Naruto: The Severing Spirit Chapter 1031

Naruto: The Severing Spirit Chapter 1031

She was about twenty with pale skin and had a pair of narrow, fox-like eyes. Although her features by themselves were nothing out of the ordinary, they gave off an erotic feeling when placed together on her thin oval face.

Now wasn't the time to use his items sparingly, so Qing Shui didn't feel petty when he threw out a few poison needles. But if he could, he would restrict himself from using all of them because he had other members of the Eastern Palace Aristocrat Clan that needed to be killed too.

"Hmm. You know what, I don't think I ever heard anything about the journeyman apothecary promotion test... having a time limit...." It wasn't clear who exactly said that last sentence, but when people heard it, they began to turn toward Elder Xu, blank expressions on their faces.

Sounding hurt, he said, "Ah, whatever. Look, 90/10 it is. 90 for you, 10 for me! I won't sneak any extra before you make your breakthrough!"

"Ok, I won't compete anymore with you, you little rascal. Your uncle, your aunt and I will go together. Make sure to be prudent since there are a lots of people, and don't cause any trouble for the Yu Clan!" This last line was especially important, since Qing Yi felt Qing Shui wasn't the most obedient kid!

Bringing so many people with them, they were obviously not here to mourn!

"Trust me!" Qing Shui gently pulled off Mu Qing's hand.

"Yes, so be obedient from now on or I'll leave you alone bawling on Cloud Mist Peak."

All people in this world are of my blood, and thus, any who reach this point will be one of my descendants....

And yet, there was more. As the sovereign approached, corpses began to rise up from within the depths of the world. There were so many that they were impossible to count, their flesh tattered and gory, their eyes filled with the despair and blankness that would arise in the last moment before death.

"Bai Xiaochun, get out here!" Beihan Lie roared, shaking inside and out, thrumming with energy that caused intense shock among the spectators. His unleashed cultivation base was like a vortex, spinning around him in all directions.

"Martial Brother, leave this to me. I want to see how obstinate this lass is." Yan Xu smiled and said to Li Long.

He was alone, with no clan to back him up, and without any stipend of souls from the Giant Ghost King. If he wanted to conjure flame and improve his cultivation base, then he had to rely on vengeful souls.

Everyone watching was completely taken aback, and Bai Xiaochun was dumbstruck. He began to tremble, and his pulse raced as he realized why the Giant Ghost King had been so confident in sending him here¡­.

Sect Leader - See Zheng Yuandong

Qing Shui was very certain that this was the Silver Wolf Queen. All of the sudden, he felt extremely helpless because he has nowhere else to hide. He took back his gaze from the Silver Wolf Queen and place them on the other four One Horned Silver Wolves beside her.

The net shot across the battlefield with incredible speed, and in the blink of an eye, had reached the pill furnaces. Although the net managed to block some of the furnaces, the furnaces were moving so quickly that four of them managed to slam into the ground, instantly crushing the giants who had been too slow to evade them.

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