The Great Conqueror Chapter 2474

The Great Conqueror Chapter 2474

"Relativity forms the true core of the Essence of time. If you understand relativity, then you can gain enlightenment ofˇ­ the Essence of time!

Actually, the reason the old man was so interested in Qing Shui was because he realized that somehow, he couldn't see through Qing Shui. If Qing Shui was a old man at the Xiantian realm, the Xiantian old man would have thought nothing of it. However, Qing Shui was obviously below 20 years of age, and thus invoked great curiosity and interest in him.

Tan Yang had lost count of how many times he had sent this Demonic Diamond Boar flying earlier and made it shriek miserably in pain. So now, even without Qing Shui's order, it would immediately sprint towards him. It opened its jaw wide and bit onto Tan Yang's hand as it was exposed!

"My ailment comes from poison. After so many years, my body has already been fully corroded by the poison. I no longer hold any hopes." Hai Tian sipped on his tea and said softly.

Qing Shui's idea was to be able to exhibit the strength of 7,000 stars, the Nine Palace Steps formation and so on, as soon as possible. He wasn't sure if he could defeat anyone with a strength of 10,000 stars. In order for the people in the five continents to exhibit strength of 10,000 stars, they would need to have a strength of nearly 60,000 stars.

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"Are you worried?" The old woman laughed when she saw Qing Shui's worried expression.

"Haha, that's significant, the increase in strength of 120 countries, defense of 200 countries, and a significant increase in speed of more than 50% of my original speedˇ­ˇ­" Qing Shui felt ecstatic.

"Hey, why are you going so slow?" Bai Xiaochun asked. Looking over his shoulder, he saw no sign of Elder Zhou, and finally breathed a sigh of relief.

Duke Deathcrier's expression flickered slightly, and Bai Xiaochun looked very nervous.

When things became clear, they saw Bai Xiaochun standing in the spot once occupied by the savage giant, slowly lowering his fist.

"I support you!"

Qing Shui felt really conflicted. Seeing Old Madam Mo being equally frustrated, he gritted his teeth, rode the Diamond Gigantic Elephant and dashed behind Di Xuan in an instant.

"Damn! To heck with you! Who do you think you are?" Qing Shui was infuriated, and even more so than when he had heard the hidden motives of the two coachmen.

The shocking scene caused Xuemei's eyes to fill with astonishment. At the same time, the blurry figure in the crystal hovering next to her screamed, "Stop him! Don't let him get it!!"

Actually, he did not know that he was already Qing Clan's pillar and its soul.No matter what problem, what decision, no one would go against him.

"It doesn't matter where, as long as you're there!"

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