Cautious Dungeon Chapter 1411

Cautious Dungeon Chapter 1411

From far away, Jian Chen could feel a disturbance in the air. Smoke filled the air as the peak that had been fired at began to crumble away with large rocks and a crumbling sound. As for the sky above, there was a giant mushroom right above that shocked anyone that saw it.

A young disciple from the Myriad Sword Sect immediately cried out shock upon seeing the bloodbath and all the bodies.

"How can this happen?"

After calming down, Changyang Ba sat beside Jian Chen, "Xiang'er, you must have felt wronged after all these years."

"Damned dog, you better be careful! Daddy doesn't want to drift into a dimension turbulence and die at this young age!"

These men were from different kingdoms and regions where they represented different factions of power, but each one of them was planning to head to Mercenary City.

Holding the Saint Weapon, Ka Di Yun's confidence in himself was boosted to unprecedented levels. As Changyang Hu's face grew darker and darker, Ka Di Yun's face became even haughtier. The pleasure Ka Di Yun felt in his heart was indescribable.

When the two disappeared into the forest, one of the youths started to curse out loud, "F*cking hell, what bad luck we have! To think we came across the apprentice of the headmaster and then failed the assignment. Not only that, but we had our monster cores stolen away from us without us being able to get revenge. Such wretched luck!"

The trio had their eyes wide open.Each one of them took a pill and examined it carefully.

A large gust of wind descended upon the courtyards as the Eagle Beast came down from the skies and landed onto the ground as the three males climbed down from it.

Without a twitch in his face, Jian Chen spoke, "Who might these elders be?"

This young master was not someone who could be easily messed with. Young master Yin was the Mayor's son. His full name was Yin Ren, and this Silver Moon Restaurant was owned by his family.

"No worries. The Imperial Emperor should already know what happened here. The Seventh Emperor and Tenth Emperor are both men with high positions in the Martial Saint Dynasty, and I'm sure the Martial Saint Dynasty has their soul jade slips. When they were killed, their soul jade slip immediately broken, and since I've already exposed myself; why don't we just approach this matter in a straightforward manner? With this, we can also ensure the safety of the Fragrant Sky City."

"What an auspicious light, this stone is truly a treasure!"

The Golden Fur Tiger King was four meters long, but because of the guise of the night, the entire body of the tiger couldn't be seen clearly.

Shi Xiangran's face suddenly grew unsightly as he heard the girl's words. Those words were coincidentally the very words that stabbed at Shi Xiangran's weak point. Staring icily at her, he roared, "You repulsive b*tch!"

Big Yellow was laughing out loud. His strong body immediately started moving, and in just a split second, he had arrived in front of Chen Shuang.

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