Multi space wanderer Chapter 2965

Multi space wanderer Chapter 2965

Chang Wuji and the five Imperial Advisors quickly rushed over to Jian Chen's side, but before they could say anything, Jian Chen spoke first, "Uncle Chang, what has happened here? How did the Changyang clan be reduced to such a state?" Jian Chen's voice was filled with concern and his expression with worry. In his recent return, he had no idea just what could possibly happen for the Changyang clan to undergo such a tremendous transformation.

"So many mighty warriors, I've never seen so many of them at the same time!"

The Heaven Stolen Fortune had a total of eight layers. The first layer was nothing more than an introduction, and after the first layer, the person would be able to multiply their strength by three times. The second layer would allow them to multiply it by four, and the third layer would allow them to multiply it by five. By the eighth layer, it would be possible to increase one's strength ten times.

Wang Heng said while patting his chest. He had completely thrown himself at Jiang Chen's feet with great admiration.

Letting out a sigh, Jian Chen recollected himself. Watching the tiger cub kill a Class 4 Magical Beast so easily had really astounded him. The tiger cub had never been in a battle before, so even though it had its strength boosted to the Class 4 Magical Beast level with heavenly resources, it was still in its adolescent phase. It was not quite yet fully grown.


Seeing Jian Chen get further and further away, the city lord of Phoenix City let out a breath of air, "He's as good as gone. If he were to stay around and toss these people about, I don't know what our Phoenix City would end up looking like."



Against the strong amount of Sword Qi, Tianxiong Lie didn't bother to evade, instead, he used his earth attribute infused battle axe to defend himself.

Unable to restrain his shock, the Second Grade Combat King's face was filled with terror.

"What?! How did you come here?"

Despite Kris, Hu Ba, and the third trying to defeat Jian Chen, they knew that they could not even touch the strange energy that Jian Chen held in his hand. Their Saint Weapons never dared to cross blades, so the three of them felt that they had an arm and a leg tied behind their backs. They couldn't fight to their best ability, and felt extremely sullen because of that.

Jiang Chen opened the window and leapt out from it, then he landed on the auction stage.

Yan Yang held his fist and expressed his gratitude towards Jiang Chen honestly.

Bursting with killing intent, Xiao Nanfeng forcefully pushed his palm toward Jiang Chen. The extremely powerful force turned into an invisible wall and crushed into Jiang Chen. It was a frightening strike of a Ninth Grade Combat King, and with Jiang Chen's current shape, there no way he could withstand it. If this attack hit his body, even if he didn't explode into thousands of pieces, he would still die.


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