World of Immortals Chapter 713

World of Immortals Chapter 713

"Of course my big brother wants to have it in Hundred Mile City. However, even if we all want to have it in Hundred Miles City, it is difficult to arrange for a marriage in the bridal chamber of Hundred Miles City." Qing You said bluntly.

By this point, he truly detested that grandson of his. Although, what irritated him the most was not the trouble itself, but the fact that his grandson hadn't come to remind him of the situation after Bai Xiaochun rose to power.

The second day, he awoke early, and made his way to the court yard.

Cang Wuya looked at their expressions, and knowing Qing Shui's character, if he said that it was not bad, it was definitely very good.


Even the weakest of disciples were usually able to reach three Tideflows during Earthstring Foundation Establishment. In some extreme circumstances, some powerful disciples would reach six. However, from ancient times until the present, only nine disciples from the Spirit Stream Sect had ever reached six tideflows by cultivating a second technique. Of course, those nine disciples all went on to be unique and stunning figures during their time.

The look on Bai Xiaochun's face grew even more blank. He thought back to what Du Lingfei looked like, and then compared it to Patriarch Limitless, and realized that the two of them didn't look anything alike.

Some large formations use mountains as formation points. Although mountains are just larger rock formations, they are gathering places of massive amounts of Spirit Qi. Some powerful Formation Masters would consider using the environmental elements, such as mountains and rivers to form their formations. The power that resulted from these formations was ridiculously strong.

When the gray-robed soul cultivator prisoners saw the guards of Squad 9, they rushed over, trembling, to kowtow. Flattering, fawning expressions could be seen on their faces, and as for the beautiful female prisoners, they made sure to reveal their ample cleavage as they bent over. When Bai Xiaochun saw that, he was quite shocked.

"Get out! You are not allowed to peek!" Shi Qingzhuang manically exclaimed, as finally, the tears of helplessness rolled down her face.

Sighing, he murmured to himself, "You just can't be too outstanding. Ai. I never thought that I, Bai Xiaochun, who always tries to keep such a low profile, would be ripped away from the mundane world to become a yellow-robed disciple."

"Senior Nightcrypt, are you...."


Qing Shui saw Mu Qing's beautiful figure shudder for a moment before she walked toward him.

They were leftover talismans from his days back in the River-Defying Sect, which he had also used in the Arch-Emperor's labyrinth. At the moment, he didn't care at all that using them could theoretically reveal his identity, and he even forgot to use the powers of his mask to change their appearance. After plastering himself all over with them, he was still shaking in fear, and kept pushing the command medallion to activate. At the same time, he kept looking around anxiously, worried he would see a face looming in the darkness.

With Xiao Qing's current battle prowess, he could dominate any other Foundation Establishment cultivator. And yet, Bai Xiaochun was incredibly fast and abnormally tough. In fact, as the chase went on, he kept going even faster. His reserves of spiritual power were simply unbelievable.

Lunar Mist Court was the best brothel in the area.

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