Right at this moment, many people had gathered in the sky above Mount Wufu. Outside the main gate, six powerful men were sighted, and all of them were Late Combat Soul warriors. The two leading men were in their forties. The one with the domineering energy surrounding him was Shangguan Sheng, and as for the other men, he was wearing green clothes with a white belt. His eyes shone brightly, and his body was skinny. He was none other than the other Jian Province's big shot, the Myriad Sword Sect's Sect Chief, Tiangang Yi!Chapter 366 ΓΏ The Mighty Ninth Emperor

"Let's work together and fight him."

"The Jiang Chen from Inferno Hell! There is a big yellow dog following him, and he also has two companions."

Everyone were unified in fighting against the gigantic waves. If they attacked now, it would definitely disturb everyone's effort, and make every single person on this island throw their hatred at them. Although the Myriad Sword Sect and Shangguan Clan were both superpowers, they didn't want to become targeted by everyone, as that would simply do them no good. What everyone were facing right now concerned all their lives.

Lian Ming didn't pay any attention to his own injuries, he simply grabbed the Tribe Chief's arm tightly and begged him for help. He knew the strongest opponent here was only a Mid Divine Core warrior, whereas his Tribe Chief was a Late Divine Core warrior. His sister would be saved if his Tribe Chief could stand out and help.

"How brazen! To kill one of our Zhou Mercenaries, you are impatient for death!" Immediately two Saint Weapons flew at Jian Chen as the last one retreated in between the gates to report the commotion.

Suspicious, the man's eyes glanced over the young women in front of the gates before speaking with an impassive voice, "Who are you?"

Seeing the large amount of purple coins, the youth's eyes lit up for a brief moment before taking in the money into his own coin pouch. "You may leave now. I need to prepare and do not wish to be disturbed." With that, the youth didn't say anything else and began to gather his radiant Saint Force to prepare to heal Qing Mu.Chapter 264: Gathering of the Mercenaries


Jian Chen smiled at ease. He did not hold back, directly walking to the round table and sitting down confidently in the only remained seat. He began conversing with the four Imperial Protectors.

Uncle Tian nodded his head with his eyes still staring brightly at Jian Chen. Then, with a slightly more thoughtful expression, he spoke, "With the intensity of your power of thought, you're already capable of controlling the energy of the world. I didn't expect that since we last met half a year ago, you would reach such a level. This rate of progression is simply too unbelievable." Uncle Tian paused to sit down at the nearby table. "Tell me why you need my assistance so much."

The Crown Prince's voice was somewhat high-pitched. This wasn't because he was angry, but because he lost his manly spirit.Chapter 435 ΓΏ The Calm Before The Storm

While Big Yellow was eating, he kept asking Jiang Chen and Yan Chen Yu to join him.

"Yi Yun won't disappoint Sect Chief!"

"Are you really Little Fatty? You seem more like a stranger."

[TL: Yama is the king of hell.]

Guo Shan knew that something major was going to happen in the Black Sect, the current peaceful time wouldn't last for long. Once Jiang Chen returned, the heavens and the earth in the Black Sect would be turned upside down.


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