Reincarnated Into An Amalgamation Of Anime Worlds Chapter 905

Reincarnated Into An Amalgamation Of Anime Worlds Chapter 905

At the same time, on the periphery of the battlefield, two Qi Condensation disciples, one from the Spirit Stream Sect and one from the Blood Stream Sect, were in the midst of despair. Over and over again, they were being pushed back across the battlefield by four raving and bloodthirsty Profound Stream Sect disciples.

"Is this really¡­ the Dao River Court?" After staring around blankly for a while, a tremor ran through him, and he threw his head back and screamed, "You're pushing things too far, Bai Xiaochun!!!"

Another option was some weird stones which had divine effects that could purify. Moreover, weapons that had paralyzing effects were something that one might not be able to create even if ten thousand people had tried it. And even if there were any, usually they would not be too powerful either. There was also the point about success rate. It was just like how the success rate of Qing Shui's Thunder God was far too low.

Qing Shui looked at this lady who was wearing plain clothes yet possessed indescribable poise and dignity. It also felt as if everything was within her grasp!

A complex expression could be seen on Bai Hao's face. As a soul body, he could sense from the soul power fluctuations in the area that a large quantity of soul medicine had recently been used in the surrounding mountains¡­.

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The two corpse troopers began to fight with Mistress Red-Dust, who used her red lotus to slowly push them back. However, the apparent backlash from her failed breakthrough seemed to get worse, and her head suddenly began to swim. Snorting coldly, she contemplated the fact that she couldn't actually kill the damned Bai Hao. However, he was definitely a thankless wretch and an ungrateful cur who fully deserved a good beating.

At this instant, Qing Shui felt as if his body contained boundless amounts of energy. However, he was confused. Didn't I die from electrocution while playing [Western Fantasy]? Why did the abilities from [Western Fantasy] appear here today?

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The old man carefully held onto the Ten Thousand Poisonous Violet Sable and walked up to the door. "I've already brought the Ten Thousand Poisonous Violet Sable here. Now you should let our Eldest Brother and the others go."

To Canghai Mingyue's understanding, Qing Shui smiled and nodded. He ignored the fact that they were in bed and grabbed the two ladies' hands, quickly leaving.

As he looked out at all the familiar faces, his expression suddenly flickered as he realized there were two auras in the city that were somewhat familiar, but that he hadn't encountered for a very long time.

When the reputation of one was great, others can rely on it for cover!

"Only an idiot would go to that rainbow!" he thought, humming a little tune as he swaggered through the crowd. When people in the north district caught sight of him, expressions of both envy and respect could be seen in their eyes. He was beside himself with delight, and couldn't stop thinking about how outstanding he was. Everywhere he went, he ended up being the center of attention.

Seeing the three gain the upper hand, a warm smiled appeared on Qing Shui's face. Grasping two Frosted Iron Balls in his hands, he continuously monitored Old Demon Ba.

Right after Qing Shui finished his sentence, he started to demonstrate the Back Connecting Fist. His every movement was very slow, yet of a very high realm and it also gave people a very deep impression. Every single movement of the Back Connecting Fist was slowly demonstrated.

But now his love letters were gone. Feeling miserable, he flew out to Gongsun Wan'er's secluded meditation facilities. He could sense that she was inside practicing cultivation, and he was tempted to just go in. But he knew that she was at a critical juncture, and that he shouldn't disturb her.

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