Reborn with the Ultimate Weapon! Chapter 2371

Reborn with the Ultimate Weapon! Chapter 2371

Jiang Chen asked. Big Yellow was also looking at Yan Chen Yu curiously.

Within the northern stronghold of the Gesun Kingdom, it was temporarily quiet. Every soldier was starting to treat their wounds while a few Radiant Saint Masters continued to treat everyone as much as they could with their Radiant Saint Force. On the wall, several of the bandaged soldiers were out patrolling the area; with the heads of nine enemy Heaven Saint Masters mounted on the wall, the morale of the soldiers was at an all time high.

Hearing the headmaster, Bai En nodded his head in complete belief in the headmaster. In his heart, he had always known that Jian Chen was never an ordinary student.

With Jiang Chen's current situation, staying in the Black Sect would just bring them unnecessary trouble. The Black Sect was currently protected by the Martial Palace, so after he leaves, their safety would be no issue at all.

"Hiss!" The snake's tongue flicked from its mouth as its entire body disappeared once more in a flash of gold. It shot toward Jian Chen again. Its mouth opened wide to show off its sharp teeth as if to tear away Jian Chen's throat.

Chen Feng's eyes flashed with anger, but he didn't dare make a move towards Jian Chen. The library was strict on their rules, and he was sure that he wasn't a match for Jian Chen.


"Die!" A Heaven Saint Master would not always need a long time to prepare a Heaven Tier Battle Skill before it was fully prepared. With a loud explosion, the entire world shook and the mountains echoed with the sound. All everyone could see was the giant hundred meter long sword fly out from his Saint Weapon. From far away, it was like a giant sword had come down from the Heavens themselves in a glorious manner.

Jiang Chen was thinking that there must be a special reason why the Great Leiyin Temple repeatedly came to Greenlotus Mountain to invite Great Master Ran Feng. Otherwise, although a Ninth Grade Minor Saint was precious, the Great Leiyin Temple wouldn't pay so much attention to him, much less repeatedly invite him.

"Big Yellow, I'm going to break through to the Heavenly Core realm now, please help me guard the surrounding area."

"Stop!" The two Heaven Saint Masters cried out as they shot out their hands. Three different Sword Qi blasts flew forward to stop the flame swords. With explosive bangs, the fire swords were ripped apart and set the entire palace alight with a bright glow.

"Alright, I'll help Brother Chen Shuang from the side!"

After they left, Jian Chen took the tiger cub who was rolling around on the bed into his arms and began to stroke its furry head as he started to think about what the next plan would be.

Bi Dao calmed himself down and continued, "Even though our Bi clan had four Heaven Saint Masters, they all fell. Even our Saint Ruler patriarch's current status is unknown. Finding out whether he is alive or not is our highest priority."

A sneer emerged onto Nangong Yunfan's face.


The ancestor immediately flew off in the direction pointed out to him and quickly went out of sight.

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