jake the panty-ripper Chapter 2477

jake the panty-ripper Chapter 2477

The way things were playing out seemed strange, and an odd feeling was growing inside of him. Therefore, it was without another word that he growled, "Excellent. Since you admit it, then it saves me having to ask more questions. You're going to come with me to the Hall of Justice. If any of you dare to resist us, then in accord with the sect rules, you'll be immediately expelled!"

"Alright, just leave it there." Zuoshi Yangcan said loudly to Liu Ziyang.

It only took about half a month for the news about Bai Xiaochun crushing Du Lingfei in the competition to spread among virtually all the disciples, and cause a huge commotion throughout the entire sect.

The woman nodded happily and left after hearing Qing Shui's words!

A quick calculation revealed that he had already accomplished a whole sixty-year-cycle's worth of cultivation. It was so shocking that he almost couldn't believe it was true.

"They really can't see me?" he thought. Both surprised and emboldened, he hurried further into the valley and looked around at the souls flying everywhere, his eyes shining more brightly by the moment. Finally, he reached out with his hand, grabbed one of the passing souls and threw it into his bag of holding.

Mistress Red-Dust was deeply excited about the possibility of the labyrinth being one of the sepulchers of the second-generation Arch-Emperor. "Each sepulcher would be surrounded by dozens of caves, each of which would contain the remains of deva-level beasts. There would also be a stone stele with details regarding the trial by fire inside. Other than one of the sepulchers of the second-generation Arch-Emperor, I can't think of any other location that would directly offer a deva soul as a reward!"?

Bai Xiaochun looked over at him, and stopped in place.

In that instant, the combined forces inside and outside of the furnace proved too much for it to sustain. A boom echoed out that could shake heaven and earth as the furnace exploded, sending burning shrapnel out all over the battlefield. As everything in the area shook violently, countless vengeful soul screamed, and many of the nearby beasts which couldn't avoid the blast were instantly lit on fire.

The grounds were expansive, and covered with blood-red roses that filled the air with a fragrant aroma. Nine blood waterfalls could be seen in the area, which poured into a blood lake. A stone path led across the lake to the area behind the waterfalls, where a mysterious immortal's cave was located.

Canghai Mingyue hugged her mother's corpse, and broke down in tears again. Consoled by both Qing Shui and Huoyun Liu-Li, they buried her mother's corpse where Canghai had died, in order to let the couple be "buried together".

"3,000 Daos of Nirvanic Extermination!!" Hands flying through double-handed incantation gestures, he caused something like a thread to appear, seemingly formed from natural law itself. It almost looked like a hair attached to the face of the Mortal Renegade!

"Of course not. Take a seat!" Yuan Su gestured for Qing Shui to sit. The smile on her face was very faint. Qing Shui found her smile quite special. It was not stiff but did not look that natural either. It was indescribable but nice to look at.

The other two were slighter shorter, having a clean appearance, giving off a knowledgeable feeling.

That was stingy. Before then, the great perfection stage realm would always have greater effects and results. After all, it would require talent to master the great perfection stage. If Qing Shui pass on his technique to other people, they would only master half of the great perfection stage.

"Greetings, Eternal Mother!"

With that, he raced off nervously to scour the rest of Fragrant Cloud Peak. Wherever he went, the disciples looked at him with strange expressions. The next beast he caught was the nine-headed tiger, and after that, the eye-covered toads.

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