Poison Genius Consort Chapter 823

Poison Genius Consort Chapter 823

In response, the guards simply surrounded them, vicious expressions on their faces as they sealed their cultivation bases and dragged them over to the private chamber that had been set aside for Bai Xiaochun.

Qing Shui was overjoyed and knew the ladies' intent. Although this result was not unexpected, it still made him overjoyed.

For one thing, it was an enigma as to why any living being that entered the area would die. Neither devas nor demigods who entered the Deadmire ever came back”­ that much was confirmed fact.

Looking extremely proud of himself, Master Godwind said, "Blood Ancestor. Fleshly body: 108 major acupoints!"

Mighty Elephant Stomp!

Zheng Yuandong cleared his throat. "For a stubborn, mischievous kid like him... there really isn't any other option."

Tiger Lunge!

This time it took a complete four hours to explain the ten movements. He had said that he would only repeat once, but now he kept on repeating.

However, Qing Shui could still sense a hint of anticipation!

"This might be my chance to get away! If the Bai Clan comes after me, then as long as I can get out of Devil Penitentiary itself, I could use those teleportation portals to make a complete getaway!!" Heart trembling with excitement, he settled his thoughts and asked for some more details about the teleportation formations and their locations. According to the list he was given, there were a total of 371 formations. After making a complete record of them, Bai Xiaochun tossed three Aphrodisiac Pills over to the anxious Lu Shiyou.

Moments later, booms filled the air as the seven Core Formation soul cultivators exploded to bits, sending frozen chunks of blood and gore out in all directions.

The dense Fire Maple forest surrounded them, but the colors were now even brighter. They traveled through the sea of red Fire Maple Trees, through a few canyons until they finally reached a ravine in the deepest area of the mountain.?

Qing Shui felt relief in his heart as he heard Qing Yi's explanation. If such a powerful pill had no side effects, it would be a tragedy. Tyrannical cultivators would be as common as the clouds, ravaging the land as they pleased. Luckily, the future ramifications of taking this pill limited many cultivators from doing so, and at the same time, also restricted those who had taken the pill to be stuck on the 9th grade of Martial Commander.

"They want you, not me." Qing Shui smiled. His voice was soft, yet everyone could hear him clearly. However, no one was able to notice the abundance of qi in his voice...

"Yeah! I forgot about the River-Defying Pill!!" Excited, he quickly smacked his bag of holding to produce the jade slip that contained the formula for the River-Defying Pill. He also began to flip through the Frigid School Medicine Manual. Before the enlightenment from the Holy Pill Wall Fragment, he didn't understand much of the Frigid School Medicine Manual, but now that wasn't the case.

But in this area, the Underworld River would naturally appear every night after midnight!

Before Qing Shui could say anything, those horses that had been riding against the snow had already surrounded Qing Qing and were neighing endlessly.

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