The Savior of a world of magic cannot use any magic????!!!!! Chapter 56

The Savior of a world of magic cannot use any magic????!!!!! Chapter 56

AST 624 - Vital Essence Pill, Di Chen's tenderness

Qing Shui's feelings for Yiye had not reached to such extents. It was just another form of addressing her. However, Yiye Jiange's and Baili Jingwei's gratitude was something that could never be fully repaid during Qing Shui's current lifetime. This was the reason why Qing Shui respected Yiye as his teacher, and that he would never go too far with his teasing and jokes with her. Not only that, but he even forced himself to not have lewd thoughts about his goddess teacher.

Even as everyone focused their attention on Zhao Yidong, Bai Xiaochun took a deep breath and headed toward the gate. Virtually no one was paying attention to him at all; everyone wanted to see if Zhao Yidong would make it into the top 1,000.

The chosen who had been in conflict with Bai Xiaochun were all grinding their teeth furiously that he had unexpectedly extricated himself from a deadly situation, and even come out stronger than before.

Similarly, Kuang Shi was also pushed out of the battle stage by the formidable sword qi.?

One of the disciples seemed a bit skeptical about the situation. "Oh, it's Junior Brother Bai. Well... what are you doing here so late at night, huh?"

Bai Xiaochun drew upon all the power of his cultivation base to shoot at top speed toward the teleportation portal. Then, he sped through Myriad Star Rainbow toward the Starry Sky Dao Polarity Superstars trials.

"Here I come!" Qing Shui told the lady standing across from him.


Mu Qing bit her lips so hard that they started to bleed. Qing Shui knew that he could no longer stay silent. He took a step forward and stood in front of her, saying, "You guys aren't men to be bullying a lady like this. In the future, you shouldn't smile. You smile like an idiot."

This action made Qing Shui reminisce about the time when his mother said something similar to what had just been said¡­.. For a moment, Qing Shui felt heartbroken.

The old man greeted when he saw Luo Clan's Head, who looked a lot younger than him.

"Listen, little turtle, we've known each other for years now. From the Blood Stream Sect to the River-Defying Sect, then the Wildlands. And now here we are in the Eternal Lands. We have to rely on each other to survive! We're partners! You know, in some respects, we're basically family. You ate tens of thousands of lotus seeds, and I didn't say anything. Now I'm trying to achieve a cultivation base breakthrough! What's the point in you being so stingy?" It was with bloodshot eyes that Bai Xiaochun tried to appeal to the little turtle's emotions, even putting a look of pain into his own eyes as he spoke.

To his delight, a quick test proved that the words on the stone stele had been there for so long that it took almost no effort on his part to wipe some of them away. Just when he was preparing to erase the entire body of text, he suddenly saw one line off to the side that he hadn't noticed before.

"Where's my sister?" Wenren Wu-shuang did not even throw a glance at the few men who knelt on the ground.

As the roar echoed out, the battle beasts belonging to the various disciples of the north bank all reacted by throwing their heads back and howling aggressively. All of them were instantly thrown into chaos.

Qing Shui was standing next to her. He was intoxicated with her beautiful appearance. Hence, he tried his best to avoid eye contact with her. A beautiful woman was just like a fatal poisonous medicine, they could cause someone to lose control over themselves with their beauty.

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