Surviving in the Game Chapter 2148

Surviving in the Game Chapter 2148

The monster was furious. It immediately stood up on the ground to look at the unknown object, then another loud bang sounded out from above. Once again, another unknown object fell onto its head. When the unknown object hit its head, the monster could hear it scolding out loudly, "Damn it, what a shitty tunnel!"

When everyone looked at the crystal ball, they immediately saw a thumb sized Ice Silkworm floating within. The Ice Silkworm had a transparent body, and it looked like a real crystal as it motionlessly stayed within the crystal ball.

"Fuck, so this is dimensional turbulence? This is amazing! Just these dimensional tornadoes alone are more than enough to kill me! Without the protection of this tunnel, we would either die or get lost in this turbulence!"

Jiang Chen thought to himself. This method of levelling up was extremely brutal, and even Jiang Chen himself dared not use it without restrictions. After breaking through, he definitely needed to take some time to digest the energy properly and stabilize his cultivation.

Jiang Chen retracted his blood wings and landed back in the valley. The frightened teenage girls just stared at him blankly. They were still shocked by what had happened.

"Don't worry, this kind of minor injury is nothing for Firethorn Savage. Rather, it will ignite his true fury and brutality, which will cause him to counterattack with an even more devastating attack. The battle is far from finished."

"Brother Nan, tell me about your family."

The two servants were frightened, they quickly dashed over to Qiu Tianba and carried him up. The other Martial Palace disciple's eyes were wide open, and he kept staring at this young man in white, his mind blowing up with extreme shock. This was because, with Qiu Tianba's strength, he didn't even have the chance to dodge this slap! Just how strong was this young man?

A loud explosive sound could be heard, then the room's door was shattering by a powerful force. After that, a huge and majestic dog the size of an adult bull strolled out from the room. His dog head raised high up, as if he was floating through the heavens.

Although Jian Chen was very confident in his precise and powerful stab, the defenses of some magical beasts were also just as tough. Thus, he wasn't 100% sure that he would be able to penetrate the scales and deal a serious injury to the beast.

Feng Jianming was slightly surprised. He had never thought that after declaring that he was from the Cheng family, one of the eight clans, Yang Yutian would reject him so flatly. It had caused him some surprise.

Sans' real name was Ken Xiaosan.The name was a little crude sounding, but the village elder had been unable to find a better sounding name. At Kendall's suggestion, Ken Xiaosan became Sans' name.

The surrounding guards and elderly people immediately felt a cold intent envelope their bodies, causing them to shiver without any control. At that current moment, although Jian Chen did not give off any presence, he was like a death god to the surrounding people, unbelievably terrifying.

Shangguan Yilong cupped his fist toward Wu Cong and said.

As the door opened up, he heard the guards laughing.Both of them appeared in front of Jiang Chen.

Jasmine had been alarmed to an even greater detail by this confirmation. The Carnage Mercenaries were amongst the strongest within the Cloud Capital and had three Earth Saint Masters in their ranks. But now they suddenly joined with an unheard of mercenary group, that had been simply unbelievable.

"Jiang Chen, who is this?"

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