King Shura Chapter 2380

King Shura Chapter 2380

"If you move one more step, I will cut my throat!" Mingyue Gelou said softly as she blocked Qing Shui from moving forward.

"Haha, Sister Yu, you're thinking too far. He has a few wives and I'm only one of them. For a guy like him, no one is able to keep him for herself." Mu Qing thought of how he had repeatedly emphasized that he already has wives and there was still that drawing. She really wanted to have a look at what the other women in his life looked like.

The hill was three to four hundred metres tall and one could hear the clear sound of sea water splashing along the coast. This sound made Qing Shui feel emotional, with this being the reason that he chose this place after spotting it from midair.

It may be because the Diamond Demonic Boar had completely angered the Dark Gold Three-Headed Python, that it curled up and in the end, was as if it was walking upright, swinging its large boody as it headed towards the boar.

Xuemei's Dharma protector screamed, and then blood spurted out of his mouth. Much of his body was already shattering, but that wasn't the end of things. His back bulged out, and his face turned violet as cracking sounds rang out from inside of him.

"Xiaomei used to be great, but now she's been led astray by the other two." He had originally wanted to focus on meditation, but now simply couldn't focus. Eventually the sun began to rise. At that point, he looked down at his bag of holding and thought about the collection of love letters that had once been his pride and joy, that he had so often poured out of his bag of holding to dramatic effect, evoking looks of envy from onlookers.

The application for the Adventurer Ranking Certificate was easy as well. The certificate title would be associated with the adventurer's cultivation base - Houtian Adventurer, Xiantian Adventurer, Martial King Adventurer, Martial Saint Adventurer, and so forth.

Guo Polu, as well as the clan head, and the old man from Guo Clan greeted everyone happily. Guo Polu saw the woman he had been yearning for day and night. While he was being courteous to his guests, he stole a few glances at Qingqing in between.

"She is definitely a good friend to have. She is a person that will remember you even if you gave her just a little help. Not to mention that you even saved her life. I'd say that besides her daughter, she will probably give you anything you ask for." Qianyu Dingjun was first shocked before he happily said this.

He couldn't help but think of his devastatingly beautiful master when he thought of Baili Jinwei. Her beauty which could topple kingdoms was similar to the bright moon at the edge of the horizon. Her extraordinarily refined and celestially elegant manners made Qing Shui want to pay his respects to it. Compared to her, Wenren Wu-Shuang had a little more mortal feeling to her, which made Qing Shui feel that Wenren Wu-Shuang was still tangible. However, Yiye Jiange was untouchable, like a mist, leaving him unable to harbor any disrespectful thoughts.

These cultivators who had been weakened by Qing Shui had no ways of fending off the Fire Bird's Phoenix Dance of the Nine Heavens. Qing Shui, with the Thunder God, was simply a killing demon. With each hammer attack, a life would be killed. The Fire Bird on the other hand, would burn everything here into ashes. The Fire Bird's massacre was even faster than Qing Shui's.

Lady Duanmu shook her head. "It has nothing to do with worthy or unworthy, only willing or unwilling. I worry about their future. Yanlin isn't really liked within the Duanmu Clan, let alone outsiders. But he loves Lingshuang very much, so he can endure anything. He has been cultivating painstakingly every single day and had consumed an ¡®Earth Fruit' in between. In just two short years, he is already a peak Martial King cultivator. It's a pity that he's a little weak in controlling his strength." Lady Duanmu explained. Qing Shui couldn't tell how she felt.

The road was long and boring. Luckily, inside that immense tentage carriage, there were several small chambers built within. Qing Shui purposely rented a large carriage that was meant for the use of a big family. Thus, with only two of them inside the carriage, it felt extremely spacious and wide!

The Earth Element Ancient Strengthening Technique's Qi was flowing, and Qing Shui spent roughly around half a day to comprehend the technique in its entirety. The prerequisite for summoning the Vest was holding the Big Dipper Sword.

"What am I supposed to do...? Please tell me I'm wrong about this!" By now, he was scowling on the verge of tears, and couldn't stop sighing inwardly.

However, in the exact moment in which Bai Xiaochun breathed a sigh of relief, the over one hundred necromancers among the Wildlands forces suddenly looked up. Because of how the necromancers had just lost control of the vengeful souls, that meant that they now had attention to spare. One by one, they began to settle down cross-legged, after which they pulled out black sticks of incense, the smoke of which they inhaled deeply, causing them to instantly slip into deep trances.

Unfortunately, the Blood Stream Sect had robbed them of half of their wall fragment. Perhaps the lack of the All-Creation Plants and Vegetation technique was why the Pill Stream Sect had been in a state of gradual decline for so long.

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