Master of Untold Daos Chapter 681

Master of Untold Daos Chapter 681

All of them were between four and five years old, and dripped with blood as surely as if they had been skinned alive. Their eyes shone with desolation as they stared at Bai Xiaochun, screaming and weeping bitterly.

Qing Shui shook his head and smiled. He didn't want to bother Shi Clan's Old Master with the emotions he felt from Yu He.

"Hmmmmph! This medicinal pill isn't strong enough yet. Just wait, you trifling beasts, you just wait!"

"Solitary Rapid Fist, since it is a fist technique, it should be able to hurt people, after all fist could also be considered as a weapon." Qing Shui deeply pondered.

Even now, Qing Shui did not have much interest in this. However, he might have still wished to be able to find a miracle from it!

"Don't worry, this old man here is going to clean this up." The Fifth Elder chuckled and walked towards Hu Yuanqing whose face had already gone pale.

Qing Shui could sense the 3rd young master of the Qi Clan shifting his gaze over to him, the gentle expressions in his eyes instantly transformed into a look as sharp as sabres. Qing Shui raise his head, looking at the youth that just stepped into Xiantian. His eyes were expressionless, he didn't give a damn about him, it was just that he didn't feel like offending the clan behind him. Actually, Qing Shui didn't really give a damn about offending these people.

Qing Shui waved his hands and summoned a hundred Jade Emperor Bees, even the Jade Emperor Queen Bee was included among them. One peak Martial King Jade Emperor Bee was not frightening, but with a hundred, as long as they were not Martial Saints, they would feel their scalp go numb. The speed of the Jade Emperor Bee was fast, their sting had poison in them.

Qing Shui smiled bitterly, the Qing Clan could now be counted to as having Xiantian cultivators. As long as one reached the Xiantian realm, they would be able to sense the condition of the body of a weaker person using their Spiritual sense. Qing Shui knew he could not hide his conditions.

The Seven-headed Scarlet Serpent was resting with its eyes closed waiting for the fruits to ripen. There were no other beasts that would fight over the fruit but it suddenly felt an existence emitting Qi appear right in front of it.

Their voices were like a sound wave that crashed back and forth in all directions. Bai Xiaochun looked around at the group, and especially at Liu Yong, and suddenly felt fear rising up inside of him.

After all, the position of Arch-Emperor was hereditary, and passed down from generation to generation. But up til now¡­ there had only been a single Hell-Emperor in heaven and earth!

He had now been living in the snake cave for half a year. In addition to his concocting, he practiced cultivation. He was now able to fully unleash the Waterswamp Kingdom, which resulted in incredible pressure. Unfortunately, he was completely incapable of summoning his life essence spirit.

He took out two of each Energy enhancing Fruit, Stamina Enhancing Fruit, Endurance Enhancing Fruit and Agility Enhancing Fruit.

"Interesting. A seemingly-ordinary soulhoarding pagoda turns out to have an ancient sealing mark inside...." He retracted his divine sense and then sat there thinking, his eyes shining brightly.

"Don't tell me... it was my clone!?!?" The more he thought about it, the more likely it seemed that the problem had something to do with the fact that he had used a clone to help conjure the twelve-colored flame with his true self.

Not everyone could use the Sky Prison Sabre that could gain an increase to the user's power and have their power quadrupled in an instant. One must raise their sabre mastery to a certain degree, as well as having a perfect compatibility with the sabre before using it in battle¡­..

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