A Fleeting Moment Chapter 1283

A Fleeting Moment Chapter 1283

"There's still time to go back. With the combined power of the Cloud Capital, we'll definitely be able to drive out the evil££"

Ling Yi who wore a lofty expression simply cried out in shock. The way he looked at Jiang Chen had completely changed. He never expected Jiang Chen to really withstand his punch, and not only that, this guy had actually forced him to take a step back. This was truly unbelievable.

The man who was surrounded by three Golden Guards was none other than the Jiang family's current housekeeper, Jiang Cheng, who carried a big weight in the Jiang family.

"Ever since we garrisoned the Flame Mercenaries here, the strength of the seven factions grew dramatically especially with the Qinhuang Kingdom as support, but the surrounding kingdoms have grown jealous. While they haven't made any open plans just yet, there is still one problem. The Sect of Dragon and Tiger." Bi Lian explained. She and You Yue were very capable of managing the Flame Mercenaries, so Jian Chen had left the group in their care while he was away.

Big Yellow showed a ferocious expression. With another bite, the Blood Devil's last arm disappeared. He kept screaming and struggling, but compared to Big Yellow, he was simply too weak. He couldn't even move a bit underneath the suppression of Big Yellow's energy.

"I've heard about these men, both of them are geniuses from the Martial Saint Dynasty, and are cultivating in the Martial Palace. The first person is the Nine Emperor's son, and his name is Wu Lang. The other is the son of the Tenth Emperor, and his name is Wu Cong. Both of them are princes from the Martial Saint Dynasty. Regardless of background or statues, none of us can ever compare with them."

"It's that young man who killed them all, but we don't know him at all."

After a while, the third elder's face blanched as he cried out in shock, "This is terrible, the Ruler Armaments aren't inside!"

Li Hao and Xiu Rui's eyes went wide, and they stared at Jiang Chen as if they were looking at a ghost. In just a few hours, this guy had broken through to the Combat King realm from the Late Combat Soul realm. This could no longer be described as groundbreaking news, it was simply frightening.

"You rascal! Let go of that broken sword!"

"That's enough. Jiang Cheng, you're a man, why are you crying like that? Don't you feel ashamed?"

As the man continued to exchange blows with Jian Chen, he had realized that the threat Jian Chen originally was to him was slowly decreasing, causing his guard to similarly slacken. Using all of his strength, he struck out towards Jian Chen, hoping for a fatal blow. His speed was even faster than before.

Wu Cong immediately warned upon seeing Jiang Chen. Not only was he not disappointed, he was actually feeling extremely excited. This was because now, he could finally kill Jiang Chen personally. Only by doing so could he save his face. And, that broken part of the Emperor Weapon was still with Jiang Chen, it was the most valuable treasure, and he needed to get it and submit it to the Majestic Emperor. With that, he would definitely be rewarded handsomely.

However, the secret technique for Radiant Artes was a unique way of converting the gentle Radiant Saint Force, transforming it into extreme yang Qi, allowing it to be able to harm people. However, the process of conversion was extremely complicated. Jian Chen believed that if there were no relevant resources, even Class 7 Radiant Saint Masters would not be able to come up with such a method.Chapter 737: Comprehending the Artes (Two)

"It's a battle skill for sure! Dear heavens, this has to be a battle skill, and a high leveled one at that. I heard that when some of the more advanced battle skills are used, they can shake the heavens themselves! Look at this scene, it's similar to what the rumors say."

Taking note of the change in his tone, Jian Chen quickly continued, "Senior envoys, with you two here, this magical beast wave will be no problem, correct?"

"What powerful energy! Senior disciple Han has finally broken through to the Heavenly Core realm, he is going to be an inner circle disciple now!"

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