Dragon Ball: Altered Time Chapter 723

Dragon Ball: Altered Time Chapter 723

Jiang Chen had a heart of stone when facing demons like these; he didn't want to spare any of them. He swung the Heavenly Saint Sword around, causing fresh blood to be sent everywhere.

A look of excitement emerged onto Wu Jiu's face. He had long waited for this day. While still feeling excited, Wu Jiu simply slapped himself once, scolding himself for now following Jiang Chen's guidance earlier. If he had, he would have long ago become a Combat King warriors, and none of those tragedies would have happened.

Chapter 210 ΓΏ Demon Taming Lock

Tan Lang shook his head, expressing his lack of knowledge regarding this number one pirate.

Jiang Chen finally moved! With a sway of his body, he arrived in the sky. He stretched both hands forward and grabbed both heads. He bowed toward the alchemist's head and put it into his storage ring. As for Jiang Cheng's head, he placed it on his shoulder and covered it with golden light, causing it to look extremely sacred.

"Why is Master Blissful only here now?"

Elder Liu decided Tan Lang's destiny with just one sentence.

After saying that, Wang Yuan leapt onto the fighting stage and stood opposite of Jiang Chen.

Dugu Feng couldn't help but have a small smile on his face as he clasped a hand on Ming Dong's shoulder, "Then I'll be calling you Ming Dong in the future. Today has been a lucky day for me to be able to come across two outstanding geniuses and become their comrade. You two are even younger than me, but you two are inversely stronger than me. Especially you, Ming Dong; with your own strength, you were able to receive a blow from my Ruler Armament and even caused me to be sent back. Could you be a Heaven Saint Master?"

Fortunately, while his soul was for the most part exhausted, it was not at a critical point yet, so his fighting strength was not impacted by that much.

Guan Yiyun said.

"High-ranked combat weapon!"

The one-armed man's face darkened as he bit his lip, "I've given you a chance, but you were unfortunate enough to not cherish it. If this is it, do not blame me for being ruthless now. Brothers, let us fight!" At his command, every single man behind him began to take out their Saint Weapons one by one.

Jiang Chen started walking again. He reached the 35th step with ease, and his speed was extremely fast, just like a tiger hunting its prey.

Someone agreed to Ling Yi's idea.

"Where did this young freak come from? How could he be so strong?"

"Since you refuse to kneel down before me, you should just go die."

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