Battle Frenzy Chapter 2711

Battle Frenzy Chapter 2711

"Esteemed guests, please come with me!" A staff member welcomed them as soon as the two men appeared.

"Jian Chen. From our departure in Mercenary City to now half a year later, have you thought about me?" Huang Luan whispered to Jian Chen with a soft voice. Right now in terms of emotions, Huang Luan was far more honest than before. She was no longer the secretive, daredevil, and heroine figure from before. Compared to You Yue, they were as different as black and white in personality.

Xuan Ye told Wu Jiu through his Divine Sense. He couldn't stop the shock from reaching his mind. Sweeping across the Inferno City, and now this; Jiang Chen was like a mighty warrior killing his way through. No one could stop him.

Within the Crown Prince Palace's main hall, the Crown Prince was wearing a golden robe. He had a tall body and a fair skin complexion, and his eyes looked like the brightest stars in the starry sky; he was a handsome man. Furthermore, with a Late Combat Soul cultivation at his young age, as well as the fact that he is the Crown Prince, the future emperor, he was a man that many girls dreamt about.

"Good! Very good!" Seeing his future son-in-law, the king was pleased, and spoke only those three words. As a king, he had seen many people, but even he could tell that Jian Chen was by no means an everyday face. Hearing about him and seeing him in person were two different things. Now that he had met Jian Chen, his evaluation of him had instantly gone up.

The crowds exploded with noise immediately.They had never seen anything like this before!Mu Rong's family had come to fetch the bridegroom, but instead they were greeted with a dead body.It does not matter if Jiang Ru Long was truly dead or alive, as this was a clear act to ruin their reputation vicious fashion.

Yu Zi Han explained.

All 1000 students entered at the same time, scaring the wild animals into a sense of submission and made the trip relatively peaceful. Quickly the students all made it through the enchantments and into the second region. All of the monsters in this area were Class 1 Magical Beasts, so for those who weren't a Saint, even a Class 1 Magical Beast could pose a threat to them.

"Oh heavens, all their family members and friends are to be slaughtered to punish them?! What did Jiang Chen do this time? Why is the Imperial Emperor so angry?"

The man in black was laughing out loudly. He had witnessed the poison needle impaling Jiang Chen's body, and he had seen with his own eyes how Jiang Chen fell motionlessly onto Big Yellow's back. Underneath such circumstances, Jiang Chen would die for sure.

In that moment, time seemed to stop.

He had too many complaints about his loss, and he simply can't let them go££ But he had to admit, he had lost.

"Eldest brother££"

"Since when did fourth brother become this amazing? Just looking at this, Ka Di Yun will definitely suffer a lot by Changyang Xiang Tian's hand. However, even if Ka Di Yun doesn't use his Saint Weapon, he's still a Saint; his strength is definitely still greater than mine." Changyang Hu muttered to himself as he watched the match with a dumbstruck expression.Chapter 23: Becoming Popular Because of Skill

"Eat my legs! You are not allowed to touch a single herb here! I still need to ask Guo Shan to give me some herbs that I need! If you eat them all, how can I have the audacity to ask?"

Regarding this situation within his dantian, Jian Chen was absolutely clueless and didn't understand where all of the World Essence was going.

"This is a Heaven Tier Battle Skill! Only those can cause such a tremendous amount of pressure; a Heaven Saint Master must be doing battle somewhere!"

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