Insert Title Here Chapter 1566

Insert Title Here Chapter 1566

Right at this moment, a loud explosive sound that came from someone erupting with anger could be heard from the island. A tremendous aura shot up into the sky. Hearing this, Jiang Chen shouted at those in front of him, "Everyone, move aside!"

Hearing this, Jian Chen started while the other thirteen individuals from the Qinhuang Kingdom instantly displayed gloomy and cold expressions on their faces.

The two grand elders continued to look up at the skies for a while. "I cannot be certain if it truly is that freak from the Changyang Manor. Saiya, go to the base of the mountains and dispatch some disciples to Lore City with haste."

When Guo Shan mentioned Misty Mountain, Big Yellow immediately became excited. He began talking nonstop, and his saliva splashed everywhere, including Guo Shan's face and head. He was confused about whether or not it was Big Yellow's saliva or some wine.


"I never repeat myself. I'll count to three now, and if you guys are still here, I will kill the Crown Prince."

Looking at this, Jiang Chen had a slight smile on his face. He jumped up and landed on the two meter tall fighting stage. He stood opposite of the disciple from the Heavenly Sword Sect.

From another room Bi Hai was taking residence in, the cultivating Bi Hai suddenly found his eyelids opening up. There was a flicker to his body before he disappeared from the bed to reappear outside his room. Both of his lively-bright eyes were now looking off into the direction where Jian Chen was.

Jian Chen stood at the center with his sword in his right hand pointing down toward the ground. Five meters away from him, the armored young lord stood with his giant sword stabbed into the ground.

Jian Chen nodded his head with a smile. Facing the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom, he spoke, "Since your group wishes to take me back, hurry up and make your move. I don't have that much time to squander with you."

"What a profound defense mechanism, it truly is something passed down from the ancient era. It's so complicated that even I can't understand it."

Jiang Chen said with a smile, his gaze flickered up and down the big yellow dog's body, as if he was checking out all the parts.

"The fuck? Little Chen, how did you get here so fast? Or, did you not even go to Mount Tianyuan?"

Compared to the Great Saint leveled Jian Chen, Class 3 Magical Beasts were no longer as much of a threat as they once were. Although it took some more effort to kill them, the profits here would be greater since there were more Class 3 Magical Beasts than Class 2 Magical Beasts. A single Class 3 Monster Core had the same amount of energy as ten Class 2 Monster Cores, and even the purity of the energy within the core was better than the Class 2 Monster Core. They were necessary for Jian Chen to use to cultivate, as 3 Class 3 Monster Cores would most likely take him the entire night with his terribly fast rate of consumption.

"I'm Jiang Zhen Hai, I'm the one who killed your son; this had nothing to do with Jiang Chen."

These medals weren't worth much money, but what they represented was of extraordinary significance. Thus, even the nobles that had powerful backgrounds couldn't keep their eyes from reddening at those medals of honor.

Big Yellow kept showing his arrogant and prideful character along the way, teasing all the girls that passed by him, and attracting a lot of hatred. If glares could kill, perhaps Big Yellow would only be left with a piece of skin by now.

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