The Blood Rabbit Chapter 400

The Blood Rabbit Chapter 400

The Golden Eagle was a Demonic Beast which lived to avoid and assassinate people. Zuoshi Yun looked at Qing Shui and showed him a ruthless smile. After that, he disappeared in front of the crowd.

Qing shui did not continue to look at the Nine Animals Mimicry Technique since everything after the Crane Form was in grey. Even if he wanted to learn them, he would not be able to. Qing Shui guessed that he would not be able to learn the others before he managed to reach the great perfection stage for the Crane Form.

Yiye, with a face filled with affection, happily glanced at the little girl for a long time before whispering, "Big brother, do you see it? Luan Luan is together with me now."

"Great. If that is possible, everything should work out fine." the man looked really happy.

"Eee? Sect Niece Xinqi!" he said, blinking.

A domineering aura erupted around him as he howled, accelerating madly until he was right on top of the black ring of light that had Mistress Red-Dust trapped. There¡­ he unleashed his fist strike!!

As the grand lich awoke, the million-faced gargoyle, the withered patch of skin, and the blood sword all trembled. Apparently, they were now heading toward the point of awakening....

Preceptor Seadeep was really starting to get anxious, and prepared to say something else, but Bai Xiaochun cut him off with the wave of a hand.

Yiye felt as though she was in a dream. A pre-xiantian cultivator could actually see through the injuries of a 8th level Xiantian Cultivator, and saying that he can cure something that many Xiantian level doctors weren't able to cure.

But now he didn't care at all. He had become the owner of the fan, and had absolute control. Now, he could revel in his role as the master any time he wished.

Now, Qing Shui's overall strength had reached 5,500,000 jin. Although he could unleash this amount of strength, his arms would not be able to withstand this tremendous energy and will suffer from a backlash if he were to unleash the strength through his two arms.

"Sister, let me accompany him to go there. This way, at least I will be able to give him a hand while he is in Central Continent." Di Qing explained to Di Chen.

His primary goal of going to the Sky Penetrating Mountains was to search for the Sky Penetrating Grass. Everything else was secondary. As long as his strength kept rising, he held an open-mind towards the situations that presented themselves.

"Well... my granddaughter sure is stubborn. I'm afraid she's made a bit of a fool of herself in front of all of you." With that, he bitterly produced a large sum of spirit stones which he put off to the side.

"Am I dead?" Qing Shui has finally remembered his battle with Feng Shamo. At the most crucial moment, Qing Shui used the "Minute Subtlety". Even though at that moment, it looked like Qing Shui only trembled, but at the time when Feng Shamo's sword entered his body, it was that very tremble which enabled him to avoid the sword by a bit.?

He acquired large amounts of medicine formulas, and also used the spirit stones and other items he had acquired from the Luochen Clan members to go to the market and purchase a variety of medicinal plants. Then he made his way to the Medicine Concocting Pavilion, where he went into seclusion to concoct medicine.

"So you can be this mean too," Di Qing pulled Di Chen and left with a lovely smile on her face.

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