Hello, Mr. Major General Chapter 2391

Hello, Mr. Major General Chapter 2391

A loud sound shook the mountains, a nearby mountain had directly collapsed!

Now, Qing He needed to fully concentrate on his cultivation, hoping to make a breakthrough and enter the level of Martial Commander 10th Stage, reaching the peak of the Hou Tian realm. Only when there are 2 peak Hou Tian stage experts within the Qing Clan, will they be able to clash directly with the Shi Family from Hundred Miles City!

However, Qing Shui would not consume the pellet unless he had no other choice. He was still apprehensive about it.?

Qing Shui had already seen the naked bodies of three top tier women. He had totally zero interest in men. Looking at the now naked body of the young master, as a doctor, he still had to take this seriously. Glancing at the flaccid tool of the young master, Qing Shui inserted needle after needle rapidly into the Xinyu, Shenyu, Mingmen, Zhishi, Qihai, and Weigong acupoints of the young master's lower body!

Qing Shui slowly walked to the front, the two old men beside that old man were already standing not far away waiting for Qing Shui. Qing Shui looked at the Old Man: "I hope you do not make things difficult for them."

Defense increased by 20%!

No one could afford to ignore his words now. Now, they had to pay attention!

After they burst, they turned into countless shattered flames the size of human fingers. The Twin Dragon Explosion this time was a few times more powerful than before it upgraded.

Qing Shui gradually realized another formidable use of the spirit energy - Attention Diversion; that was to divide the attention for two tasks, or even three, four tasks¡­...

"Six seas!!" Patriarch Frigidsect from the Spirit Stream Division and Master Godwind of the Blood Stream Division were both overjoyed. The other patriarchs had the same reaction, and as for Li Qinghou and the other Gold Core cultivators, they were watching with wide eyes.

There was clearly something strange going on with Bai Xiaochun, and yet, he didn't even think about looking over his shoulder to try to determine what it was. Bai Xiaochun's magical technique was simply too terrifying, and left Master Cloud Lightning with only one thought in his head¡­ unless he managed to combine with his other half, he had to stay away from Bai Xiaochun at all costs!!

Just at that moment, the girl took action, her pretty figure moving incredibly quickly. She held a dark gold foot-long dagger in her hands and stabbed it towards Qing Shui's neck.

"What?" Bai Xiaochun said. "Still think you were in the right? Fudge! You stirred up trouble with me back in the Necromancer Kettle, then you tried to get Sun Yifan and Sima Tao to do your dirty work for you, and now you pull this little stunt?" Bai Xiaochun really did want to just wipe Zhou Hong out of existence right here, but reminded himself that he couldn't forget how powerful Zhou Hong's father was¡­.

The key had originally been acquired by one of the Xuemei's Dharma protectors. However, just as Bai Xiaochun had planned, the rest of the people in the trial by fire had been fighting over it, and it had changed hands numerous times since.

Surrounding that light was a huge, semi-transparent bell!!

Jia Lie threw his head back and laughed uproariously, pushing forward with even greater speed. He didn't necessarily want to be the person to kill Bai Xiaochun; he just wanted to be the first to land an attack on him. What a great story that would make in the future!

"Great demoness, definitely a great demoness. She's a great demoness who has cultivated for a thousand years¡­" Qing Shui thought to himself.

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