Chu Wang Fei Chapter 1987

Chu Wang Fei Chapter 1987

This formation was created with the help of the underground energy vein, it was the perfect formation to guard a sect.

Lee Chang Hong said with a smile on his face, he then started whispering something into Mu Rong Zhan's ears.

Looking at the handsome Jiang Ru Long, Mu Rong Xiao Rou's eyes were filled with sparkling stars.She walked with big steps towards Jiang Ru Long and started holding his arm, "My dear husband, this is my first time in the Mayor's mansion, you must show me around!"She said in the sweetest voice she could muster.

A table made entirely from crystals was placed next to the herbal plantation fields. Three people and a dog was sitting on each side. Big Yellow's eyes were wide as he stared at the herb plantation field in front of him, he was constantly drooling and wetting the table surface. Jiang Chen placed his palm on his forehead and shook his head. This dog was really here to disgrace him.

Jiang Chen nodded his head in a serious manner.

The two of them had reacted quickly to the attack and so with a thought, a wave of earth and water suddenly gathered in their hands. WIthin a mere second, a dragon made of earth and water had formed between the two men.

"I was worried about that too. If that is the case, I don't think we can defend ourselves."

In that moment, time seemed to stop.

"I never took Liang Xiao seriously, but Nan Bei Chao is someone really extraordinary. He was born with a great destiny, not something Liang Xiao can compare with. With my current cultivation level and combat strength, I would be defeated by Nan Bei Chao in seconds."

"Ah, Qingsuo, Ziying, is there any chance of me being able to cultivate with Saint Force anymore?" Jian Chen asked quickly. Losing his Saint Force had left him unable to use his Illusionary Flash or the unbelievably fast sword skills that he was renowned for, so this caused him no small amount of unwillingness.

Jiang Cheng would do whatever Jiang Chen said;if Jiang Chen said that his farts smelled good, then Jiang Cheng will take that as a fact.

Faced with this duo, the best way for the Crown Prince to win was to first kill Yan Chenyu, and then find a way to kill the Ice Demon King. But of course, the Crown Prince wouldn't do that. This was the girl he had used a lot of effort to get, and he hadn't even been able to touch her hand, so how could he possibly kill her now?

The man studied Jian Chen and the others a second time before his face darkened. "It is a rather inconvenient time for our Carnage Mercenaries to be receiving any guests, so if you could please return home." As he spoke, the man's head started to retreat back behind the door while he was closing it. Even as he tried to do so, he found that the door would not budge.

"Jian Chen, shall we go or stay?" Qin Xiao spoke, clearly showing that Jian Chen was the leader.

Although he was slightly depressed, Jiang Chen was still excited that Big Yellow had broken through to the Heavenly Core realm at this point of time. No one knew better than Jiang Chen about Big Yellow's combat strength. Since those Blood Devils were attacking once again, with the help of Big Yellow, killing all these Blood Devils would just become easier.

"Sigh, all of you go back now. Don't do something too obvious next time. Once people grab you by the handle, even the clan will be sucked into it. The Radiant Saint Master Union definitely cannot be provoked." An old man sighed gently. Waving his hand, he left with the white-robed Radiant Saint Master and Heaven Saint Master guard beside him.

Feeling the layer of skin where its heart was being attacked, the snake became more frantic. In a rush, the snake began to coil its body around itself so that it could protect the spot that was just attacked. At the same time, the tail that wound around Jian Chen's body had loosened and released him.

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