Rebirth Of A Serial Killer Chapter 910

Rebirth Of A Serial Killer Chapter 910

Jian Chen and Bi Hai travelled together, using Spatial Force to soar through the high sky. They travelled quickly towards where the Flame Mercenaries were.

"Little brother, so this is your first time visiting the Qian Province! No worries, just ask me anything you want to know, there is nothing that I do not know!"

"In a battle like this, you have no right to participate, remove yourself!" Jian Chen spoke icily before shooting out with a lightning fast palm. As soon as the palm drew close to Saiya's chest, the energy within the palm exploded abruptly. The energy shattered Saiya's defenses and slammed into his chest fiercely.

Finally, Lee Chang Ming fell onto the ground with his face looking up towards the skies. He died with his eyes open. Before he died, all he could feel was regret about his defeat.

"What's wrong?"

Afterward, Seth and the other four led the group past the gates of the Kai clan, the wide eyes of the guards and into the courtyards.

The patriarch became extremely serious as his eyebrows knit together in concern, "This task shouldn't be of any difficulty to you, but if by chance Xiao Er comes across some trouble in the competition, I implore brother Jian Chen to do his best to rescue my son if need be."

Even though Luo Jian had absolutely no trace of politeness, Chen Feng's look of respect didn't waver in the least. With a smile, he replied, "He is, Changyang Xiang Tian is still in the library."

With a flash of golden light, the yellow clothed girl shot an arrow from her Solunar Bow toward the Flying Spirit Snake.

"Haha, all the people from the middle area, listen up! If you want to kill me, just come forward!"

Yan Zhan Yun touched Yan Chen Yu's head tenderly, his face filled with pity. His daughter had a merciful heart. She was na?ve, and that would only make her suffer in the future. This was the reason why he made her participate in this battle. The feeling you get when killing someone for the first time was not a good one, but since she would soon venture into the world of cultivation, she had to get used to it. If she didn't, she would only suffer when entering the inner parts of the Qi Province.

"He asked you to get lose; are you deaf?! Fuck, go as far away as possible. Don't disturb my, your father's, dining!"

The elder stared at the arena below before muttering, "A Sixth Cycle Earth Saint Master versus a Fifth Cycle Earth Saint Master. An Advanced Heaven Tier Battle Skill versus a Primary Heaven Tier Battle Skill, this type of outcome wasn't unexpected at all." While the elder didn't speak too loudly, his voice could still be heard loud and clear throughout the arena.

Clenching his teeth tightly, Jian Chen spoke no more and chased down the other Saint Ruler. Despite the fact he couldn't hit him, he was determined to have him £¶forced' into something.

Two days later, the trio left the Qing Province. They found a quiet valley somewhere and landed within.

Jiang Chen's experience was vast, and he was able to precisely judge people. He knew that after bidding 80 million, Shangguan Chong would definitely stop following.

"Little Spirit, your big brother has exceptional hearing. You just said that if too much energy was absorbed, then the seal wouldn't be able to hold anymore. Little Spirit, what seal is this?" Jian Chen gave a smile to her, but in his mind, he was extremely skeptical. Just how many secrets did Mercenary City have. Was there always a seal? What did this seal do?

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