Transmigrator in Wuxia world Chapter 2732

Transmigrator in Wuxia world Chapter 2732

Qing Shui nodded. Right now, he felt that their relationship was getting increasingly ambiguous. Humans have fear of getting too close to others, especially when it was someone of the opposite sex, let alone a beautiful lady who had set her eyes on him.

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Even as he fled, the disciples from the other three sects closed in. Although they all coveted the heavenstring energy, considering that Bai Xiaochun had it, they didn't dare to try to attack him on their own. However, as a group, they were confident enough to try to slow him down and give Ghostfang, Xu Xiaoshan and Shangguan Tianyou a chance go at him.

There were no plants visible, nor any mountains. Even the land was parched and cracked, and seemingly devoid of any life force. In fact, other than the drifting mists, it didn't contain anything!

Qing Shui was immensely joyful after his first successful attempt. Immediately, he restarted the whole process, only pausing to recover his Qi before igniting the primordial flames again and again.

Cultivating, Talisman Drawing, refining medicine¡­...

Martial Saint Adventurers were rare in most cases. They would be recruited heavily as long as they showed their capability as a Martial Saint. Those who could use their skills to fight and show their ability to refine medicines would be offered a highly rewarded mission. After all, Martial Saints would be in the spotlight no matter where they went.

Although his true self remained completely intact, he was also severely injured. Most of his bones were crushed, and the majority of his flesh and blood had been destroyed. Even his skull was cracked and on the verge of shattering....

Huoyun Liu-li left swiftly, leaving Qing Shui with an awkward smile on his face.

After randomly buying some food, he summoned the fire bird and Golden Winged Condor as they left. Even after they were in the air, Qing Shui was still extremely excited. A true blue treasure map! If he found the location indicated in the map, he would surely strike it rich!

As for the arcane pocket realm, it was located far away from the Defiance Domain in the Dao Domain, next to a seemingly endless desert. Because the desert was so far away from the Heavenspan River, the spiritual energy of heaven and earth was rather faint there.

In the silence which followed afterward, Frigidsect, Crimsonsoul and Master Godwind looked over at Bai Xiaochun with incredulity written on their faces.

Qing Shui attained the great perfection stage for the Tiger Form thanks to his comprehension of the kingly aura from the Tiger's Descend painting. He managed to attain the small success stage for the Crane Form after getting the White Crane Spread Wings curtains. He had met a bottleneck for a period of time. While he devoted a lot of hard work and effort into comprehending the Crane Form, it was undeniable that the final stroke to success came from this picture.

Those three cauldrons could be considered astonishingly powerful in the Foundation Establishment stage, but the hand summoned by the Gold Core young man completely destroyed them one after another. As for the spirit enhanced flying swords, as soon as the hand touched them, they began to fall apart.

Once inside, it was as if he was completely separated from the cacophony of sound on the outside; everything here was peaceful and quiet. The log cabin wasn't very large, and in the middle, a prayer mat was laid out in front of a small stone stele.

"What a reckless waste!" Unsure of exactly how he felt, he slowly left the blessed land.

"Sir, don't listen to his gibberish. This treasure of mine was definitely passed down from my ancestors. Take a look, can I trade it for that sword of yours?"Yang Laosan looked at Qing Shui and said seriously.

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