Apocalypse 2nd chance Chapter 1150

Apocalypse 2nd chance Chapter 1150

As for the huge stone stele, it was oddly misshapen, as though it weren't complete. The more he looked at it, the more he realized that it looked like a section of a wall. It was actually a place where disciples of the Blood Stream Sect would sometimes go to seek enlightenment, a location as famous as the Precipice of Never-Ending Blood. It was the Holy Pill Wall Fragment!

Big Fatty Zhang and Chen Manyao coughed dryly, and appeared to be hesitating about whether or not to say anything.

The Sword of Sixth Wave have stacked with the 20% chance of doubling the attack. Striking out with the strength of 8,000 stars while using the Sword of Sixth Wave, it was only normal that an ox with the strength of 3,500 stars would have exploded like this.

Bai Xiaochun trembled slightly, but otherwise seemed unaffected. In fact, his left hand even shot out to grab the magical blood dragon.

When his eyes fell upon Chen Yueshan, he immediately clasped hands and bowed. "I am your humble servant, Colonel Li Hongming of the Skin Flayers.

Bai Xiaochun was still fleeing at top speed, but when he heard the words that had just been spoken, he slowed down to a stop, his eyes wide.

They had all seen people challenge this trial, and many of them had attempted it themselves. All of them knew that it was very difficult, and that people usually challenged it only with the greatest caution. In fact, most people spent the majority of their time within the trial just observing the surroundings.

His mysterious savior's sect was a very, very long way away from the Blood Stream Sect, and there were other things that made it difficult to go back and forth between the two. Furthermore, he wasn't able to directly plunder the relic of eternal indestructibility himself. Because of that, he only appeared three times, and those three times had all been by means of a projection, and apparently came at great cost.

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"Just taking a quick look inside shouldn't be a problem¡­." Gritting his teeth, he sent the fan toward the entrance of the well itself!


Some people might worry about the disciples' sense of belonging. However, as long as the sect was powerful enough, and did most things in the interest of the sect as a whole, anyone who threatened the rules of the sect would be crushed.

Not bothering to wipe the sweat off of his face, he looked at the flame with glittering eyes and then let out a shout. His right hand then clamped down, causing a blast of heat to spread out. People shouted in surprise as the sea of fire sank down into Bai Xiaochun's palm and then disappeared between his fingers.

Qing Shui would never pass up this great opportunity, even if it was only for a split-second. With no interruption, he focused his force on his Thunder God and struck Donggong Taiqing's head swiftly and violently.

Half a year passed by very quickly!

Excited, he took a deep breath, clasped his hands behind his back, and stuck his chin up. Aware that he was the center of attention, he decided that it would be completely appropriate to say something profound. As he scrambled to come up with the exact words, someone within the crowd of noble chosen suddenly moved forward. It was Zhou Hong, who appeared to be completely livid as he looked down at Bai Xiaochun.

"Hmm, even now you are still hardworking." Qing Shui held her by her delicate hands and led her inside the courtyard through the pathway of green grasses.

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