disposition Chapter 2098

disposition Chapter 2098

Even Jian Chen had rushed to his mother's side without paying attention to anyone else. His right hand was already pressed against his mother's wrist to check for her pulse. It took a few precious seconds, but he had eventually confirmed that his mother was in no immediate danger.

Jian Chen didn't speak and pointed ahead of them. Kendall looked to where Jian Chen's finger was pointing at, only to see the blurry figures of 10 mercenaries up ahead panting with exhaustion.

It was very difficult for Shangguan Sheng to find out where Big Yellow was, but for Han Yan and the others, it was extremely easy, as it all depended on whether or not Big Yellow wanted to be found. After sensing the auras of these four men, Big Yellow revealed himself.

Big Yellow once again leapt forwards and pushed the screaming disciple onto the ground. With his big mouth, he bit onto his head and ripped it off. In an instant, the screaming stopped, and what was left was the struggling headless body of that disciple, as well as the massive amount of blood that was splashing out from his neck.

After saying that, Jiang Chen took out another jade pot from his storage ring and handed it over to Guo Shan.

Big Yellow stood up with stood up on his two back legs and put his front legs behind his back as he started walking in a circle around the old man. He spoke with a mature tone.

After meeting the mysterious person within the caravan, Jian Chen had some doubts. Judging from how that Captain Lan had so respectfully called out to the elder in the caravan and that Jian Chen couldn't measure the elder's strength at all, the elder was definitely not a Great Saint Master. Against Great Saint Masters, Jian Chen could easily discern their cultivation levels , but when it came to this elder in particular, Jian Chen had no idea.

Having received Jian Chen's promise, the young woman couldn't help but let out a sigh of relief. She knew that this would go against her mother's wishes when she was told to never give it to any outsider, but with the situation as it was, there had been no other choice.

At this moment, no one from the Black Sect could stop themselves from thinking about the young man in white clothes. He was the legendary man from the Black Sect, but too bad, he had entered Inferno Hell, and he wouldn't be coming back for some time.

When Jiang Chen and the few others finally arrived, all disciples below the Divine Core realm were ordered to temporarily leave the Black Sect. In such a major scale battle, those under the Divine Core realm could only serve as cannon fodder.

Abruptly, the stone pavilion echoed with a rustling sound, as the entire storm of dust covered the sky in every direction. A short moment later, the outside of the pavilion couldn't even be seen anymore thanks to the dust which completely covered everyone's line of sight.

Headmaster Brian had created this forest for the geniuses of Gesun Kingdom and expended a great amount of effort creating the forest. However, the headmaster Brian had long since retired, having another person take his role.

Tie Ta's face grew angry as he heard the demand, "You want us to hand over the space belts? Hmph, don't even think about it." Tie Ta understood what was going on now; this was a roadside robbery.

"My lord, if you would allow me to inspect the jade piece." The vanguard head spoke out courteously¨•a 180 degree shift from just a moment ago.

Jiang Chen felt that things were getting more interesting. There must be some resentments between the two parties involved.

"You're seeking death!" At this, the youth cried out in anger as his face clouded over. He hadn't thought that the youth would refuse his sweet sounding invitation. This was a heavy shock to him and caused him to feel extremely angry as well before feeling a strong amount of killing intent overtake him.

Tyrant suddenly though of Tan Lang.

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