Shall I make you fall in love with me Chapter 1338

Shall I make you fall in love with me Chapter 1338

"One person per group? That means only one person from Giant Ghost City will be be there. I guess we could risk offending the Giant Ghost King, but getting involved in a fight between the four of the heavenly kings wouldn't be worth it. The Zhou Clan will not be participating!"

Upon emerging out into the open, he immediately turned to look at Stonemountain on the boulder, hoping to share his success. After all, despite not being able to assess Stonemountain's cultivation base, he could sense from his aura that he too cultivated the Living Mountain Incantation.

"Alright, I'll also teach you my Acupuncture Point Clearing Art. You can pass it to me tomorrow when you bring the wine to me. You can take this." Misty Hall's Palace Mistress passed Qing Shui a few pieces of silver-colored pages and said.

Hundreds of them clustered around Bai Xiaochun, adding their power to the formation as they shot like a deadly spear across the battlefield.

Qing Shui immediately practiced the Thousand Buddha Palm Imprint, looking for that sense of continuity. Slowly, he found that it was very similar to when he was drawing talismans, they both required the sense of continuity to proceed forward.

The plain was now covered with moonflowersĄ­. Furthermore, the sky was also filled with the flowers, which had grown together to make a larger form that looked like a crescent moon.

"That's all you've got?!" Bai Xiaochun said, smiling even as blood oozed out of his mouth. His vision was blurred, and he could barely move. Since that was the case, he decided that he might as well use what little energy he had left to force his nine spiritual seas to merge together!

"You're a scoundrel, a gangster, a badass!"

When he got tired, he would go back to sleep. Eventually, two months later, he was excited to discover that he could move again. The first thing he did was crawl over one of the animals that had been killed because of the Eternal Parasol.

An increase of the body's defense by a bit more than 20 percent.


"It's all the fault of that bastard brat!' The mere thought of Bai Xiaochun caused his eyes to widen angrily. However, it was at that point that he felt two warm arms wrapping around him from behind. It was none other than Mrs. ChenĄ­.

"Men, arrest them all and throw them into Grand Asylum. And tell the warden that this Li Tiansheng has unusual willpower, and should be given a particularly severe sentence!" With that, he ignored the secretly fuming Li Tiansheng, and led the larger portion of his Corpse Trooper Blood Battalion up into the air.

Beihan Lie, Master God-Diviner, and Jia Lie all chuckled coldly inside.

It was then when Qing Shui launched his attack!

However, he decided to increase the power of the members of the Qing Clan before he departed to his next journey. At the same time, he would increase his own powers too, ideally to 200 stars, before journeying to the Lion King's Ridge. If he could do that, then he would be able to reach the power of 5000 stars through the use of his Big Dipper Sword. Combined with his debuff abilities, Nine Palace Steps, and Formations techniques, he was all set to defeat his opponents once and for all.

Bai Xiaochun had already been nervous to begin with, and when he realized people were staring at him, he gasped, and his heart filled with icy fear.

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