and anticipation!

AST 704 - Returning to Cold Ice City, Shouldering her burdens

Instantly, a terrifying gravitational force erupted out, becoming a black hole fully 300 meters wide.

Water Jade Azure Dragon was something which sounded familiar to Qing Shui. In his previous life, it was the same quality as the Big Dipper Sword. It seemed like it was an item of extremely high quality in the world of the nine continents.

"Dammit! What if he's not the real Bai Hao, but an imposter?!?!?!"

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