The Dark Demon Lord Short Stories Chapter 755

The Dark Demon Lord Short Stories Chapter 755

Just at that moment, a deep and resounding voice could be heard from far away, "Father, mother, grandfather, first uncle, second uncle, and aunties, I'm back!"

Looking at this, Jiang Chen didn't panic at all. His expression was still calm. Although this old man was a late stage Qi Hai warrior, he was still weak when compared to Mu Rong Zhan. Jiang Chen was already much stronger than Mu Rong Zhan, so this old man was not someone he had to worry about.

Big Yellow looked at Jiang Chen with anger.

"Damn it, this is such a mighty weapon! Don't tell me this is Little Chen's Natal Weapon?"

The Second Grade Combat King was dazzled by this, and had no idea how he should counter this. However, Jiang Chen didn't give him any time to ponder. His cultivation had already reached the peak of the Combat Soul realm, and compared to the time when he killed the Old Great Emperor and the Demon King Palace's Palace Chiefs, he was now many times stronger. Thus, killing a Second Grade Combat King was just a piece of cake to him now.

Black Sect!

There was a crisp sound as the middle-aged man's Saint Weapon chipped away to reveal a jagged piece of the Saint Weapon fall to the ground.

According to Jiang Chen's request, the Ice Demon King had to ide in a storage ring. Jiang Chen had a lot of storage rings, mainly because he had robbed so many people before. The storage rings he had obtained from the Combat Soul warriors contained a much greater space than the ordinary storage rings he had. Even the gigantic Ice Demon King would have no problems hiding within one of them.

Jiang Chen's eyes brightened. He liked this kind of fight; it could easily determine one's real combat strength.

Hearing the two students complain, another one of the seniors replied to them, "You guys shouldn't even say anything, it's not that those freshmen who reached the 9th Saint Force layer were weak, but it's because those 8th Saint Force layer students were stronger than them by a large margin. That suntanned kid had strength that could scare anyone. Don't tell me you guys didn't see how those 9th Saint Force layer students were easily thrown out of the arena. If it were us that were fighting instead, I'm sure that we wouldn't had been better off than the freshmen. As for that first place freshman, his strength was even more terrifying. Did you guys also miss how fast he was moving around and attacking? Even if it were us in that same situation, we would have a hard time trying to dodge his attacks."

At that moment, a light knock came from outside the door. A respectful voice rang out from outside, "Respected headmaster, Changyang Hu has been brought!"

"No, young lord Lee was killed by Jiang Chen. The alchemist who followed young lord Lee was killed by Jiang Zhen Hai. Both of them are culprits who cannot be spared. That little bastard Jiang Chen must be somewhere hiding right now."

"Ruff Wuff! Kid, move your hands away!"

"Excellent, your luck is truly good. The sarira was left behind by a Third Grade Minor Saint. No wonder you've progressed so quickly. Your physique has been modified and improved; this is a fortune that belongs solely to yourself. I believe that you can break through to the Fifth Grade Combat King realm whenever you want."

Surveying the back, Jian Chen saw a wide variety of magical beasts of every size and shape waiting. They weren't moving toward Wake City at all and instead kept their distance.Jian Chen wasn't as strong as Katata so he couldn't tell just how strong they were.

"Thank you for your praise." Jian Chen smiled, "Now do you wish to hand over your tokens, or shall I take them from you?"

Now Jiang Chen understood that the mission was to deliver the Pure-Yang fruit safely. This fruit was a rare item and was something that had grown for many years. This Pure-Yang fruit was something that would provide tremendous benefits even for a Heavenly Core warrior.

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