Legend Of The Prince Of Sleep¡· Chapter 2586

Legend Of The Prince Of Sleep¡· Chapter 2586


"That bastard Si Qiafu! To dare poison us, I won't forgive him!"

This woman was exceedingly pretty with delicate features. Although she was not so beautiful to bring a country to its knees, she was still quite the beauty that could rarely be seen. By the woman's side was another rather handsome looking youth that looked to be around twenty-two to twenty-three years old.

There was a total of five Qin Heaven Palaces in the imperial palace of the Qinhuang Kingdom. Each one was dedicated specifically for an Imperial Protector to use. They were the five palaces that held the most power in the imperial palace, and even the palace of the king of the Qinhuang Kingdom was incomparable.

Moving his body, Mu Rong Hao unleashed his Qi, releasing a powerful Yuan force that could be felt in the surroundings like a wave.

"The Feral Mercenaries shouldn't be belittled either. They are the most well known mercenary group in the Cloud Capital, and their captain is the sworn brother of the ruler of the city. Every single faction within Cloud Capital has to give that group some face."

Jiang Chen had a ruthless expression on his face.

After flying for four hours, Jian Chen stopped about 3000 kilometers away from the eastern stronghold. That was because not too far away from him at a giant city, a dozen Heaven Saint Masters were currently fighting intensely with a sound that shook the heavens itself.

By now, Jian Chen had already plundered the entirety of the treasury. The Pingyang Kingdom was not financially unstable now nor had the entire economy halted, and this was better than killing every single high ranking official and able bodied person. After all, these officials were still the strongest in the kingdom and without them, there would be no one to supervise the fallout from the looting. In such a politically, financially, and physically unstable state, it was truly a terrifying situation to be in, especially in a world that revered strength as power.

"Stop, stop! If there's something you want to say, say it quickly!" The scarred man cried out to Jian Chen in a frantic manner as he dodged to the side. Right now his expression was no longer that of shock, instead, horror and desperation adorned it.

"Our host has been far too polite. We five have been very comfortable these past few days." Xiao Tian smiled. Because he was the strongest among the five and was exceptionally talented in his own right, he had become the substitute leader while Jian Chen was away.

The city was a warzone.All the people on the streets had scampered back home, and the shops were closed.Everyone knew that tonight will not be a peaceful night.Tomorrow it won't be the same city as it was today.

Huang Tianba's expression darkened by several shades. Turning his head to Jian Chen, he whispered, "Jian Chen, the guardian clans of the continent all possess obscenely strong strength. They stand miles apart from even the ancient families and have ever since protected the Tian Yuan Continent in the shadows. They aren't weaker than Mercenary City even. We should consider this a done deal. Offending the guardian clans for such a small manner would give senior Tian Jian no small amount of trouble himself."

Yu Tian Long took a deep breath and nodded his head, he knew Jiang Chen was right. Because, only by striking according to his plan would they have a chance at defeating the Blood Devils. But, he suddenly thought of something and asked straightaway, "Young master Jiang, just now you said, we'll wait until Lord Blood Moon has all his attention on the blood sacrifice ceremony££ doesn't that also mean that we'll wait until the blood sacrifice ceremony begins before we strike?"

The carriage and the men guarding it left Fengyang City in a hurry, and now with a complete troop formation ready to pull the carriage, they traveled even faster. In a decent amount of time, the carriage arrived back within Gesun Kingdom.

The Imperial Emperor unexpectedly started laughing. He was well aware of what kind of man Jiang Chen was. Knowing that there was no way for him to live another day, he raised his combat weapon and leapt toward Jiang Chen.

"However, that Ferghana Stallion has never left the Sect Chief, so it'll be difficult for us to find an opportunity to capture it. Also, I heard that it's an Eighth Grade Demon King, or perhaps even a Ninth Grade Demon King. With our overall strength, I don't think it'll be easy for us to capture it."

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