Nine Realms: A Random Encounter With Fate Chapter 591

Nine Realms: A Random Encounter With Fate Chapter 591

Big Yellow felt depressed. He angrily walked into a room. However, Jiang Chen could clearly see that when Big Yellow entered the room, his body had started glowing in a golden light.

At this moment, Yu Zihan, Guan Yiyun and Tian Yishan who were in secluded cultivation left their courtyards and came to Yan Chenyu's courtyard. They too had heard the Imperial Decree, causing their faces to be covered with anger.

"Brother Jiang, the Shangguan Clan and Myriad Sword Sect are looking for you everywhere. I suppose your purpose for coming to the Martial Palace is to seek shelter?"

Yun Can was extremely aggressive as he kept shouting for Jiang Chen.

"We thank the patriarch for his kindness. We will definitely find out who the infiltrator was." The guards spoke as they received amnesty and kowtowed to show their gratitude.

Everyone stared at the scene, terrified. None could remain calm any longer, Jiang Chen's actions caused every single person's jaw to drop to the ground. A Peak Divine Core warriors could actually fight a Mid Combat Soul genius; this was unbelievable!

In the moment the elder had attacked Jian Chen, the weak azure and violet glow flickered as it made contact with the elder's palm before instantly disappearing. Jian Chen on the other hand was sent flying back.

Yun Can was killed, and Huo Yuner had left. Jiang Chen had once again strengthened his mighty position in the Black Sect.

Jian Chen's body swayed to the side by this and dodged it by a narrow margin. Soon after that moment, she turned around and chopped at Jian Chen with her blue colored sword.

Yan Chen Yu looked at Jiang Chen with her beautiful big eyes, now filled with desire.


"Get lost! This dog never says anything trustworthy! Still thinking about first place? You're right, first place from the bottom!"

Big Yellow squatted down on a rock next to him while wiggling his tail leisurely.

Jiang Zhen Hai said.

"Ding ding ding ding!"

"Stop it right there, who are you?!"

"Just what is happening? How powerful and mysterious is this Multicolored Stone?" Jian Chen cried out in shock.

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