Princess Lyn: Fleeting Dreams Chapter 1335

Princess Lyn: Fleeting Dreams Chapter 1335

This was the true power of a strong furious Xiantian martial warrior. There would be moments where he would be able to land a single blow towards his enemies. Life was indeed a fragile thing.

He was sure that the world of the nine continents had treasures, but they exist in another manner. Thinking of the 1000-year Gloomy Wood, he could find a demonic beast's core, collect Heavenly Silk, or to find a 5000-year old turtle shell, but where would he find the ???, and would he be able to learn the method of concocting?


"That man is already dead.. even before I got the chance to question his past actions... now there's only one person in the Yan Clan that I care about. There's no one else that can tie me down anymore," Qing Shui said harshly, but he was actually hurting inside. The pain he felt was heart-wrenching, not because that man was Qing Shui's father, but because he was his mother's lover.

If he had not seen the crane in its environment in the White Crane Spread Wings curtains, Qing Shui would need to take a long detour of one year or longer. He had reached the 4th heavenly layer of the Ancient Strengthening Technique and the Qi started to circulate automatically which helped a lot.

The people of the Eternal Immortal Domains had only recently watched the Saint-Emperor's bloodline sealing strip shatter. But now, Bai Xiaochun had repaired the Arch-Ancestor's bloodline sealing strip. As of this moment, one sealing strip held strong, while the other two had been destroyed!

"My flesh belongs to me, not you people!! You want me dead? Well you're gonna regret it!" With that, he slapped his bag of holding, causing numerous suits of armor to fly out. Most people would, at most, wear a few sets of armor at the same time. But somehow, Bai Xiaochun was using a strange method to don far more than was normal. Plus, he was putting them on with blinding speed.

Apparently, the command medallion wasn't powerful in and of itself, and needed to recharge by absorbing energy from its surroundings.

Di Chen received it carefully as she said her thanks, a hint of nostalgia flashed past her face. She missed her mother a lot. Sometimes, when she think about her, her heart would ache a lot. She had yearned to be able to meet that lady she called mother.

Qing Shui thought that it was better to take action earlier. Otherwise they would need to personally go to the Luo Clan and he didn't want to waste too much time here.

After about ten breaths of time passed, his veins were completely filled with Undying Blood, and a tremor passed through him. As of this moment, the sensation of fleshly body power that existed within him surpassed anything from before!

Tier 5 () :?Canghai Mingyue, Qing Shui, Shi Qingzhuang, Mingyue Gelou, Huoyun Liu-Li,?Yu He, Qing Bei

Everything in the area shook violently, and small pebbles began to rise up into the air. Even some enormous rocks began to float up into the air. Fissures appeared on some nearby low-lying mountains, and they began to collapse into rubble, which also floated up into the air.

Then, she took a step forward, turning into a beam of light that also closed in on Bai Xiaochun!

Shockingly, the defensive measures he had thrown up with his cultivation base were absolutely powerless against these flames.

"The Arch-Ancestor must have put the sixth volume of the Undying Codex into my five yin organs!" he thought. As he sped along, he confirmed that five colorful motes of light were there inside of him.

"If I knew how to fight, why would I be running away, you moron!? I would have killed you a long time ago! Murder! Murder!" Bai Xiaochun's screams grew even louder as he fled in the opposite direction like a fat little bunny.

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