Hacking Eden Chapter 193

Hacking Eden Chapter 193

Compared to the nervous and furious Nangong Wenyang, Nangong Wentian was much calmer, because when judging from the current situation, these two old men weren't here to kill, but to die.

Jiang Chen who had been sitting quietly in his room for two days suddenly opened up his eyes. Two bright beams shot out from his eyes, and the energy that he unintentionally unleashed from his body shook the entire room.

Liu Hong asked. The overall strength of the Black Sect was similar to the Green Sanctuary Sect. Besides, if the Green Sanctuary Sect really sent someone to kill Jiang Chen in the Qi Province, there wouldn't be many advantages for them, as the place wasn't their territory.

"That's right, chief Tian, tell us quickly, how did Jiang Chen save us all, and how did he kill Yang Shuo?"

Smelling the unique fragrance of meat and vegetables, Jian Chen couldn't help but stop and admire the smell for a brief moment before continuing in. While he resided within the Huang Village, Jian chen had spent many days with a simple meal and tea and hadn't been able to eat any delicacies that only a city restaurant could offer.

"Brother Jiang, you've raised a good son! The kindness your son has shown to the Yan family won't ever be forgotten!"

Jian Chen and Ming Dong gave each other a mutual look before the both of them sat down on stools to watch the rest of the matches.


"Jian Chen, this is our Flame Mercenaries group. Aside from the people here, there are another two people at the market buying items, but I'm sure they'll be back soon." Kendall said. "Tomorrow will be another operation for the Flame Mercenaries where everyone will be participating in. Brother Jian Chen, are you willing to join us? There aren't many rules, but if you don't want to join, then no one will try to force you, this is a voluntary event."

Master Blissful said.

Compared to a Second Class City, a First Class City was far more prosperous. There were plenty of people riding on Class 3 Magical Beasts in the First Class City, Cloud Capital. There had even been a single Class 4 Magical Beast on the streets. Plenty of mercenaries crowded the streets, and the majority of them were Saint Masters or Great Saint Masters at the very least. Compared to Fengyang City, this city was completely different.

Again, the four of them began to tremble violently as they became slack-jawed. The words £¶Heaven-Tier Battle Skill' were even louder than a clap of thunder to their ears and could make anyone lose their train of thought in a second. For a while, they remained blank before finally returning to awareness.

"Xiao Yu, Big Bro Jiang Chen is going to walk an unusual path, and we will experience more of this kind of life in the future. You possess the Nine Yin Meridians, and you're destined to walk an extraordinary path, so cultivate with your best effort. Once I finish my journey, I will marry you."

These men represented the top combat strength of Inferno City. At this moment, many people had gathered around. Most of the spectators were those whom Jiang Chen had robbed in the outer perimeter, and some of them had just arrived at Inferno City in the last two and a half months, and didn't want any trouble. This group of people didn't want to join the battle; these were the men who would live the longest, they made the right choice by not joining the other people to attack Jiang Chen. Since they didn't try to challenge Jiang Chen, Jiang Chen wouldn't touch them either.

Just as Jian Chen had thought of Radiant Saint Masters, a divine light suddenly flashed within his mind. Immediately, he opened his previously closed eyes, and in that instant, a bright ray of light seemed to shoot out from his eyes in amazement, dying out immediately afterwards.

Now that Jian Chen had more spirit than before, his ability to control the Radiant Saint Force was even better now. Despite the severity of his injuries, it only took him another hour to completely heal himself.

Hearing this, Jiang Chen's face darkened, "I'm sure he was someone from the Black Sect. If my guess is correct, he was from the inner circle."

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