Anarchy of marvel Chapter 1724

Anarchy of marvel Chapter 1724

On the tower, the sexy and seductive Bai Hua Die expressed a look of interest towards Jiang Chen.

An hour later, a few dozen Golden Guards flew out from the Fragrant Sky City. They brought three men with them, and when Yan Chenyu saw who these three people were, her expression immediately changed.

A big hand grabbed the whip. With a cold tone, Jiang Chen said, "Friends, you better not challenge us."

Ming Dong laughed loudly, "It's not that extreme, I am only at the Peak Sixth Cycle Earth Saint Master level. Although there is only one more step until the Heaven Saint Master realm, this step will still take me another three years at the least to cross."

At a thought, the soybean sized neidan within Jian Chen's body began to rotate faster and faster as the energy that was flowing into his body was being converted into Chaotic Force.Chapter 619: Leaving for Longevity Valley

"He is able to control the wind element, how is that possible? At his age, just how was he able to step into the Heaven Saint Master realm?" Saiya became stupefied as well. Coming from experience, he knew just how hard stepping into the Heaven Saint Master realm was. It had taken him many hundreds of years of bitter cultivation before he had finally achieved a fruitful result. But now, a youth that was barely over 20 years old was able to do what had taken him hundreds of years to do. This was a mental attack that sent his state of mind into disequilibrium.Chapter 448: Battle at Mount Tianhua (One)

Jian Chen's eyes slowly wandered to the twenty bodies on the ground, his breathing still erratic. After so many battles in such a short amount of time, his Saint Force had taken a huge loss, causing him to feel exhausted.

Jian Chen became confused as he noticed the change in his mother's expression. He had never heard of Bi Dao before, however, judging from his mother's reaction, this Bi Dao most likely had some type of relationship with his mother.

Many people were discussing the war that had just taken place. Big Yellow had become the center of all conversations. Who could have ever imagined that a war's result was determined by a dog?

The Heavenly Enchantress had her facial features hidden, but it did nothing to hide the outline and her body. Not only was she quite tall, but her beautiful body was indescribable. One could choke from her beauty, as it seemed as if she was not meant for this world. And even Jian Chen had found it hard to move his eyes away from her the moment he locked onto her as if she was the only person in the world. The surrounding world seemed to have lost its color while she was the only focal point left.

What caused Jiang Chen to be even more shocked was that this oppressive aura was no stranger to him. It was an aura he felt when he broke through to the Minor Saint realm and Great Saint realm. It signified that a Heavenly Tribulation was coming!

When more and more ice-cold beams gathered together, they slowly took the shape of some glaciers.

"Palace Master, the Profound River Palace's warship is here!"

She had black hair that fell down to her shoulders and a black veil that covered her face, barely allowing her magnificent face to be seen.

"A Late Mortal Core demon beast is just too weak, it can't provide me much benefits. I've absorbed three demon souls of Late Mortal Core demon beasts, and I've only managed to form one more Dragon Mark££ Looks like I'll need to start looking for those Heavenly Core demon lords."

Wu Jiu said as he squinted his eyes, "In Inferno Hell, there are few people who are true friends. Most people here are vicious and wicked, and this group of men aren't friends with each other, their alliances was just a temporary measure. They all gathered together because of Jiang Chen. Now, Jiang Chen has put two men into the same illusion realm, and what they had in their minds has been dug out. In the deepest area of their minds, the others in the temporary alliance are also their prey, and they will attack each other if there is an opportunity. If my guess is correct, brother Jiang made them see an opportunity to kill their opponent, causing them to feel that this is the best time to get rid of their opponent and take all their belongings. That's the reason why they're fighting each other right now."

Even at night time, everyone in the square were still busy, and the trading between warriors was still ongoing. Since the people here were all great warriors, none of them had any problems with their eyesight. That's why they could see all the items clearly, even though it was dark.

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