Global Evolution Chapter 2078

Global Evolution Chapter 2078

A gloomy expression appeared on Li Tianyang's face. Jiang Chen's escape ruined his plan. Whenever he thought of the Freezing Hell Jail's destruction; the result of his hard work, he would feel a pain in his heart. The Freezing Hell Jail wasn't just a simple jail. As Li Tianyang was cultivating the Worldly Water Emperor skill, the True Water he found brought him great benefits. However, as True Water was the coldest and heaviest water under the heavens, a single drop weighed 180,000 kilos, and was more than enough to crush a mountain. With Li Tianyang's current cultivation base, it was impossible for him to absorb the True Water, as he couldn't withstand the impact brought by it. That's the reason why he had constructed the Freezing Hell Jail, so that he could absorb the ice-cold air inside to cultivate his skill. The Freezing Hell Jail had existed for a long period of time, and the ice-cold air inside had accumulated to a level where it had almost turned into a physical substance, which was of great benefit to his cultivation. However, it was now destroyed by Jiang Chen, and he would have to rebuild it from scratch.

"Don't miss this, come closer and have a look! First-rate Mind Concentration Pearl from the ocean, a must have item for all cultivators! It can make you enter a cultivation mode in just one second!"

In the short moment after the Geofruit was announced, a war between the bidders had already brought the price up to a million purple coins. A price like this was already enough to buy several thousand year heavenly resources already.

After another two relentless strikes on his body, Tian Jue couldn't take it anymore and shot a glare full of furious anger, "Qin Xiao, don't be too excessive!"

Back in the auction hall!

With just a gaze, both men kneeled down onto the ground. Jiang Chen's eyes had completely terrified them.

"Crown Prince, take it easy!"

Hearing the cry of warning, the other black-clothed assassins all noticed the Radiant Saint Swords flying in from behind, each was greatly surprised.

The fighting stage was rumbling. Li Wu Shuang portrayed a very powerful and imposing aura. The golden shield formed from powerful energies had tremendous power as it pressed towards Jiang Chen like it was a mountain.

"Kill me? With what? Those weak skills you have?"

After some distance away, Jian Chen split off on his own path, away from the caravan, and the moment he saw no one around, he dismounted from his magical beast and began to use his Illusionary Flash.

"Intelligent King Fist!"

"The Earth Devil is a supreme specie amongst all devil species, it will certainly stay in the place where the most devilish energy can be found. If my guess is correct, it should be connected to the devil cave. If we travel across the devil cave, we will be able to reach the Earth Devil Mountain. However, once we enter the devil cave, those Evil Devils will definitely storm at us. As long as we can kill all the Combat Soul Evil Devils in the devil cave, I believe that the Earth Devil will come to us."

The spy didn't recognized Yan Chen Yu. After suffering from the Nine Yin Meridians since she was a small girl, Yan Chen Yu never took a step outside the Yan family. As she had grown up into a pretty young lady, it was only obvious that this man couldn't recognize her.

"What? You wish to take on the two of us by yourselves?" Jun Mohao coldly laughed, "Earth Saint Master, so what? If you dare bully my great-granddaughter, your bodies will remain behind here forever, so I declare. Even the helper that you plan on calling will meet their demise."

"Big Yellow, stop it immediately!"

A young man burst into laughter, then he flew toward one of the paths, soon disappearing from everyone's eyes. Indeed, nothing bad had happened to him.

Global Evolution Chapter 2078 End!

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