I got reborn,after an immortal dispersed my soul!!! Chapter 135

I got reborn,after an immortal dispersed my soul!!! Chapter 135

Seeing the direction that the headmaster was heading in, Jian Chen fully understood the old man's meaning and was overjoyed. He immediately returned the book in his hand to the original position and followed behind the headmaster toward the sixth level of the library.

All of the villagers had been taught how to cultivate by Xiu Mi, so they had all been able to cultivate to a certain degree. Although the strongest ones weren't even a Great Saint Master, the good majority of them were Saints or just Great Saints. Some didn't care at all about cultivating and thus hadn't even condensed their Saint Force to form a Saint Weapon yet.

"I've been wasting my life for so long££"

Big Yellow screamed out furiously, "Screw you little rascal, why didn't you block the attack?"

Caught off guard, the three of them were stabbed straight through their chests. The Sword Qi remained within their chests, causing havoc with their internal organs and destroying them.

With everyone throwing their lot with the people who held grievances, Kaizer knew that there was no time to waste. Otherwise, something else might possibly happen to alter the situation once more. With no time to spare, he clutched his hammer and flew at Jian Chen with a cry, "Wu Yun, we may as well settle our debts here and now."

His courage, uncomparable.

Five ear-splitting sounds could be heard as five different strikes of Sword Qi came flying forward to bombard the spot Jian Chen had just stood in. The Sword Qi thundered down towards the center of the frigid lake, causing splashes everywhere.

A few men who were over the age of fifty that tried to take advantage of the crowd immediately tried to beg for forgiveness.

The amount of people coming to congratulate them caused the entire Changyang clan to be taken back, but under the careful arrangements of Chang Bai, he was able to expand the entire banquet out onto the surrounding streets. There were now well over a thousand tables, and every single chef from Lore City had been hired to help.

"That's££just how could it be that?" Jian Chen spoke as if the very notion was inconceivable.

Jiang Chen pulled Big Yellow's ear, and with extremely fast speed, he dashed into the crack on the natural defense mechanism. Wu Jiu followed closely behind.

Jian Chen hesitated for a moment before asking, "I'm not here to buy monster cores, but might I ask if you are buying monster cores instead?"

What should it do now? There's no point in fighting any more££ Run!

In a restaurant in Phoenix City, a few middle aged men sat gathered together in a somewhat cramped room.

"That's right! Why are you so impatient to getting yourself killed? You can live longer since senior disciple Jiang isn't here yet, why do you just not know how to cherish your own life?"

The young Combat Soul genius who was holding a folding fan in his hand pulled a rogue warrior towards him.

I got reborn,after an immortal dispersed my soul!!! Chapter 135 End!

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