Open a Clinic to Cultivate Myself Chapter 1375

Open a Clinic to Cultivate Myself Chapter 1375

Hearing this, Ming Dong looked on with shock, "Jian Chen, you were able to shatter their barrier, is that true?"

Ignoring the looks of surprise coming from the crowd, Big Yellow moved away from the servant and followed Jiang Chen. At the same time, the servant climbed up from the ground, still suffering from shock.

"I won't fight with you, my target today is Jiang Chen!"

Everyone discussed the situation. For this trip to the Island of Ice, the young man whose name was Jiang Chen was no doubt the true main character. Grudges and kindness, it was all directly related to him. Everything so far had happened all because of him.


"Alright, let's have a look at young master's alchemy skills."

Underneath the arena, Ka Di Qiuli's limpid autumn eyes widened in shock as she looked at the white-robed Changyang Xiangtian with a complicated look of envy.

A layer of icy frost was unleashed by Yan Chen Yu, and it instantly covered the disciple. The Mid Mortal Core disciple was immediately turned into an ice statue, and he was still in an attacking position. His life soon ended because of this intense coldness.

After waiting for half the day, everyone in front of them had entered the city, making it Ming Dong and Jian Chen's turn to be inspected.

"My dream is for our Flame Mercenaries to be the number one mercenary group on the Tian Yuan Continent!" Captain Kendall roared happily as he said, "This is my biggest dream!"

"Understood, Chen Gege!"

Duan Jianhong who stood not far away gasped at Nanbei Chao's cruelty. He was far more wicked than Duan Jianhong had expected. Becoming this man's enemy would definitely make things difficult.

"Esteemed master Yang Yutian, is there anywhere I can help you with?" A soft voice sounded from behind Jian Chen. It was the girl who had brought Jian Chen to the room, currently looking at him with a courteous gaze.

Big Yellow immediately jumped up from the ground.

Jiang Chen didn't even turn his head around, he just extended his hand and slapped young master Liu's face.

Seeing how he and his brother were surrounded, Changyang Hu's face grew ugly and gave a small sigh. But other than that, he said nothing.

"Palace Chief, that guy's name is Jiang Chen."

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