Assassin is Chronicle Chapter 2065

Assassin is Chronicle Chapter 2065

Right when Old Sixth let out a miserable scream, another horrifying cry could be heard from the inner area of the Yu family. Even though all the people of the Shangguan Clan were greatly terrified, they could still recognize their leader, Shangguan Yu's voice. This meant that both Combat Soul warriors had been struck by a miserable fate at the same time.

"Daoist Black, you'll fight with me!"

With their departure, all the people left were the people of the eight clans and the coward Quan Youcai. All of them stood there, still badly shaken. The strength of God's Descent had completely stunned them.

"You've reached the Sixth Cycle of being an Earth Saint Master!" Yun Long cried out in disbelief.

Jiang Chen stood on the same spot with an indifferent expression. Lee Shan Yue's power had never frightened him. He was stable like a mountain, as if he didn't give a shit about his enemy.

Respect. That's right. From today onwards, even Daoist Black and Granny Feng would respect Jiang Chen from the bottom of their hearts.

In the courtyards, commander Duo Li and his soldiers were retreating as far as they could with their faces overwhelmed with shock at the cyclone in front of them.

Jiang Chen was portraying a mighty image as his black hair violently fluttered in the wind. A dazzling golden light was emitting from his body, causing him to look like a God of War. He raised his foot and finally took the third step.

Walking straight into the room, the Saint Ruler sat down right in front of the other elder unceremoniously and stared at the tea-drinking elder. "Even after so many years since our last meeting, you're still living a life of pleasure it seems."

Han Yan had huge confidence in Big Yellow's head. Not even a High-Ranked Combat Weapon can break his head, let alone these stone golems.

Han Yan furrowed his brows.

Looking at Ka Di Liang's pale face, Ka Di Yun grew angry. Raising his head to look at the elevated Jian Chen, he growled, "Third sister, you take care of second brother. I'll go teach that arrogant brat a lesson!" Leaving his siblings, he walked up into the arena to confront him.

Laughing, Jian Chen replied, "Worry not. I know just how to handle that should the situation occur. But aside from their Saint Rulers, I should have no problem with the rest of their families."

"Let alone this tiny Silver Moon City, I will mind any business in any place within the Qi Province! I, Han Yan, have always had this bad habit. Yin Zhong Chen, if you dare touch this little brother today, then you are putting yourself as the enemy of me, Han Yan of the Black Sect."

The awakening of the True Dragon Flames was far from done. When Jiang Chen's body was fully covered in flames, the Dragon Marks in his Qi Sea increased to a total of 280.

Big Yellow who was still eating and drinking reminded him. A cruel and bloody scene like this didn't affect Big Yellow's appetite.

All the disciples were first frightened by the devilish energy beam, but in the next second, all of them became rejoiced with wild excitement. In the Qi Province, first there was Jiang Chen, now there was Han Yan. Both of them were geniuses from the Black Sect, and this caused these disciples' pride to be a part of the Black Sect to grow even bigger.

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