Your Wish Chapter 2006

Your Wish Chapter 2006

By the second morning, Jian Chen and Ming Dong both notified the village of their departure. Leaving behind a large amount of food, they left the village.

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"It is understandable that the Sect Chief made this decision. If he doesn't cherish and protect a genius like Jiang Chen, he would be an idiot! Besides, Fan Kun deserved all this! Both he and his grandfather looked down upon everyone in the Black Sect just because of their high status, but they finally bumped into a tough guy like Jiang Chen!"

Soon after, the man's strength grew even stronger, causing Jian Chen to struggle even more to defend himself. His face was already drenched with sweat as his Saint Force was slowly starting to dry up.Chapter 77: Battle Skill

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Tiangang Yi cruelly gave out his order. Without hesitating, the hundred men behind him immediately began their mission.

Two young men swallowed some of the fear and took a step forward. They then spoke with trembling voices, "The two of us are not from the Lee family. Our families just depend on them to survive!"

While Jian Chen could surmise that these three pieces had the possibility of being left behind by Mo Tianyun, he really couldn't begin to fathom the mystery behind it. If this was some sort of treasure map, then there was no hint of a path or marking to indicate so on it. It looked to be a regular tuft of animal skin, but it was completely unbreakable and hard to the touch.

A faint smile emerged on Jiang Chen's face.

The Seventh Grade Combat King Elder hastily said.

"Damn it! Who is the one so arrogant that he dares to challenge senior disciple Jiang Chen in front of the Black Sect?! He is courting death!"

Hearing what was said, the corner of Jian Chen's lips curled into a scornful cold smile. However, he did not say anything.

"Alright. Brother, take this halberd, use it when you attack later."

"Brat, you've killed our young master, prepare to die."

Such a major reaction from Jian Chen caused everyone in the room to jump in surprise, especially the ones that knew Jian Chen most like Ming Dong, You Yue, and Dugu Feng. This was the very first time they had witnessed Jian Chen react in such a way, so they were all flabbergasted at his expression, especially since it was only an Earth Tier Battle Skill.

On the outside, the one-armed Qian Yun stood by the other Heaven Saint Master's side and stared at Jian Chen.

"Where is Han Yan?"

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