Detective Karma Chapter 731

Detective Karma Chapter 731


Jiang Chen waved the folded fan in his hands and spoke casually. The promised rewards from the Yan family was something he clearly would not reject. Of course, just saving Yan Meng and the Pure-Yang fruit wouldn't allow him to ask for a huge reward, but if he could heal the young lady, not only would he be accomplishing a good deed, he would also establish a good relationship with the Misty Rain Tower. And when that happened, the Misty Rain Tower would try their best to find whatever it was he was searching for.

Liang Xiao also expressed his killing intent straight away. This impudent young man in front of them had actually blown up their faces right in front of so many people.

Jiang Chen retracted his blood wings and landed back in the valley. The frightened teenage girls just stared at him blankly. They were still shocked by what had happened.

Senior disciple Huang's miserable situation sent a chill down the spines of these disciples. It was extremely frightening! A formidable Sixth Grade Combat King had just been crippled; just like that!


"8000 purple coins££"

Leaping off of the tree branch he was on, Jian Chen stared at the white tiger with some dejection, "So this is a Class 6 Magical Beast, just how in the world is this considered weak?"Chapter 356: Class 7 Magical Beast

Tyrant nodded his head, then began flying in another direction. Although the Western Region was a small region compared to the other major regions, it was still very big. From their current position, it would still take them some time to reach the Heavenly Tower.

But, not being afraid of death didn't mean she wanted to die.Nobody would want to die, especially those who were still young.But what happened to Yan Chen Yu only brought her a feeling of helplessness.

"Jian Chen's status isn't just limited to being the fourth master of the Changyang Manor it seems if he's also a descendant of the Bi. I've never heard of them before due to the distance between us, but they must be a strong one." Huang Tianba spoke.

"A young man and an old man, the young man was extremely arrogant.He said he came from Red city."

Right as the last fist collided with Jiang Chen's body, his body suddenly became the only source of light at the scene. Beams of golden lights were unleashed from his body, and were weaved into a gigantic net. Then, all the golden lights transformed into seemingly indestructible swords, and pierced into the last Intelligent King Fist. After that, with his own terrifying body strength, Jiang Chen rammed into the fist himself.

"Good! Very good! This is damned good! I've given face to the Little Devil King once, but this time, you killed so many men from my Mayor's mansion! Even if the Little Devil King was here, I wouldn't let you go!"

"Oh? You're going back to the Southern Continent?"

The Old Emperor had been at the First Grade Combat King realm for a long time, and he was at the peak of the current stage. He was just a single step away from becoming a Second Grade Combat King warrior. Although Jiang Chen was currently able to suppress him, killing him would perhaps prove to be something extremely difficult to achieve.

Too bad, a shocking scene played out in front of them. When the dagger hit Big Yellow's head, metal clanging sound was heard, and a huge amount of sparks emerged from the center of the impact. The dog's head wasn't destroyed, and instead, Mang Fourth suffer a huge backlash, and his dagger nearly fell out of his hand. He was knocked back about fifty meters before he regained control of his body.

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