I was mistaken for being gay and ended up in a all girls school Chapter 483

I was mistaken for being gay and ended up in a all girls school Chapter 483

From this strange world Jian Chen was in, he could feel a major difference in his body on the outside. His body continued to emit the two violet and azure glows of light, before forming the two swords ten meters above his head.

The robust man threw the pig away like he was throwing some trash away. Then, he turned to Jiang Chen. It looked like he was going to try and con him for a compensation.

"You asked for it. Big Yellow, kill them all."

Scared to death, the three of them were all scared to death. Jiang Chen was only standing in front of them, but they were extremely frightened.

"Break away from your mind and body and become detached from yourself. Free yourself from the fetters and chains of the world. Situ Qing, its been a hundred years now, and your strength is still where it was from then. Perhaps you should make your sect seclude itself completely from the outside world. Don't bother with the outside world. Don't worry for who lives or who dies. Don't care for who wins or who loses. None of that matters. In your current state, what use is there to be in the secular world?" The sackclothed man spoke slowly.

Afterwards, Cheng Mingxiang returned the academy Space Belt and retrieved his own as well as the badge of glory, before stepping off the platform.

Underneath the power of every mercenary, every single magical beast was swiftly harvested and stored away for future use.

"So you were thinking about the wellbeing of the Gesun Kingdom." Ming Dong felt relieved. He had always been alone and thus had always looked out only for himself, no matter what. Very rarely did he ever consider the consequences of his own actions, so he had not initially understood why Jian Chen had gone through such troubles.

The old man wore torn clothes, but his cultivation base was quite decent. He was at the peak Early Divine Core realm.

"Then I will call you Jian Chen from here on out. Jian Chen, I can no longer use my inner energy to fight and will have to rely upon my physical strength. I cannot even assist you since the Gilligan clan will surely find me if I cause too much of a disturbance. The next few days will require me to hide away, thus, I must implore you to look after my child once again." Rum Guinness spoke this time in a human voice, but because of her true tiger form, the voice sounded neither like a man nor a woman.

"Hmph, you Zhou Mercenaries won't leave this place alive." Jian Chen's eyes had a glow of killing intent behind them as he instantly began to pour out Sword Qi in tremendous waves from his sword. Immediately, the Light Wind Sword separated from Jian Chen's hand as it flew out with tremendous speed. Transforming into a silver ray of light, it began to fly toward the closest mercenary in an attempt to kill him.

"Hmm? So it's the head of the royal palace guards, Audro. Perhaps there is something that needs to be reported to the king for you to come here?" Seeing the middle-aged man, Qin Wujian revealed a smile of familiarity.

"Fifty purple coins, good heavens, that is a villainous deal." Qing Yun cried out with a flustered look.

Dugu Feng himself wielded a giant sword that seemed to dance with flames right by his side. Despite their strengths, there were far too many stones for them to fend off. With the waves of explosion that happened every so often, a finger-sized stone finally broke through their defensive net. With a whistling sound, it shot straight for Bi Yuntian before ultimately leaving behind a small cut that allowed blood to show.

Han Yan was startled, he had never thought of this. "Why can't I see anything special about it?"

The Third Emperor sat at the front, and with the flip of his palm, a spear that glowed with a golden light appeared. The spear was 3 meters long, and it was covered with mystical symbols. The tip of the spear shone brightly, sending a chill down the spines of anyone who looked at it, and the aura leaking out from it could even make anyone feel suffocated.

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