Super Lazy System Chapter 1144

Super Lazy System Chapter 1144

Wu Jiu explained.


The Crown Prince smiled, portraying utmost confidence.

"I know what I am doing. With my foundation right now, it is way more than enough for me to absorb immense amounts of energy to reach the Heavenly Core realm, and it won't affect my potential in the future. But, when I break through to the Late Mortal Core realm, I'll stop all this and concoct a kind of pill that can strengthen my foundation."

Shangguan Ying let out a vicious laugh, because he couldn't think of any possible way these juniors could run away from him. The strongest one here was Jiang Chen, and although he was able to kill Mid Combat Soul warriors, he didn't have any chance when facing a Late Combat Soul warrior.

"Little Chen, the gap between us and that mountain peak is large, how are we going to destroy it?"

As for the Lei family that had disagreements with Jian Chen when he was on the road, they were only a rather well-known clan in the city. A secondary force. There were plenty of clans like this, though a great portion of them were subsidiaries to the eight clans.

You Yue's pretty face became flushed and she said with a smile, "Young lady Tianmu Ling must be exaggerating. Compared to young lady Tianmu Ling, You Yue is far below."

Sighing, Bi Hai replied, "It sounds rather incredulous at first mention, but they truly have that ability."

"Little Chen has been gone for more than two weeks, I wonder when he's coming back."

Within the light filled cave, Jian Chen could feel an abundance of Radiant Saint Force. Radiant Saint Masters were majestic within the Tian Yuan Continent since they could use the Radiant Saint Force to heal the injuries of others. Some of the stronger Radiant Saint Masters could even bring a person back to life and violate the natural order of the heavens. This type of Radiant Saint Master would be by no means a weak individual.

Wu Jiu was laughing out heartily. He had the reason to be so happy, a man who had prepared to face death, but was then suddenly led out from despair and welcomed into a new life, he just couldn't help but be excited.

"Hehehe, just what lively event is happening here, who's fighting? Its surely a large battle if I can feel the mountains shake, you've scared this girl half to death almost." With that, a pink robed girl walked past the crowd with small quick steps. By her side, she was followed by two expressionless men.

The middle aged man looked at Jian Chen with an intense glare, "Youngster, you're quite fast, I'll take great pleasure in disposing of you."

Jian Chen became startled at this as the restaurant suddenly gained another few Great Saint Masters, making the numbers equate to ten men that entered with him. If he were to continue fighting he would be straining himself. Ceasing his fighting, his feet stomped on the ground before propelling himself through to the wooden floor of the second story.

Big Yellow was the first to see what this object was, and his eyes immediately lit up. In an instant, he shouted, "Little Chen, go get that thing!!

Moving on, Jian Chen and Qin Xiao had walked deeper within the courtyards of the clan to talk as they pleased.

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