Haven Online Chapter 2258

Haven Online Chapter 2258

In the sky above, an uncertain expression could be seen on Nangong Yunfan's face. This match was extremely important to him. If he lost, that meant they would have to fight the third match, and their chances of winning that was extremely slim. However, it seemed like it was meaningless for him to keep fighting with all his strength, as it would only bring him unnecessary injuries. He was longer a match for Nangong Yunzheng, who had doubled his combat strength.


Seeing Jian Chen disappear from sight, the elder's face suddenly became blank. The anger in his head suddenly cleared away as he gained clarity over his situation. At this moment, he had finally taken notice of the steep cliff side in front of him,

Yan Tai Hong reached into his pocket and withdrew a white jade box.A thumb sized pill could be seen clearly through the translucent cover of this white jade box.

The vibrations began to weaken after some time before disappearing completely along with the remaining light in the magical beast's pupils. Quickly, the eyelids of the magical beast closed off its eyes to the world.

Jian Chen shook his head gravely, "I'm sorry, but I must hurry on over. Now that I can use the Space Gate at any time, I must go now. The longer I wait, the more anxious I feel."

Jiang Chen said with a smile. For him, the stronger the enemy, the happier he was. He loved challenges. Putting aside his hostile relationship with the Invincible Sect, even if there wasn't anything between them; as long as it was related to Big Yellow's survival, Jiang Chen would capture that Ferghana Stallion no matter what. He would do it for his brother; even if it ended up placing him against the entire world, Jiang Chen wouldn't even frown.

Jiang Zhen Hai sighed, he felt a little lost because after all these years of fighting with Mu Rong Zhan, it had now come to an end.

One of the Mid Divine Core warriors was laughing out loudly. All these men had been robbed by Jiang Chen back in the stronghold. At first, they still feared Jiang Chen, and didn't have the courage to attack Tian Yishan and his men, but since two and a half months had passed, and it seemed like Jiang Chen had completely disappeared, as well as all the strong warriors hunting for him, their fear of Jiang Chen had disappeared. Therefore, they turned their fingers at Tian Yishan wand wanted to release their hatred on his group. And finally, they had found their target.

The youth was elegant, handsome and graceful, carrying an air akin to a scholar. He lacked some determination, so he seemed to be rather delicate.

The minutes slowly ticked away. Waiting for someone was a long process. The square was packed with people, but no one ever showed any signs of impatience, because as long as they could witness Wu Ningzhu's beauty, they were willing to wait for months, let alone a few minutes or hours.

"Give it to me!"

"Sect Elders, we and the Green Sanctuary Sect had no conflicts before this. I was being reckless when I killed the disciples and Sect Elders of the Green Sanctuary Sect, my apologies!"

That same night, the Lee family had completely vanished. All the men from the Lee family were killed, and most of the dependent families had surrendered. Some of the dependent families who refused to surrender, however, were killed as well.

"A Combat Soul Earth Devil, I wonder how much stronger you will become after completely absorbing it."

Qin Xiao suddenly stood up and said, "No, we have to save sister no matter what. She definitely can't marry the son of that bandit boss, or her life will be completely ruined."

"Since everyone are dead, you two shouldn't be living now!"

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