In Another World with JUST MONIKA Chapter 412

In Another World with JUST MONIKA Chapter 412

Jian Chen's eyes hovered over the steel box with a curious stare. He felt that an extremely strong amount of energy was contained within those steel boxes. It was a familiar source of energy that Jian Chen had felt several times before; it was almost as if there was a large amount of monster cores piled up within.

At this moment, the elder suddenly opened his eyes in a single instant. Two mysterious glows of light flashed outward as if penetrating the space in front of him with a chilling stare. As if he could see through the building he was in, his eyes stared out at the outside scene.

From behind the cover of the tall grass, Blue Wolves continued to leap out as they charged at Jian Chen. However, Jian Chen's forward pace didn't falter even a single step as he brandished his weapon in a web of sword strokes. Each and every second his sword would swing out around him, and with each swing, another wolf was struck fatally.

Liang Xiaole didn't pay any mind to it. She gazed at Jian Chen and Tie Ta and smiled, "No wonder you two are so powerful that you can kill 20 Class 1 Magical Beasts. It turns out that you two are actually Tie Ta and Changyang Xiang Tian. The fact that I was able to meet you two was really great luck." The current Liang Xiaole seemed to be an entirely different person from the person yesterday evening. After only a single night, she seemed to already have pushed yesterday's events to the back of her mind. Now, her face didn't show a single trace of fear and dread from the thought of magical beasts.

It was a fact that Big Yellow was equal to Jiang Chen in combat strength. He could easily kill an Early Mortal Core warrior, but he wasn't a match for a Mid Mortal Core warrior. Because of his great speed, however, this trio had difficulty catching him.

A smile adorned Chang Bai's face as he watched Jian Chen with high expectations. Even when Jian Chen was only half a year old, he hadn't needed the help of others to walk, and quickly learned how to speak within 8 months. Not only could he speak clearly, but he could even communicate with others. With these two achievements alone, Jian Chen had already been called a genius, and many were eagerly awaiting to see how he would grow up.

When the sword stabbed into its heart, the Silver Striped Golden Snake shook heavily a final time before it came to a grinding halt. With a loud desolate hiss that shook the heavens, it fell to the ground lifelessly.

The Light Saint Force within the World Essence gathered within Jian Chen and quickly began to heal him. However Jian Chen's wounds were too serious, so even with the miraculous healing effects of the light Saint Force, it took a long time for Jian Chen to recover.

Even the arenas themselves were protected with a frail looking but incredibly strong barrier that sealed up the insides completely. Only a person that had entered through a Space Gate would be able to gain access. That way, no one from the audience would be able to interfere, and the fights on the inside would not be able to affect the outside world.

Wu Jiu said with a frown.

"Haha, what are we waiting for? Let's proceed to the devil cave now!"

At this moment, the green light from the bead jerked. Shortly afterwards, azure light immediately began to spill from the bead, completely replacing the green light.

Big Yellow said, his eyes shining brightly. He had mastered the Heavenly Book of Source Formations, so no formations were able to escape from his judgment.

Massive amounts of energy shined brightly like streams of glittering rainbows. The ripples produced by the energies fell down from the skies and destroyed a mountain in an instant.

"These Ice Demons don't possess incredible speed by themselves, it's all because of the environment here that they can have such terrifying speed. With my speed, I just can't escape from this Late Combat Soul Ice Demon. Damn it! This is going to be bad!"

Shangguan Yilei's loud and clear voice shook the entire atmosphere. His words caused the expressions of all people to instantly change.

As the sky gradually grew darker, Changyang Hu led Jian Chen down to the student dining hall. After the dinner they split off and went their own ways, returning to their dormitories.

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