Reboot! Look up Apex System! Chapter 1633

Reboot! Look up Apex System! Chapter 1633

"The fish! That dragonfish!"

Based on the skills he had developed, he had long since come to understand that spirit enhancement was broken up into different realms. The ability to create rainbows or feather spirits was one realm, but just as Bai Qi had said, there was clearly a higher realm.

Qing Shui looked at the Black Back Tiger Python's protruding spines, he took a three feet long Greenedge Sword and nocked it on the bow.

Di Qing!

"I will wait 15 minutes. If no one challenges me, then I will leave. The same conditions I spoke of before still apply. After this day, I hope that no one will bother me again." Qing Shui used his most low-key tone to talk in an indifferent voice which displayed his overwhelming pretentiousness.

This skill had already existed during the last breakthrough, so besides having its power greatly improved, the only new skill the Fire Bird had gained was the almighty supplementary skill - the Phoenix Dance of the Nine Heavens.

"Yeah, the vein lines seemed like it was even more clear. The two vein lines that had originally been close to each other seemed to be even closer now, but they were still not joining with each other. Qing Shui, who was already in the "Ru Wei" Realm, found it quite easy to control the things on top of it.?

"I was afraid that you would get worried."

The vortex of wind spun dramatically, unleashing power that struck fear into the hearts of all onlookers. As for the little girl, she was like a rowboat in a sea of violent waves, teetering on the verge of capsizing.

Each time he had made a new discovery, he would record it down with pen and paper!

Qing Shui flipped open the "Ancient Book of Heavenly Talisman". He perused the drawing method for the Godly Force Talisman and the Godly Force Talisman diagram carved on the golden title page seriously for a few times again.?

After some thought, his eyes glittered, and he patted his bag of holding.

"Wood Dimension: Killing Seal!!" they roared in unison. Instantly, a huge vortex sprang into being, filled with countless souls!

"Jiange, I didn't know that your disciple was so cool," Zhu Qing said to Yiye Jiange, "To think that such a seemingly bashful young man could actually destroy flowers viciously." Zhu Qing's eyes gleamed as she looked at Qing Shui.

These were her last words before she bolted away in tears!

"It stopped again!"

Qing Shui was delighted as he thought about decreasing an on-par opponent's speed by two fold while adding two folds of a load on the opponent. Wasn't this a death wishˇ­.

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