Sweeter than Fiction Chapter 2214

Sweeter than Fiction Chapter 2214

Once being the greatest Saint, Jiang Chen had collected numerous skills.If he were to show just one skill, then all the people in the Fragrant Sky city would fight for it.



Jiang Chen was attacking with the Soaring Heavens Sword, and nobody could withstand more than a single strike. Blood splashed all around, and men were slashed in half by Jiang Chen.

The walls of Wake City were that of the same standards of the walls in a First Class City. They were forty meters tall and twenty meters thick. On top of the walls, there were all sorts of soldiers of various strengths. Not only that, but many strong mercenaries were also on top of the wall. There were also thirty Magical Crystal Cannons mounted over the walls with five mercenaries manning each one with a trunk full of monster cores.

Seeing his third brother's anxious appearance, Jian Chen could not help but smile. He took the initiative to break off the awkwardness his brother was suffering, "Third brother, what brings you here today? It's quite rare for you to come to where I am. Come sit, you can't always stand." As Jian Chen spoke, he poured a cup of tea for his third brother.

Because of his actions in Mercenary City, practically every family and household had thought that Jian Chen had the support of a very powerful patron. Combined with his talents, he was someone that people would hold no expense to get to know. A connection with him would serve beautifully for them.


Nangong Wentian roared out, causing his energy to surge once again. This time, an Ancient Barbarian Elephant appeared on his back. With a pressure coming from the barbarian beast, he simply charged toward Nangong Wenyen and launched his attack.

Someone couldn't bear it any longer. Fighting with someone like this was incredibly painful.

The feeling of walking step by step towards death was not something an ordinary man could understand. The current Yang Shuo was in a situation where he was unable to choose whether or not he would live or die.

"Mister, can you get out of the way? There is a saying that a good dog never gets in the way, and I can tell that you are all good dogs."

What he saw inside was a large hall. The decor of the hall was extremely simple; other than the single bookshelf in the centre of the room, there were a few tables and chairs placed neatly around the room.

In fact, most people misunderstood the facts of Heavenly Tribulation. Normally, Heavenly Tribulation's strength would be scaled according to the cultivation base of the cultivator undergoing Heavenly Tribulation. Cultivators would attract Heavenly Tribulations of different strength according to their current strength. Jiang Chen was facing the Intermediate Six Heavenly Tribulation now, and it was scaled according to the strength of his cultivation base.

Aside from the Island Master, the two remaining Pirate Lords turned pale with fright. The regret they felt now had reached the maximum. If they knew that this was going to happen, they would have never gotten themselves involved with this matter. Now, not only would they not get anything good, they might even have to forfeit their lives here.

"When there's a chance, I'll definitely go check out the Three Great Empires." Jian Chen laughed.

"Senior, please save me!"

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