Undefeated Conqueror: Generation of Miracles Chapter 1642

Undefeated Conqueror: Generation of Miracles Chapter 1642

Qing Shui told her to not worry about him and use this battle technique if ever they were to run into a situation where there was no way out. The Silver Spirit Beast was still considerably fast when it comes to running and flying. It had the formidable speed element battle technique, Silver Spirit Flash.

As for the Profound and Pill Stream Divisions, they had similar rules as before. The Profound Stream Division specialized in spell formations and clone cultivation, whereas the Pill Stream Division focused on the Dao of medicine. When all was said and done, the River-Defying Sect had a strong foundation in virtually all aspects; they truly met the requirements for a large sect!

"Sir!?" Li Hongming replied loudly.

To make matters worse, Heavenly Palace and Sword Tower owned a large number of "high-level demons". Consequently, after the passing of the two Peak Martial King Beast Tamers, the Demonic Beast Sect was only minutely stronger in comparison to those two sects.

The huge hammer had a domineering pressure that caused this powerful man to have a look of despair in his eyes, this was a gap that he would not be able to close.

Now the turtles and the black fish seemed to have a grudge against each other. Both sides were trying to hunt the other side's offspring, but the numbers keep increasing exponentially despite this situation. Originally, there were only 200 turtles, but now there were at least a thousand. As for the black fish, their number was already too big to count, but there should be tens of thousands. The entire pond looked like it was filled with black fish.

From the ramblings Qing Yi had let slip when he was still an infant, Qing Shui knew that his father was probably from an extremely powerful clan. In any case, he knew that even if he could increase his strength, unless he made a breakthrough to the Xiantian realm, it would still be insurmountably tough for him alone to clash against an ancient clan that had existed for over a thousand years.

Bai Xiaochun took a deep breath and opened the pill furnace, whereupon a medicinal pill emerged that could only be fully examined with a Heaven-Dao aura and nine spiritual seas!

The fiftieth day passed, and then the sixtieth day. Countless disciples were profoundly shaken by what Bai Xiaochun was doing. They almost couldn't believe the deep reserves of vital energy he possessed. Never could they have imagined that he would hang on for so long. Without incredible fleshly body power, it would have been impossible.

As time went by, Bai Xiaochun continued to work on his cultivation. Eventually, he found that he had gone through so many earthspirit tubers that he only had a few dozen left.


When the vortex above Fang Lin faded away, less of the earthstring energy was being absorbed, and the overall tension in the Fallen Sword World eased up a bit.

The other three prime elders were stunned into silence at the moment. Their eyes were blank, and they were so taken aback that they had no idea what to do.

Qing Shui knew all too well about the hidden potential even before he was transcended to this dimension. It was said that a mother had her one-year old child stolen from her arms by a person riding a motorcycle. Under the circumstances where her child was suddenly kidnapped from her, the mother had unknowingly activated her hidden potential, which allowed her to catch up to the kidnapper at an unprecedented speed.

"You brat, it's too late now that you finally remembered that important detail." Qing Shui smiled at Lan Tong.

His expression grew more unsightly by the moment as he stood there staring at the cabin door. For some reason, it seemed like the sinister and vicious mouth of some evil ghost.

Qing Shui did not even look before taking a step back. He was extremely angry now. Tu Ling was as pretty as a flower, and yet her heart was so vicious. In his anger, Qing Shui kicked out with all his strength, refusing to let the same thing occur again.

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