I am in the Marvel Cinematic Universe? Chapter 2338

I am in the Marvel Cinematic Universe? Chapter 2338

"You're doing this on purpose! You're doing this to purposely piss your father off!"

The Blood Devils were yelling and howling. The stronger leaders had taken out their devil weapons and surrounded the attackers. In here, there were more than tens of Blood Devil leaders. Yu Zi Han and the rest were simply outnumbered.

"Little brother, looks like your elder sister has underestimated you. Although you're only an Early Combat Soul warrior, you still have the advantage when fighting me. You are indeed the abnormal monster who attracted Heavenly Tribulation when breaking through to the Combat Soul realm, the only genius I've ever met to have done that. However, since your elder sister is here on a mission, I won't be polite with you. Have a taste of my Fantasy Zither Thousandtunes!"

Flying a thousand meters high into the sky, Jian Chen headed straight for the Dazhou Kingdom so that he could use their Space Gate to reach Mercenary City.

The man with two red eyes shouted towards Jiang Chen. His voice was extremely loud, and he shouted using his Yuan energy. With this, the men outside the secret chamber would be able to hear his voice.

The magma behind Jiang Chen was violently moving. Jiang Chen knew it was Wu Cong and the other Combat Soul warriors.

"You're of the royal family of the snakes with pride beyond all else. Your word would be equivalent to the nine sacred tripods. I am of the belief you are a being of your word."

"Hmph! I only saw you using the poison needle to kill Jiang Wei. Jiang Chen, you bullied fellow disciples, you tortured fellow disciples, and you killed a senior disciple. Such a wicked and cruel man, what you did is proof that you are a devil! Today, I'm going to kill you!"

After saying that, Yun Can turned around and left.

The bad news wasn't just about the Crown Prince's death. Looking at the escalating situation on the battlefield underneath, the Martial Saint Dynasty was getting closer and closer to being defeated, causing the Imperial Emperor's heart to be filled with both fury and speechlessness. According to his original plan, he would easily be able to suppress and crush the Black Sect with their army's mighty force, and the war would end in a short amount of time.

Looking at how Big Yellow was behaving, Jiang Chen couldn't help but laugh. A treasure that can make Big Yellow behave like this was surely something extraordinary.

Han Yan jumped in and threw his questions at Jiang Chen. Although Nangong Wentian didn't say anything, his eyes were filled with curiosity. He was astonished by what Jiang Chen did, in just a short amount of time, the Skymend Formation on the brink of destruction had become so rigid, and completely sealed the dimensional crack. This was really amazing!

"Aoo! Aooo!"

Jiang Chen asked as he threw an examining look onto Yang Shuo.

Jiang Chen's eyes were glowing, and his face was shining brightly. He couldn't wait to fight that Second Grade Combat King so that he could test his current combat strength. However, Jiang Chen was in no rush either, because he knew that the Old Great Emperor would definitely come to him, and it wouldn't take long before he arrived.

Jiang Chen said with a smile.

The halls were of rather ordinary decoration. The wooden walls looked as if they had already managed to weather through countless years of wear and tear to look more like the walls to a peasant farmer's home. At the very center of the room was an old-fashioned circular table with a sackcloth wearing elder there sipping a cup of tea. The fragrant aroma from the tea spread throughout the room and had a relaxing effect to it. As it appeared, this tea was a treasured item in this place.

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