Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 933

Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 933

"What? He is that Jiang Chen?"

Han Yan immediately jumped on his feet. Compared to this garden in the sky, Guo Shan's herb plantation looked like a bull's shit. The difference between the two was huge!

Both of them were extremely ferocious men. When the True Dragon Palm collided with the Trinity Fist, the tremendous energy ripples swept across the entire place, it even covered the heavens above, blocking the sun from sight. The violent energy waves swept across the sky, and the powerful shockwaves caused everyone's hearts to tremble, as if a dark shadow had been cast above their souls.

Seeing the youth with a longsword on his back, the girl's eyes gained a dangerous gleam as she spoke, "That's a Ruler Armament!"

"Should be Bi Hai. That is what I heard the Saint Ruler from the Sect of Dragon and Tiger call him." Jiede Tai said.

The Axe of Thunder was a high-ranked combat weapon, if it could be used with a matching axe skill, the power would definitely be doubled.

Standing opposite of Jiang Chen, Lee Chang Hao was laughing loudly, and he had a mocking expression on his face. However, the mocking expression on his face disappeared, and it was replaced by a look of disbelief in the next second. Jiang Chen had shown him an example of what it truly means to tease someone.

"The environment here constantly keeps changing unpredictably, what a mess!"

Fan Kun couldn't restrain himself, and his voice was trembling. Right now, anyone could tell how frightened he was.

Jiang Chen said. He immediately assured Granny Feng with an amazing promise.

"Damn it, daddy actually brought Jiang Chen here?!"

"I've finally found you." The elder let out a smile in surprise. Then, without hesitation, he flew toward the dark figure.

During the next days, there was not a single peaceful moment for the Black Sect. The people who wanted to kill Jiang Chen and avenge their friends kept coming. Most of them were just acting on impulse, they never fully understood the current situation, and they just kept coming with extreme anger. Of course, all of them were killed by Jiang Chen in the end. If they knew that Jiang Chen had just killed the Six Weirdoes of Mount Mang, perhaps they couldn't be coming like they did. At least they would make some preparations.

"Jiang Chen, hand over Firethorn Savage's demon soul, now!"

Even though it was an incomplete God's Descent, its strength was nothing Heaven Saint Masters could resist.

Wu Ningzhu nodded her head, not having noticed anything.

An hour later, a figure could be seen flying through the air. When he passed this area, he suddenly stopped in midair, then quickly descended to where Jian Chen's body lay. Giving the body a quick look, the figure couldn't help sharply inhale as he muttered, "What a tenacious life force. With even his head stabbed, his soul has yet to fade away. Bah, since you're not dead with such serious injuries, I'll take you home." With that, the man waved his hand and enveloped Jian Chen with a gentle Saint Force, bringing him along through the air.Chapter 372: A Tragic Sight

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