pure vampire Chapter 1926

pure vampire Chapter 1926

Jiang Chen took out a golden talisman and put it into Yan Chenyu's palm. Although everyone's attention was focused on the Qi Province's Black Sect; on Jiang Chen, while the Fragrant Sky City was safe for now, Jiang Chen still made Yan Chenyu stay behind, just in case, as she now had the ability to face pretty much any situation by herself.

"Conspiracy and intent to rebel? My esteemed lord, do you take our heads for hats?" Ming Dong merrily laughed. "Do you think this would scare us?"

The Crown Prince's high-pitched voice wasn't because he was angry, but because it had transformed after he lost the function of a real man. He rarely spoke now, as every time he heard his own voice, he would feel infuriated.


Jiang Chen said indifferently.

Sneering, Ming Dong replied, "You're the one seeking trouble. Go ahead and get lost!" Ming Dong pulled at the robes of the man and threw him mercilessly through the window and into the streets. Ming Dong's strength had been so massive that the man tumbled across the ground with enough force to shatter the marble beneath him.

Jiang Chen furrowed his brows, completely clueless regarding this situation.

Just past the foliage of the trees, Jian Chen could clearly see the blanket of stars and the bright white moon hanging overhead, shining down on the lands.

Within a desolate piece of land, a group of people riding on mounts could be seen resting. Buildings could be seen all around them, and not too far away, several hundred fumes of fire spiraled into the air. Mercenaries sat around each of the fires in groups of threes or fours as they talked to one another over a piece of magical beast meat.

Jian Chen slowly sifted through the newfound information he had been given. The two violet and azure colored lights within his dantian had unexpectedly been two Sword Spirits capable of self awareness and thought. This type of end result was something that Jian Chen found hard to believe.


It was very difficult for Shangguan Sheng to find out where Big Yellow was, but for Han Yan and the others, it was extremely easy, as it all depended on whether or not Big Yellow wanted to be found. After sensing the auras of these four men, Big Yellow revealed himself.

"Fuck, looks like the Heavenhawk Island Master has prepared himself. He actually found himself an Island Protection Formation."

"Stay low. If you come out now, that eagle will immediately find us."

After that, Jiang Chen rested his eyes upon the crystal-like shield once more. He circulated his Great Soul Derivation skill and thoroughly examined the formation. His expression suddenly changed slightly, "This formation wasn't created by just one person. I can feel a few auras coming from it. Looks like there's something fishy going on in this Heavenhawk Island. There is more than one Combat King in there, and there's even a Second Grade Combat King."

"So you weren't Si Qiafu after all. It seems that Si Qiafu was killed by you, and then you pretended to be him in order to poison our water."

"However, I still think we should visit the depths of the Devil Realm first and kill some stronger devils, and only start robbing on the third day. We won't get as much out of it if we begin robbing people now."

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