Silver Crown Pirates Chapter 1950

Silver Crown Pirates Chapter 1950

This place was different from Ice Cold City. Here, the room would be really brightly lit by the sun after noon. In comparison, that place always had hazy weather. Qing Shui felt that this place was much better. After all, he still couldn't get used to living under those kinds of conditions for a long period of time.

Rotting Claws!

"Everyone, work together and don't panic." Long Lingyun subconsciously stood before Qing Shui and said.

His eyes were completely bloodshot, not from excitement, but because he was subconsciously rotating his cultivation base to resist the pressure.

"Greetings, Duke Deathcrier!"

Qing Shui felt like he could move mountains when he tried using his Shield Essence. However, he wasn't able to find the best way to use it in any kind of situation!

It would not even lose out to the poison weapons which had been tempered with the five-colored poison. Poison weapons were expendable and would decrease in numbers after each use. They also require the help of the Hidden Weapon Technique and there were great restrictions. In all, it was not as good as the primordial flames.

Several blurry figures could be seen floating up above, and from the pressure that weighed down from them, it was obvious that they were patriarchs of the sect.

[Once the first layer of the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal had been unlocked, a vigorous looking tree would appear in it. This tree takes a 100 years to mature, and every 100 years, it will produce 10 fruits. The name of the fruits this tree produce are known as the Energy Enhancing Fruits. If ingested by normal humans, this could increase their strength level by 500 jin. Alchemist could use this fruits for pill concoction as well. Note: effect of Energy Enhancing Fruits can only stack 2 times, consuming more is pointless.]

"Then could he be¡­¡­"

As the gargoyle grew, and its own cultivation base improved, it was also common to allow it to kill other things and drink their blood, which also would help the gargoyle grow stronger.

Since it was unlimited and he didn't even need to operate them, he could just increase his physical strength and defense anytime he wished.

The Earth Rock Beast was about three meters tall and seven meters long. It's entire body was covered up with incomparably sturdy rocks and it possessed the earth element. It was slightly faster than horses in terms of speed. A Peak Xiantian Demonic Beast that was capable of executing rock type attacks.

The fact that Hou Xiaomei responded in such a way didn't really register to Bai Xiaochun. He was currently thinking about one of the top five beauties of the south bank, Zhou Xinqi.

As for the turtle shell, it was deathly still, and radiated an air of complete and utter ancientness. However, it didn't seem at all like the eternal and indestructible relic that Bai Xiaochun had been expecting.

Qing Shui gifted the few women clothes. They were plain clothes that were similar to Di Chen!

"Sir, can Three Tailed Immortal Foxes be found here?" Qing Shui asked lightheartedly. Anyway, even if he wanted to explore the mountain, he would need to inform that old man.

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