RWBY Re: Jaune Arc Chapter 2285

RWBY Re: Jaune Arc Chapter 2285


The group all wore the same white clothes, and they all carried huge swords on their backs. Their appearance caused them to look like a group of sword gods.


"If you don't wish to die, then get out! Offending our Yangji Sect is something even the prince can't do."

Jiang Chen turned to Wu Ningzhu and the others and asked.

"If you wish, then master, if you could please hand over the Ruler Armaments. Ziying and Qingsuo will refine the Chaotic Force for you." Qingsuo spoke.

"Take care of yourself, captain!"

"Couldn't you just say that there's a village twenty kilometers down the mountain? I feel ready to faint just hearing all those directions!" Ming Dong didn't know whether to laugh or cry.

"Yan Xing, what happened? Why are you panicking?"

The Earth Shattering Palm was destroyed by the True Dragon Palm, and Shangguan Wei was forced back a couple of steps before he could regain control of his body. While it didn't seem so serious, the exchange just now had caused his qi and blood to become a complete mess, giving him an extremely uncomfortable feeling. Absolute shock filled his mind, he was actually a peak Divine Core warrior, and even in the Shangguan family, he was an existence who was almost guaranteed to break through to the Combat Soul realm. It was really unbelievable that his Earth Shattering Palm was destroyed by a young man, and he was even pushed back by the force. But, what was even more frightening was that this young man was only an Early Divine Core warrior.

"You-, you really killed senior disciple Mao Fang! Outrageous, who gave you the audacity to kill a disciple from the Qingyi Sect?! There is no way you can escape our hunt!

Too bad, his reaction was too slow. The dragon claw came crashing down with a tremendous force, and it was like a closed cage that captivated Yun Can within.

"Brother Jiang, your strength is truly amazing!"

The flames were dancing around, and the strong wind was blowing through the scene. Jiang Chen looked like a Fire God that had just descended from the heavens as he fought dozens of powerful Evil Devils all by himself, burning these creatures and making them let out miserable roars. Not long after that, all of the Evil Devils were burning to death, and their purified devil souls were stored within Jiang Chen's storage ring at once.

"Haha, your words are true. Brother Jian Chen, if you have time, please come visit us in the Tianhua Sect." Qing Yun bowed back in respect.

The formidable amount of power coming from Zhar's Ruler Armament struck fear into Jian Chen's heart. He also knew that he didn't dare risk for a mutually assured destruction with Zhar because he wasn't sure if the Ruler Armament would be able to able to cut him in half. With the amount of power that was exuding from the Ruler Armament, he didn't want to test it out.

After saying that, Jiang Chen turned around and started walking toward the manor. There was nothing to see in this trade fair which looked like a food market. Ordinary treasures couldn't catch Jiang Chen's interest, and if anyone possesses real precious treasures, they wouldn't sell it here, they would auction it away in two days.

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