Reborn as Vegeta Chapter 356

Reborn as Vegeta Chapter 356

That same night, Jiang Chen immediately left the Mayor's mansion and started his journey towards Red city.

"Young master, don't be discouraged.It is normal for the furnace to explode, but in my opinion young master shouldn't waste energy on concocting pills."

"Heavens, who would have known there would be a Heaven Saint Master within our Lanfeng City."

Hearing this, the middle aged man to the side of the burly one grew uncomfortable for a moment. For a grand Earth Saint Master like him be threatened by a twenty year old child, that didn't seem right. With it as is, the man could conclude that Jian Chen wasn't an ordinary person. For a person to remain with their Space Belt for this long in an intense massacre of a competition without any major injuries was commendable. To also look at the two of them with such an arrogant expression, this was someone a person could rely on.

"It's not too late."

After He Yun left, Jian Chen and Bi Lian were the only two who remained in the brilliant room.

One of the disciples said, he seemed scared. The conflict had gone too far now, too far from what they could imagine.

But Jian Chen and the others hadn't cared at all for this. Riding on their mounts, they finally arrived at the grounds of the Bloodthorn Mercenaries after some time.

A Heavenly Core warrior just attacked with a High-Rank Mortal combat skill, but he was still unable to harm either of these three Mortal Core warriors. This was insane, unbelievable!

Jiang Chen nodded his head. The reason why he came here was to help the Profound River Palace and the people of the Southern Continent. Although the Profound River Palace and Demon King Palace would eventually go to war, what triggered it this time was actually him killing four of their guardians.

"This Jiang Chen really becomes stronger and stronger with each passing moment! I've heard he cultivates incredibly quickly, from the Qi Province, which is just a small place, he has reached this level in such a short amount of time!"

"Jian Chen, despite being so young, you have a strength that is no weaker than mine. Your achievements in the way of the sword is something that even I can only hope to attain. But unfortunately, you've killed my one dear disciple, leaving me no choice but to take revenge. No matter what, I will act in place of my disciple for the sake of justice today." Dugu Qiubai's spoke darkly. His previously calm voice had already started to fill up with a bloodlust that would cause people to tremble and shake.

"Ai, could he be one of the rumored geniuses?" Yun Zheng sighed before running to catch up with the receding figure of Jian Chen.

Changyang Hu sat down on Jian Chen's bed, and said with a happy smile, "Fourth brother, I guess you don't know yet. Father has already arranged for your marriage."

"Greet His Majesty and wish him a long life and glory to the Qinhuang Kingdom!"

"Now I understand, Lord Jiu wishes for Brother Jiang to temper him. But, he has offended too many powers and men this time, so without the Martial Palace's protection, I'm afraid he is going to have a hard time."

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