One Eyed G Re:Birth Chapter 351

One Eyed G Re:Birth Chapter 351

Just as he had learned before, the second immortal domain was divided into northern and southern parts. The part closest to the Saint-Emperor Dynasty was the south.

Bai Xiaochun's face fell, and his heart began to pound. "What happened?!"

"Other people might fear your defenses, but I don't care at all about them. I'm also adept with defense, so let's just wait and see which of us two can hold out for longer!" Laughing, the man slapped his bag of holding to produce a small buckler. After imbuing it with some spiritual energy, the buckler grew larger and began to emit a yellow glow which completely surrounded the man.

The action of this man was a slap on the Hai Clan's face. On a wedding reception's arena, outsiders would normally only go up to casually entertain the two juniors as a mere formality.

"Living Mountain Incantation!"

All observers were left gasping. The difference between the Old Devil Zhou from earlier, and the Old Devil Zhou from when Bai Xiaochun came swaggering out of the cell an hour later, was staggering.

Qianyu Peng's personality was extremely cold. Despite this, he really admired his father, it was to the point that he only held admiration for his unyielding father, but not for anybody else, not his grandfather, the Clan Head, nor the other elderly men of the clan. He always felt that whatever Qianyu Dingjun said was right. But then again, that was because Qianyu Dingjun had enough strength to convince him of that.

"It's the damaged fan! Why is it shining so brightly!?!?"

Tomorrow, he still had to learn the Heavenly Thunder Slash from Cang Wuya and the thought of it made him very excited. Every man revered violence, and the martial techniques in the Heavenly Palace, the one which Qing Shui yearned to pick up the most was the Heavenly Thunder Slash which would raises one's attack by thirty percent.

Qing Shui didn't know how she presented herself outside. At least she looked to be very comfortable at home now, it seemed very natural. She never took her veil off though, Qing Shui guessed that it might be because of his presence.


Obviously, the black boulders were no mere decorations, but had some sort of magical function!


The reason for everythingˇ­ was Bruiser!

The city itself was a colossal boulder, with countless other smaller rocks and boulders floating in the air around it, all of them covered with numerous structures. Because of that, it was known as Megarock City.

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The elegant man retained his composure. Abruptly, he kicked his comrade towards Qing Shui while borrowing the force to aid in his retreat!

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