His Personal Bed Partner Chapter 1952

His Personal Bed Partner Chapter 1952

Han Yan rolled his eyes at Big Yellow.

"Impudence! Zhan Tian, Griff is already a part of our alliance, and yet you still dare try to pull him into your own. Do you even have eyes for our alliance?" Another elder spoke with a heavy expression. Zhan Tian was growing more and more out of control the more he represented the Flame Mercenaries, and now he was completely unafraid of them all. This result had made them all feel rather uneasy.

Jian Chen understood that once the special energy had condensed to a certain degree, it would emit a faint white glow. To prevent this from happening, Jian Chen absorbed the energy extremely slowly;almost at a snail's pace.

Bi Dao stood up from his stool with a bright smile, "Haha, excellent! It is no wonder you are the pride of our Bi clan!' As he spoke, Bi Dao strode toward Jian Chen before quickly striking at Jian Chen's chest like lightning. Wind attributed Saint Force gathered in his fist before exploding like a strong gale from the force of his fist.

While wagging his big tail, Big Yellow transformed into a golden light and flew toward the garden in the sky.

"You'll face your death soon enough."

Shangguan Qingming's words were like a bomb exploding within the hall, it instantly woke everyone up, including Shangguan Sheng.

Daoist Black came without an invitation. He didn't consider himself an outsider, he simply sat down next to Han Yan, grabbed a wine pot and began drinking to his heart's content.

Jiang Chen said with a grin.

Lee Shan Yue roared out before he leapt towards Yan Zhan Yun like a lion. His mouth seemed like it was about to spit out fire.

"Hmph! The woman that I, the Crown Prince desire, will always be mine! Who is that Jiang Chen anyway? A girl with outstanding beauty like Yan Chenyu should only be mine! How dare she reject me like this? When I finally get her on my bed, I'll definitely let her taste my strength!"

The man looked angry, and Jiang Chen was even more confused now.

"So strong! Both men are only Early Combat Soul warriors, especially Wentian who just broke through to the Combat Soul realm! And yet, he actually has the combat strength of a Mid Combat Soul warrior. Perhaps even I wouldn't be able to defeat him now."

In fact, Wu Jiu had in fact become more aware of the situation. He did relate all of the recent events to what Jiang Chen had told him. He had never expected Jiang Chen to actually be right.

The old monk's eyes landed on Big Yellow's body. Slowly, he stretched out his shining arm and placed it on top of Big Yellow's forehead.

"There's no use crying about it, we must protect his Majesty!" The other Black Armors soldier whispered harshly to him as he escorted the king further into the palace.

"Ai, who knows when the master will return. If he knew that the Changyang clan had such an outstanding child, who knows how happy he would be."

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