The Devil is Evolution Catalog Chapter 1109

The Devil is Evolution Catalog Chapter 1109

Actually, up to this point in his life, his cultivation had always gone quite smoothly, whether it was in the Spirit Stream Sect, the River-Defying Sect, the Starry Sky Dao Polarity Sect, or the Great Wall. It was only after entering that sepulcher in the Wildlands that he finally experienced the feeling of being stuck in place, with the shadow of death looming larger behind him.

Similar to the two rays of light from earlier, they were of the two colors, red and yellow. Qing Shui knew that this bangle was forged successfully!

"Who's your woman? You know no shame." Wu-Shuang nudged Qing Shui on the face.

Luan Luan's strength and abilities have a limit, though she possessed the Heart of Seven Orifices she could not tame whatever beasts she wanted. Moreover, Martial Emperor beasts already possessed a high level of spirit intelligence

The strength of Qing Shui's body had now reached 205 countries!

As their murderous gazes fell onto Bai Xiaochun, he began to shiver.

Chapter 169 The secret of 3rd Elder Zhu Qing.

There was simply too much life force within that lock of blood-hair, and as it poured into Bai Xiaochun, he continued to advance through the levels of the Undying Codex.

However, Qing Shui put it out of his mind after thinking about it for a few moments. If it were not for his Nine Animals Mimicry Technique, just looking at the sculptures, he would have known that it was a type of Beast Form Fist martial arts that could be cultivated.


When the golden gleam appeared, signalling the successful forging of the boots using 1,000 year coldsteel, Qing Shui felt a small excitement in his heart. It could be due to him using a metal like 1,000 coldsteel, or because he had put in the most effort this time.

This situation would be similar to the legendary emperors of the imperial throne who possessed the aura of a true monarch It was rumored that common people would kneel before their presence willingly under the force of their aura.

In response to the movement of his hand, the northern Heavenspan River region, which had long since ceased to be a land of frozen ice, began to crack and crumble. The mountains which were falling because of Daoist Heavenspan's magic transformed into ash.

As his voice echoed out like heavenly thunder, the group from the Bai Clan turned to see who was approaching. When Madam Cai recognized who it was, she shrieked, "Bai Hao!"

Although the tunnel appeared to be very long, upon entering it, the chosen all vanished, including Bai Xiaochun. Moments later, they appeared in the world inside of the kettle!

Suppressing his excitement, Bai Xiaochun calmly continued until thirty breaths of time had passed. Just when he was finally starting to feel weak and uncomfortable, a strand of qi suddenly appeared inside of him. It was very cold, and swirled around rapidly; before it could make a full circle through his body, it vanished. However, Bai Xiaochun was so excited he leapt to his feet.

"Hmmph, that fellow always had his head up in the air, in the future when he dies, I'm afraid he won't even know what killed him." Situ Luan coldly exclaimed.

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