Rebirth of Abium Chapter 728

Rebirth of Abium Chapter 728

"Third Uncle, you're here. How are you?" Song Yuanzhan saw the old man and quickly went forward to greet.

10,000 Medicines Pavilion was one of the most lively locations on Fragrant Cloud Peak. Virtually every day, crowds of Outer Sect disciples came and went. One reason was because of the ten stone steles, and the other reason was because of the 10,000 Medicines Pavilion itself, which was located in the middle of all those stone steles. That was where you could exchange merit points for medicinal plants and pill formulas.

"Bai Hao, my apprentice, all of this praise belongs to you. With your talent in flame concocting, I'm sure you would do even better than me." The more Bai Xiaochun thought about how tragically Bai Hao had died, the more he felt like it was a huge pity.

At random times, the sky would be swarmed with a bunch of large flying beasts either flying alone or in a group. The distance from here to the Village of Longevity was around 1000 li. However, none of the demonic beasts had ever caused any trouble in the Village of Longevity before. Old man Ying had mentioned earlier that there were a few Demon Suppressing Stones placed on the mountain peaks around the village to ward off the demonic beasts from disturbing them.

He would use Nine Continents Steps to reach the far places once, look around that area, if there was danger he would immediately use Nine Continents Steps to return.

"Dad, you know I'm on mother's side. If you don't persuade mother and mother leaves, then I will leave with her. I'll protect mother for you, okay?" Luan Luan said with a smile.

"Qing Clan, Qing Hu!"

"Mortal-Dao Foundation Establishment requires a Foundation Establishment Pill. The probability of success is low, but if you succeed, you acquire a hundred years of longevity.

"The most interesting thing of all is that the Profound Stream Sect also hinted to us about an alliance in the past.... However, that seemed a last-minute thing, something doomed from the beginning to collapse. From all of this, we can see how much scheming and plotting is going on. In the end, the sects can only trust and rely on themselves." Although Song Junwan's eyes seemed to contain a bit of cynicism, there was an icy coldness deep within that.

He couldn't help but think of Lady Duanmu at this moment. When he first went to Duanmu City there was still Jin Clan but he wasn't sure how it was right now. Qing Shui thought that Lady Duanmu must be really tired. Although he was tired, he still had his mother and children. Whenever he thought of home, he would feel very warm inside and all the hard work he had put in felt worth it. For Lady Duanmu, Duanmu Lingshuang must have been her support.

"I refuse to believe that Master Cloud Lightning and the other devas all working together can't kill that one measly Bai Xiaochun!"

However, in an instant, the nature energy in his body immediately repelled the energy that had rushed in. Qing Shui had already experienced the mysteries of the Heavenly Talisman himself after all.

"I'm afraid the Bai Clan is finished!" That was what most of the in-the-know people in the city were thinking.

The meal ended in just thirty minutes. This time around, the old man whom Ye Guyan addressed as Grandpa Crazy was also present. The atmosphere was a bit stifling.

The disciples could only grit their teeth in their anger. In their minds, they weren't bullying Bruiser, he was bullying them!


This old man was shorter than most by a head, when his frail body moved there was occasionally a sound!

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