Tales of the Machine God Chapter 2018

Tales of the Machine God Chapter 2018

"I got a feeling that in the near future, he will be the one to overturn the entire Eastern Continent."

With a snort, the girl turned away from him and leaned against the wall to look at the dusky cave roof.

"My lords, this one is known as the One-armed Warrior; captain of the Defiance Mercenaries! Although our strengths are well beneath your eyes, there is very little that my mercenaries cannot accomplish in Wake City. Should my lords ever require assistance in the future, do call on us. My lords, the road is clear now, if you please!" The man saluted along with the other mercenaries with a rather cordial expression on his face.

"Jian Chen, the situation doesn't look good. I can't make out the strength of the other two. That means they're at the very least stronger than the one from the Sect of Dragon and Tiger." Jiede Tai grimly confided with Jian Chen.

Jiang Chen burst out in extreme fury. The flames of fury covering his body, and the aura of someone above all else hidden deep within his very source which had turned into an invisible pressure forced Guo Shan to take two steps back. It had given Guo Shan an extreme shock. Right at this moment, he had a feeling he wasn't facing a young Heavenly Core man, but a mighty Saint.

Han Yan said with mixed emotions. For him, a Saint was someone supreme that he couldn't even imagine. In the Eastern Continent, even a Combat King warrior was a rare existence, let alone the even more powerful Saint. Han Yan was born in the small Qi Province, and although he had great talent and was a peak Mid Divine Core warrior, in his mind, the Saint realm was still just a legend in his eyes.

Jiang Chen said.

After all, he was not on the same level of those from the Qinhuang Kingdom or Chang Wuji from the Gesun Kingdom.

"Duan Jianhong, it was your own choice, your own decision that pushed the Heavenly Sword Sect into the pit of fire, and now you're trying to join forces with us? Even if we agreed, do you really think Jiang Chen will let you off?"

The armored man paused for a bit, and seemed to have thought of something, he broke into a smile that made it seem like he was taking joy in another's misfortune.

Xiao Han's words caused Qin Ji's face to instantly grow dangerous. But before he could say anything, Qin Yubing spoke out toward Xiao Han with an icy glow, "Xiao Han, whomever we drink with is of no concern to you."

"Who would have thought Jian Chen's already become a Saint Ruler. Xiao'er really is honored to have such a powerful friend. With this, no one can shift his position in the clan." The patriarch of the Tianqin clan thought as he stared at Jian Chen's back.

When Jiang Chen sensed Yan Chen Yu's level, he rolled his eyes. Yan Chen Yu had already broken through to the Early Mortal Core realm. This was insane; the comparisons between them were odious. He was cultivating very hard with the Dragon Transformation skill, yet he was only at the Late Qi Hai realm. In addition, that was with the help of Big Yellow's blood, but Yan Chen Yu, once her Nine Yin Meridians awakened, had naturally reached the Early Mortal Core realm.Chapter 59 ΓΏ Just in Case

"What happened to Little Yu? Why did the disease strike with so much strength this time?"

The mercenaries sat around the fire and chattered among themselves with worry.

"You're wrong, I'm not going to make this Black Ice Talisman my own. This is the symbol of the Ice God, so we need to find its inheritor. The Black Ice Talisman can only truly be considered a holy item when it's held by the true inheritor of the Ice God. Leaving it here is just a great waste."

Wang Heng said while patting his chest. He had completely thrown himself at Jiang Chen's feet with great admiration.

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