Under SOLS Chapter 2509

Under SOLS Chapter 2509

The moment of the sneeze was the same moment that Bai Xiaochun woke up. His mind was still in the same state it had been when he was seriously injured and fallen into a coma, so as soon as he woke up, he subconsciously cradled his left arm and let out a miserable cry. However, as soon as that cry left his lips, he looked down in surprise at his arm, and then at the rest of his body. He began to poke and prod himself, and even opened his garments and looked at his soft, white belly.

"10,000 taels,10,000 taels! Room 215 has bid 10,000 taels!" The auctioneer's voice was very encouraging.

"The bedroom will be more comfortable¡­.."

"Why would I have this dream? Who is that guy? Why would I appear in that dream together with him? Why do I feel that this dream is very strange and that it felt too real?" The lady's low voice was like an ethereal voice which sounded very sacred and lingered around for a while.

The wolf would attack using its phantom fire, which was also known as the ¡®Green Fire' or the ¡®Poisonous Fire'. The flame had a strong corrosive ability that could dissolve anything in its way. The one meter long Phantom Fire Wolf wasn't to be underestimated. Even other Grade One or Grade Two Martial Saint demonic beasts wouldn't dare to provoke this Peak Martial King demonic beast at any cost.

Although he had only set up small Spirit Gathering Formations, it didn't mean that their prowess was very low. They were only small in terms of their size. If his ability to create formations was to improve, the prowess of a small Spirit Gathering Formation wouldn't be something to be underestimated either.

To deal with the huge Red Jiao, Only by piercing through its flesh, could Qing Shui deal any significant damage to it. Furthermore, the Frosted Iron Balls contained cold poison and were slightly faster than his Primordial Flames. That's why Qing Shui chose to use them without hesitation.

"Is it Bai Xiaochun?" The disciples from all four of the sects were shocked, but among the Spirit Stream Sect disciples, there was a stir of excitement.

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After all, that necromancer had a quasi-Deva Realm cultivation base, and plus, there had been absolutely no indication that there would be an assassination attempt. In order to guarantee success, the Wildlands had sacrificed more than a hundred savage giants as a distraction, as well as three soul cultivators. In addition to all of that, the assassin was actually the soul of a powerful necromancer. All of that had been done just to try to kill Bai Xiaochun!


However, he couldn't think of what that might possibly be. "Uncle Li is a great guy, just a bit shy, that's all."

It was unknown who replied, but the sentence caused the entire crowd to laugh.

Master God-Diviner shrieked and lunged forward to start grabbing souls. He was so destitute that a single such soul could drive him crazy, much less the number floating out in the open right now. After grabbing half of the souls, he eyed the remainder of the group covetously, but didn't dare to touch them. Hurrying back over to Bai Xiaochun, he said, "I can't believe I finally found you, Junior Patriarch," he said with a bit of a wail. "You have no idea how bad things went for me when we were apart...."

A flea!

"So you've also heard of Inspections Commissioner Bai Hao? He kills people without batting an eyelid. He's vicious and merciless, and a complete madman!"

Shaking his head, he blurred into motion, heading off into the distance to find a cave. Once he found a suitable location, he produced some earthflame crystals and began to concoct. He had the pill formula in mind, which he followed based on his understanding of the banebeasts.

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